Soultaker: Guardian of Singapore

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Soultaker: Guardian of Singapore

By: Max Lee OngoingSci-Fi

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Soultaker, known as the world's most dangerous vigilante is also known as the one hero that has defended the country of Singapore single handedly for almost a decade from a magnitude of threats. Rumor has it that the vigilante is undefeated and unstoppable in combat. However behind that reputation is just an ordinary 16 year old teenager Maxus Tan ,living in Singapore who discovers a dark and corrupt society running with crime after tragedy strikes his family. Taking matters into his own hands, Maxus began studying and training in combat ruthlessly and paired with his childhood training, he picks up the role as the deadly vigilante Soultaker, killing every single criminal he comes across to clean up his city. Discovering a society of assassins who match his skill level, Maxus is forced to upgrade his own equipment and skills by any means necessary, contemplating his decisions and role in this world when he meets Leah, the girl who would pull him back from transforming into a mindless killer. This story follows the beginning of Soultaker, a raw and dark story about the character's growth and journey in defending the city he was raised in and ultimately, the origins of a dark, legendary figure.

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59 chapters
The Vigilante
I took my first life when I was 15. One year later, that kill count rose into the dozens and by the time my teenage years were over...I could barely recall how many people fell victim to me. Most people around the world such as policemen and news reporters think it's around...five hundred. But I know the real number lies within the thousands.Maxus Tan stood at the edge of a tall skyscraper overlooking the Marina Bay Skyline, the gorgeous beautiful city of Singapore, his home, a sight that his eyes had feasted upon hundreds of times and yet, each time he gazed upon the city he would still feel a strong sense of belonging like every time was his first. He was known as many things. The Soultaker, The Sole Defender of Singapore, Vigilante of the Lion City, Southeast Asia's Deadliest Man... some people didn't even think he exists, that the Soultaker was a myth created by the locals to steer criminals away from Singapore. The infamous vigilante who is widely known to be the sole hero of
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Blood for Blood
"Bring those girls in!" Maxus could hear several voices within the school compound of Teck Ghee Primary School. They were faint till the point where people in the neighborhood would never hear them unless they were in the school's vicinity and at 2am, who the hell would be? Maxus looked around him, ensuring that no one could see him before breaking into a sprint towards the gates of the school, latching onto them and hopping his way over the fence before landing on his toes, making as little noise as he could."Those bastards are late. Should we call them?" "No point, Mr VIP ain't even here yet." VIP... Every word he heard just made the situation seem more and more strange. Maxus knew he had to get a better angle of the men as he made his way silently towards the source of the voices, drawing out his twin blades as he heard footsteps across the hallway heading towards him. The vigilante closed his eyes, honing his senses to focus onto the approaching footsteps and confirming that o
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Outclassing The Cohort
Dozens of bodies found at Olympia Primary. Prostitution activities suspected to be taking place. Evidence point to a vigilante like person breaking into the hall and taking out the gang. Police warn that whoever was reponsible is extremely dangerous and that the public should remain vigilant until the culprit is found. "Names...Soultaker? What kind of name is that?" Maxus read. The teenager noticed one of the nearby newspaper outlets, their headline giving him all the information he needed for now. For many months now he has expected himself to be noticed, leaving a trail of dead bodies everywhere he went, it was only a matter of time before the police figured out that some vigilante like him was doing this. How many people have I killed...? "Maxus...right?" A gentle, flowery voice broke his chain of thought. Maxus turned around to see a familiar looking girl waving at him from a small distance away, a girl around his age with a slim build, shorter than him by half a head about
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The school day ended. Who expected that after just his first day of school, Maxus became known as the most dangerous student. His plan to stay unnoticed backfired on him quickly as news of his fight with the kickboxing captain spread like wildfire and since that day, martial artists from all over the school wanted to spar with him to see if they could take on the newbie who knocked out a combat veteran in 10 seconds. Now on his third day of school, Maxus found himself being challenged yet again.Walking out of his first lecture, he and Reynesh were greeted by a group of Taekwando students, one of the taller ones in his full sparring uniform, leaning against a wall with his arms folded awaiting Maxus."Maxus Tan right? I'm Rake Loh, captain of the Taekwando team and here to issue you a sparring challenge. I wanna see your skills first hand."The senior looked at Maxus who found himself staring at yet another taller opponent." Sorry I'm not interested."Maxus answered quickly, walking pa
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The Underground Network
"Where's Maxus?" "I dunno. He didn't reply me. He isn't even online." Leah and Reynesh sat next to each other in their lecture theater along with Luke and Amy. Their psychology lecturer was taking their attendance, mouthing off the name of the students and eventually, getting to Maxus."Maxus Tan? Is he here?" "No Mrs Wong." Reynesh answered for his best friend. The lecturer sighed:" First week on school and already people are skipping class. You young people these days, take your studies more seriously please." Reynesh rolled his eyes, already tired of older teachers since his secondary school days complaining about his generation. Luke taps Reynesh on the arm:" You knew Maxus since secondary school right? ""Yeah." Reynesh answered. "Did he get into a fight or something? He often has like scars and stuff on him." Luke noticed. "Maxus? I don't think so? I know he has a background in martial arts and heard about it from him every now and then but...I've never actually seen him fi
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Tools of the Corrupt
"I believe I found the man responsible Dad. I'll kill him." Maxus could still feel every breath he took crushing his sides, his neck all the way to his shoulders, stiff with soreness as he placed a brand new flower on his father's ash urn. He felt a pair of eyes looking at him as the vigilante turned around, finding Tony Ang at the entrance of the temple. "You have time? I have something to talk to you about." Tony asks. "Yeah. I have time." Maxus found himself in front of a table with a large takeaway packet of Roti Prata, Tony taking a seat in front of him and clearly had something important go discuss. "I'm not stupid Maxus. I trained you and I know your skills. The fact that you still sustained this injuries only tell me one thing." Tony cut straight to the point."I have nothing to hide from you." Maxus muttered. "You realize what you are doing right?" "Yes. I have no regrets." "Who else knows?" Maxus stopped himself to think before answering. He had knew Tony for a long
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Attempts at Settlement
This was it. The room that they were being led to...this may be where they die. Officer Meng looked at his fellow officer colleague from Tuas Terminal found themselves having to answer to their unofficial employer, now standing at the door into their boss' office, looking at each other nervously. They had heard stories before, rumors and chatter about the people who had failed the one they called the Blood Lion. They never saw his face, they knew whoever he was, he must be someone from an extremely elite background, probably a high earning lawyer, judge, military official, someone who had a huge amount of power in his hands and now...they were next in line. The men who failed to kill the Soultaker. "Get in. You owe him an explaination." An extremely tall and muscular Indian man pushes the two nervous officers in. The room was dark, a corner office that resided at the top of the Concourse Building. A postmodern tall 43 storey commercial and residential building near the heart of S
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The Red Scorpion
"You encountered the Soultaker?"Alex nods frantically:" Yes...yes I did."The huge hulking gangster in front of Alex held a phone to his face while Minister Kenneth spoke through from the other end of the phone line. " I don't care if the Soultaker gets you Alex. You had a deal with us, if you don't finish the job...the Soultaker won't be the one that ends you. ""But sir....""No buts. Slice off two fingers right now. Any of your choice."Kenneth hung up.Alex shivered in fear as the gangster in front of him passed him a combat knife. "Do what he says. You have one minute to choose."The teenager grabbed the weapon, his hand shaking uncontrollably as he wrapped his shivering fingers around the hilt, trying to keep himself calm, knowing that he had no choice but to obey the minister's orders."59...58...57..."Two fingers that can be lost without too much consequence...he's a right hander, he needs to still blend in in school so...ring and pinky on the left it is. Alex grit his teeth,
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Maxus didn't sleep. Dawn seemingly took forever to arrive. The vigilante counted down the minutes that painfully turned into hours. 4am...5am... The first rays of sunlight finally seeped through his window. Maxus hastily prepared his clothes and bags for school, kicking his door open and marching out. The burning sensation running through his chest, a hungry unquenchable rage constantly pumping an endless wave of adreleline into him. He only had one thought in mind. Alex Beng must pay. People in school avoided him. Maxus had his jaw clenched, giving the path ahead of him a hostile glare. Most people spotted his bruises, large areas of his forearms swelling purple and black, several cuts across his cheek and more, looking like a fighter that was looking for a prey. Alex Beng...he was warned. He had every reason and chance to not kill but yet, everytime Maxus thought back about what happened yesterday. The Red Scorpion matching his every move, an opponent that he couldn't beat fo
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The Infamous Sword
Sunday. Maxus sat on the floor, head tucked into his arms as he recalled the look Alex gave him, right before he had delivered the finishing blow. He felt like...what was he? Did he go too far? Was Reynesh right about everything he had done? Leah didn't know what he was. Would she still be half as nice to him is she knew? Part of him was convinced to stop. But...every time Maxus reminded himself why he started being the Soultaker, it still haunted him. The flashes of that fateful day was still affecting him in a way he couldn't ignore. Despite the events of the previous day, Maxus knew that he had to keep going. Even if he did stop for the right reasons, he would still know that out there in the country, the Blood Lion, The Red Scorpion was still doing something to ruin the lives of many others. For that...he knew he couldn't stop until either all his enemies or he himself is dead. Alex's death was reported everywhere on every channel of Singapore. The polytechnic closed the day
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