While Luigi and I were standing behind the door, we suddenly heard a horn from outside. We exchanged glances at each other, and then we ran to the window. We peeked outside and saw a garbage truck at the bottom. Furthermore, we were surprised at first, but when Simon peeked out the window and then waved at us, we immediately realized that he was the driver. However, it is still a puzzle to us how they got there or how they got down with such a short rope, and it did not touch the ground. While we wondered, we suddenly turned behind us, where we noticed that they were slowly breaking the door. Because of that, we have no other choice but to hurry down there. We immediately went out of the window and then carefully went down with that cloth. However, we couldn't move forward to where we were now as Luigi didn't move below me. He looked like a rock that didn't even move there as both of his eyes were closed.

“What are you doing there? Get down and hurry.” I told him. He just shook his he
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