Apocalypse-The Alien War

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Apocalypse-The Alien War

By: Flower Spirit OngoingSci-Fi

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What is Apocalypse? End of everything...! But it could also be the starting of a new leap. Ethan, a twenty-year-old crippled young man, with a heart full of determination, was caught in the thick of the alien onslaught. In the Apocalypse, the world was at the end of the game. He lost hope, and his dreams shattered but something miraculous happened when a system was introduced before him. Amid the chaos, a special force known as the Stellar Vanguard arrived. Nobody had ever guessed who was the mastermind behind all this not even Ethan. The Vanguard took in the surviving humans, including Ethan, offering them refuge aboard their vast fleet of starships providing them with a unique system. The Zodiac System. This system welcomed him with open arms, igniting a flicker of hope that would fuel his every step and make him strong as he embarked on his journey to Battle against those aliens who destroyed his motherland. But what would happen if he knew that the mastermind behind him was he, himself? Try a new and fantastic story of battle with the Aliens. Thank you for choosing my book, reviews and comments are all welcome.❤❤

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42 chapters
Chapter 1 Apocalypse...!
Ethan's point of view...Earth was facing an unimaginable catastrophe as it became the target of a merciless Alien invasion. After several minor attacks, they had chosen our planet as a mark of destruction. The once vibrant and bustling cities now lay in ruins, reduced to smoldering rubble and remnants of a civilization that had crumbled under the weight of extraterrestrial aggression. Exactly when I thought it was my end too, a miracle happened that changed my life completely.In the year 2045, mid-May, Lassogo city.I found myself amidst this nightmarish landscape, an unwitting participant in the cataclysmic events unfolding around me. My name is Ethan Conner, a twenty-year-old with dreams of a future filled with hopes and possibilities. I work as a delivery boy yet my dreams were bigger. I wanted to join the Army. I wanted to become a warrior but my life took an unexpected turn a few years back and after a crippling accident during a cycling race I found myself laying on a bed, f
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Chapter 2 Introduction...!
Ethan's point of view... With each step we will take, we will carry the weight of my people's suffering and the burning desire for revenge. The shattered world we once knew would be rebuilt, and I would play my part in shaping its future. I vowed to myself that no matter how powerful the aliens may be, I would stand tall, fueled by the unwavering determination to reclaim our planet and restore hope to the hearts of humanity. Once onboard, we, the survivors, were given a glimmer of hope. {Ethan, your duty as a Captain starts now, explain everything to your teammates} The fog on my head dispersed, as I heard the announcement. It's not like I am frightened but still, an unknown hesitation swirled in my whole self. I took a deep breath and exhaled the warm air out of my body to regain my confidence and strengthen my resolve before I started talking to my new allies. "Hello friends," I started, my voice resolved despite their disdainful look, "As you all know we are selected by the Zod
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Chapter 3 Training begins...!
Ethan's point of view...We got out of the chambers one after the other, though we all felt a bit dizzy, that feeling vanished as we saw each other."Wow...!" I couldn't help but exclaim at the costumes we were provided.Each member was provided with a silver-shaded, astonishing costume, with their zodiac sign engraved on it.But mine was even more beautiful, with a copper shining armor and all the zodiac signs engraved on it.It filled us with excitement and enthusiasm. As I looked around, I couldn't help but smile at the sheer awe and wonderment displayed by my team members. To my surprise, I was no longer a crippled one. My leg which always gave me continued pain as I walk, run, or even stood was now healed. I jumped and was so happy that I felt as if my whole world was back to me. When I was done playing with my legs, I lifted my head to face my teammates.They were all experiencing the same mix of surprise, excitement, and trepidation that I was in right now and some of them wer
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Chapter 4 Teamwork...
Ethan's point of view... {Mission accomplished} Hoo...! We all took a breath of relief as that announcement was not about any further round.{Small targets killed:-87/90}{Big target killed:- 1/1}{Saved Survivor:- 34/34}{Well done team}{Congratulations on completing the mission successfully} The announcement made us all jump for joy. As the realization of our accomplishment sank in, a surge of exhilaration filled our souls. As the Zodiac Warriors, we couldn't contain our excitement any longer. It was our first win after all, they laughed, they cheered, and also they hugged each other tightly, celebrating the triumph over this very first challenge. I found myself caught up in the moment, my heart racing with a mix of adrenaline and a different kind of emotion. As I was also dragged by Ava into the team embrace, I couldn't help but lock eyes with Ava. In that instant, time seemed to stand still, and a profound connection sparked between us. I was never so close to any girl bef
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Chapter 5 Spacecraft pilots...
Ethan's point of view... "punishment...!" we all jolted at once, if the tests were such dangerous, how are the punishments going to be? {Brace up and assemble in the front hall} We were commanded to walk out, and we did it. The acid was gone but the whole area around us was looking horrible. {All the Zodiac warriors have to clean all those areas which were dirtied by the acidic reactions, the chemicals that you may need for the task will be in the store room}My heart sank as I surveyed the scene, a mixture of disbelief and anger washing over me. Almost three huge halls, the chamber room, and the command room, all were destroyed.What the heck...!After being exhausted, I really don't want to do this. I wish I could skip but being a captain is not easy, you know."What are we supposed to do Captain?" Max asked, his voice laced with responsibility.Heaving a sigh, I took over my mind once again."Let's split up and complete the task," I said, all agreed but Aron stood forward."Le
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Chapter 6 First kiss
Ethan's point of view... Ava and I exchanged a glance, silently acknowledging the gravity of the situation. Feeling astonished, I felt the surface of the spaceship. It wasn't a dream but a reality...! It was an amazing feeling that I could never overlook in my whole life. At that moment I felt that I was born for this. Taking a deep breath, I eased myself into the pilot's seat, my hands finding their place on the controls. I reminded myself of the countless hours I had spent practicing, yet I was so nervous. The simulations I had conquered, and the unwavering belief my system had placed in me. Confidence surged within me, helping to quell the nerves that threatened to overpower me. Besides me, Ava had already in her role as the strategist, analyzed the mission objectives and studied the information we had received. Her mind raced with potential scenarios, calculating the best course of action and contingency plans. As I looked at her puzzled, she smiled excitedly. "I can't beli
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Chapter 7 Caught off guard...
Ethan's point of view...Ava hung her head but finally smiled, her eyes shimmering with a blend of tenderness and uncertainty. "Neither did I," she admitted after a long hesitation period, her voice carrying a hint of awe, I exhaled the warm breath that I had been holding in. I thought that I took advantage of a girl just now but as she smiled, thousands of butterflies fluttered inside me."But sometimes, the universe has its plans for us." she continued, I slowly slid my hand toward hers. Our hands intertwined, our fingers entangled, as we continued our journey through the cosmos, ready to face whatever challenges awaited us, fortified by the power of this new thing that had just been introduced into our lives. "A...a..." she stuttered fetching words, "What?" I exclaimed pulling back my hand, but she held it back."Not this I just... I wanted to tell you... that...! it's better to keep it within us..." She finally make it, I chuckled at her hesitation then nodded in agreement."L
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Chapter 8 Virtual Training...
Ethan's point of view...{Good morning Zodiac Warriors}The announcement woke us all up from our slumber, and we got out of the chambers, surprisingly.We had been learning the controls of the spaceship for nearly two weeks and almost everyone was an expert in it.A different kind of greeting by the system, made us all reckon what kind of a different task awaited us.{Today you all will be taken to the bio lab to learn various types of Aliens and other spices}Excitement filled the training hall as the system announced the next phase of our training. "Wow, are we going to see them...!" I exclaimed in excitement.It was so wonderful to learn about the various species of aliens inhabiting the vast reaches of space. We all hurried to get out and assembled in the main hall in no time. We were like a group of enthusiastic school students hurrying for a games period.{Hello Warriors} A familiar voice reverberated through the halls.We all tilted our heads to face Captain Ven. He rolled n
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Chapter 9 Soul slipped into mouth...
Ethan's point of view...I was startled for a moment then looked around if anyone else noticed any changes but all my team including Captain Ven were busy with their observation.I looked at that Alien Monster again to confirm. I was sure it moved its tummy.When I was staring at it again, Captain Ven strolled near my side and whispered."Because of the chemicals inside, sometimes it appears to be moving, Ethan" I got my answer but still I couldn't believe my eyes for a while.I nodded and walked to the next one in the consecutive container in that row. To distract me it has a very unique appearance, the Blacosdon. That looked very much like a black reptile but with various hands and legs, tall like a two-storied building. It was stilled, looking up, we couldn't even see its eyes unlike that first one, staring into the eyes and giving goosebumps to all that looked at it.I sighed, still thinking about it. Such huge creatures are hard to forget.Next to me, Ava was busy studying the bod
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Chapter 10 Serves you right...
Ethan's point of view...My intuition never failed me, I had a deep power that make me guess if something was about to happen, it was the main reason that I wanted to come and confirm that everything was fine here with these Alien's rooms.But to my surprise, like always I was correct in guessing something was wrong.The containers stood like sentinels, their ethereal glow casting a mesmerizing light before me. I gazed at them in awe, my heart pounding with a mix of anticipation and exhilaration. Lost in the moment, as I moved closer to get a better look, my footsteps barely making a sound against the smooth floor, I heard a groaning sound which almost jolted me. But in my haste and eagerness, I misjudged my surroundings and bumped into one of the containers behind me. It was the same container that contains the body of that huge monster-like structure, Fellonodia, still staring at me with his big round eye in the middle of its body.I turned around and peered at it, but soon I heard
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