Rise Of Steele

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Rise Of Steele

By: Abdul Bala CompletedSci-Fi

Language: English

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Betrayal is the only truth that sticks... Ryker Steele, a C-Grade interstellar bounty hunter was left for dead by the very people he worked for. Drifting in the endless void of space, he was beamed by an unknown cruiser and found himself in the care of a peculiar man. "Let's conquer the cosmos together and along the way, you'll have your revenge on the association." He receives a power unlike any other from a mysterious being. Will he get his revenge? Or will he find a new purpose in his life? Join Ryker as he sets out on his adventure spanning several galaxies. *Cover art does not belong to me*

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122 chapters
"I can't move." A man was drifting along the infinite blackness of space. He appeared to almost be completely lifeless with his back curved.Whatever must have happened to him left him unable to move and therefore unable to save himself. He was clad in black and white tights with golden highlights on the sides. A name tag with the initials "Ryker" was pinned to his chest.  "How long have I been drifting in space, hours perhaps days? I can't tell. God! My mind is foggy, my Astro tech is almost fully drained and once it dries out, so will my astral skin and I'll die from lack of oxygen." He tried to move his body in desperation but to avail... "This paralysis is that witch's hex. Is this how my story ends? Am I fated to die a loser? That too at the hands of the people I served for over a decade!?" More hours passed and Ryker's situation did not change. "It's so cold." He imagin
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The Black Stallion
LOCATION: GALAXY: MISTY TRAIL PLANET: SKRULL The sky was died a meshy green by the radiance of the planet's green sun. Skrull was one of the leading developing planets in the Misty Trail galaxy and also home to the galaxy's branch of the Bounty Hunters Association (Or BHA). A man was going through some documents inside his office. He wore a white blazer with trousers of matching color.  As he was browsing through the documents, he heard a knocking on his door. He crosses his legs and cleared his throat.  "Come in."  A woman in her early twenties walked in. She takes a few steps forward and then bows her head. "You called, Flagmaster?"  "Ahh," The man raises his head revealing a monocle on his right eye. He couldn't help but smile at the sight of the beautiful woman in front of
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Red Wine
"So," Jackal, Ryker, and Ming were at the dining table. "You ready to tell me how you wound up in the middle of literally nowhere?" Ryker paused his eating as he balls his fist. His past flashed before his eyes. Jackal and Ming could feel the rage and anguish that overcame the white-haired man. He recalled working diligently for the association even though he was of the lowest ranks. He worked tirelessly hunting down petty criminals with his Astro gear. He also recalled being left for dead by the woman he respected the most. "Life is cruel, snow-white. So you don't have to talk if you don't want to." Ryker took a deep breath. "No, I owe you two for saving my life. So it's the least I could." He stands up and begins his narration. "As you already know, I'm a C-Grade bounty hunt
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My Payback Starts Now
"Those bastards!" Ryker cursed. "Captain," said Ming. "We're surrounded by an association warship and a dozen mini-cruisers. "Haha, they went all out didn't they? That too on my second day since resurfacing." Boom! The Black Stallion was receiving heavy fire from all directions. "Argh!" Ryker yelled. "What do I do?" He yanked his hair. "I'm one unlucky bastard aren't I?" He cursed his bad luck. First, he was betrayed and attacked by the association for no reason whatsoever. When he had given up on life, he was saved by an unknown cruiser. Now, it turns out that the cruiser belonged to one of the most wanted men in the Cosmos! "My fate is sealed, I'm doomed to die at the hands of the association." He plopped to the floor and hugged his knees.   "Hey, Snow-white." Ryker rai
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B-Grade Beatdown
LOCATION: RED WINE Inside the warship of the association, Mysty was slamming her fists against the wall.  "How is this happening? Why're they losing against one man?"  She was checking the heat scanners as she saw the fate of her subordinates.  "Is this the strength of the most wanted man in the cosmos?"  She had sent waves after waves of hunters to the Black Stallion but the result was the same.  They were beaten and knocked out with single blows by one man.   Mysty was unaware of the fact that it wasn't Jackal who was beating up her crew.   "I guess, I'll just have to go there myself."  ...  Jackal had a bucket of popcorn in front of him as he and Ming indulged themselves with the sight of a one-sided bea
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A Dud
"I'll show you creeps the power of a true hunter!" Mysty swung her blade forward with full force. Ryker sidestepped her thanks to his boosted reflexes. She clicked her tongue and went further with her assault. Not dialing down a bit, she continues with a flurry of swings yet Ryker avoided each one with little to no difficulty.  Mysty gritted her teeth. "How are you doing that?"  "Are you getting scared?"  "Scared?" Mysty scoffed. How dare a measly C-Grade talk to her like that. "I will make your death slow and painful." She swings her sword again with more ferocity than before.   'Everything feels so slow.' He was amazed by his newfound abilities as he avoids her attack once again.  Ryker smirked seeing the agitation on Mysty's face. He was enjoying the way he was tormenting her. Read more
The Astral Plane
"Where am I?"Ryker found himself in an odd place. It was plain white and he could not see the ceiling or walls."What is this place? Is it a dream?"He walked around the place for what felt like an hour trying to reach the end. "Last thing I recalled was fighting that witch." He uttered clenching his fist. "And I lost.""Argh!!!" He shouted from the bottom of his lungs. "It's so frustrating. I had her on my clutches and what did I do?"He yanked his hair. "I toyed with her, I had the power to end her with a single strike, I knew I did."He continued walking through the infinite space."Wait, what happened after she knocked me out? What if I died and this is the afterlife?" He plopped to his knees.Ryker balls up his fist and slammed the floor making an odd "Thud" sound."I'm such a loser!"He shouted feeling nothing but rage and regret. He continued slamming the floor."Only a loser will die like that..." Ry
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The Black Rock
"I'm back!" Ryker finds himself back inside the Black Stallion. "Then again, that thing did say that I never left." He looked around the room he was in. It was different from the room he was kept earlier when Jackal saved him. Ryker jolts up from the bed and makes his way to the hallways in search for the captain of the cruiser. "Where is that sneaky bastard?" Ryker had his back against a door as it opened up and he fell through.   "Oh good," Jackal was standing atop him with his hands resting on his waist. Besides him was Ming.  "I was just about to come to get you." Ryker winced in pain as he lifts himself. "Where are we?" He looked past the two and scans the room in awe. "Oh, this? Hehe, that was why I wanted to come get you" Jackal explained wearing
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Lessons Begin
"Huff. Huff.""You're almost there..." Jackal was holding a stopwatch to keep a record of how long Ryker can keep his astral skin on."This is annoying!" Ryker was getting tired and angry. Keeping the black astral skin on took a lot of mental focus which placed a strain on him."I'm afraid you're going to have to deal with it, snow-white."The first lesson for Ryker was to learn how to properly use his astral skin."You wouldn't want a repeat of what happened the other time now would you?"Ryker clicked his tongue. As much as he'd hate to admit it, Jackal was right. There was no point in being stubborn.The black astral skin is one of the rarest colors that a person could harness. It provides an incredible buff in strength and speed as shown by Ryker when he easily took care of over a dozen B-Grade bounty hunters. He would have beaten the A-Grade Mysty too had he not exhausted his astral."I appreciate you going through t
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Death Fist
LOCATION: BOUNTY HUNTERS ASSOCIATION, MISTY TRAIL GALAXY HQ. A man wearing a monocle on his right eye was seated in his office. This man was none other than the head of the Misty Trail's bounty hunter association division, Flagmaster August. He raises his head upon hearing a knock on the door. "Come in." A man, tall with a firm muscular structure wearing a black long coat. "Ahh, Commander Kane. Just the man I was looking for." The man named Kane saluted his superior. "You called for me sir?" "Yes, have you heard any word from A-Grade hunter Mysty?" Kane paused for a moment. August realized that whatever it was he was hesitant to say was far from being good news. "I believe you know me too well than to hide anything from me, especially something that has to do with that traitor." August darts the Commander
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