60000 Years Later

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60000 Years Later

By: loveforever OngoingSci-Fi

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Time traveling is an accident that no one can predict in recent years, including a young boy called Leo. Things get worse when Leo finds that he has already gone to sixty thousand years later in the future, where his beloved planet is no longer habitable. And certainly, he turns into the thing that shouldn't have existed there. Having no knowledge of time tunnel or quantum physics, Leo steps on the way to go back to the 21st century without knowing that he will have to go through many more situations than he can imagine, just to take a fragile chance. When sacrificing is greater than surviving, loneliness is the only friend, and tears have to roll down to protect the smile, will fate's door open to let him come back home? NOTE: All the characters, events, and places in this story are fictitious. Resemblance is purely coincidental. MUST-READ INSTRUCTION: 🌟 Long chapters only with more than 2000 words per each. 🌟 Not update daily. Please think carefully before subscribing. We all dislike removing books from the libraries with disappointment, right? 🌟 One chapter per week every Friday, till this book gets 50k words and starts the MAB.

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  • Seruling Emas


    Interesting book,

    2023-08-02 17:29:54
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26 chapters
Chapter 1
PART ONE: Run Away To The Space July is not a comfortable month in southern Vietnam. It is a part of summer, filled with boiling hot temperatures, lasting for all the month. And so does today. No clouds floating beyond, the sun just emits its light rays, turning all this area into a huge steamer. And as a result, fans, air conditioners or anything cooling have to work more. Followed by that is money. The electricity bill we had to pay for last month was extremely higher than usual, most of which is spent on the electric fans, therefore my mother has stopped me from touching them. How fuckin' upset… I think about it while my hand is waving the paper fan, full of despair. “Remember to lull your brother to sleep, he needs a nap at noon.” My mother, after changing her clothes, stands at the door and talks to me—lying flat on the sofa. “I have to go to your auntie's house now. If I don't come back in time, warm up the food for dinner, okay?” I look up to the ceiling, feeling the dull pa
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Chapter 2
To be honest, I’m not sure how my little account has become so well-known.Sky Force was released six years ago by a Japanese game company called ‘Rhoha.’ Its computer-generated imagery (CGI) is breathtaking. Sky Force features stunning and figurative artworks, an infinite fictional world, and intricate control panels. This game, as everyone can see, is the hen that can lay tons of golden eggs, but Rhoha rejects. They require the techniques rather than expanding their business to make more money from those players.The only way you can get a higher rank is by playing better than the others. Money is nonsense, so we have dozens of poor gamers playing the Sky Force. And if you can create a record of winning at least ten thousand matches consecutively, you will receive a special prize, which—according to the company—can change your life forever.But I wasn’t interested in playing video games or even believed in their dreamlike advertisements.The-twelve-year-old me was concerned about hi
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Chapter 3
Hello, guys.Are you coming here to see the interesting battle between me and that idiot streamer?It’s kind of you to do so, but… no, we don’t fight.Oh? You ask why?Ha ha, it’s just a little mistake, a really tiny one.“Slam!”Not even closing the plastic box containing the electrical fuse with all my strength can cool down my fury now. It also has my finger stuck for a second, thrusting my nerves, and I just can’t hold back all my bad words like any other normal person. Of course, the one in the fire of anger.“I’m gonna hang that guy! Holy shit! Why the hell does he shut off my circuit? Today is damn hot and you come to switch off the others’ power?”And… yeah, you know the reason. An irritating event called artificial power cut, with an informal way to explain that phrase: there was a damn miserable guy coming to my family’s fuse box, turning off the power at noon, right at the moment I was about to take a serious fight. The capitalized ‘serious’.Like eating a delicious hamburg
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Chapter 4
If people hear about the aliens, they mostly show their concerns towards this mysterious and interesting issue. They often ask for more information, even fake news, for fun. Sadly, after my brother tortured me with his scary questions, my reaction was alone two words with a dumbfounded face showing how helpless I am.“Sorry, what?”I hear a motorbike from the door at the same time I reply to him. It’s familiar to the point I definitely know who is coming without looking through the glass window. My mother.Even though it’s earlier than I thought, my mother may have done her work at my aunt’s home and is now parking her motorbike in the front yard. Then I put aside what I heard from Long to go out of the room. Aliens? What are they? Are they edible? Surely they can’t be used as food, but my mother will bring back to me some bánh ú (beng u) for me.Is there anything more important than my favorite dish my aunt has promised to send me before? No, of course. It’s a pity that I nearly forg
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Chapter 5
Besides the identity of Leo Pavilion, I have a job as the one owning a part of this luxurious restaurant. Yeah, you don’t misunderstand. It’s me, who has just graduated from high school.To be honest, the birth of this restaurant derives from lots of factors: Long’s own dramatic parents, his mental wound, and a crazy moment of mine. Not the intentional idea to startup at a young age, certainly.The guy who is grabbing every piece of abalone over there is Long, one hundred per cent. He is ugly; I have to accept that reality, with naturally brown skin, black curly hair, a round face, and congenital myopia which forces him to wear glasses all the time. Those are the reasons he got rejected by his own parents.I don’t know it clearly, because it was Long’s sad memory, anyway. I just heard his butler saying that his mother, a young wealthy heir (yes, childish too), slept with her boyfriend and gave birth to Long a year later, when she was just sixteen. She rejected the little one who was h
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Chapter 6
I have never known that it doesn’t take much time for me to establish three levels of meaning of the word ‘aliens’.If ‘aliens’ in my little brother’s words just made me feel helpless, then that word turned into something like a tool to provoke my anger, when Long the brat interrupted my precious spare time with that damn reason. And now, at the moment I hear those letters from Khanh’s mouth, the third level of ‘aliens’ just encourages me to get back home! Immediately!!!It’s the third time I heard this word from three different people. You might not know this, but for the Vietnamese, anything that happened at least three times continuously is worth thinking about. How the f*ck can they scare me this way? It chills me to the bone, okay?Alien attack? No, it’s just the product of the imagination. Exactly.Though I’m trying to warm up my freezing blood this way, my ears are still uncontrollable, and those freaky whispers are still audible to me. Things get greater when that topic is dam
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Chapter 7
Like solving a mathematical problem, let’s analyze with simple eyes.If the culprit is not an alien, there must be someone throwing a huge rock, or something similar to a rock, into Nam’s room. Though a big rock can break the glass window easily, it’s not that easy to move the tool away. It’s in the victim’s room, right? But no one mentioned something like a rock when they talked about Nam as if there wasn’t any rock.All of us know the sound when someone throws a rock through the window. ‘Shatter’, and that sound is loud for sure. But the sign taking the neighbors to Nam’s house is the scream of his parents, not that sound. So, if the tool is not a big rock, then what breaks the window, causing no sounds and leaving a big hole in the road?If we suppose the culprit is something nonhuman, we have another scary scene.The time when that thing attacked Nam was half past thirteen. I didn’t check the clock, but according to Long’s irritating call at fourteen o’clock, I can guess that Nam
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Chapter 8
On behalf of an innocent man who falls, or used to fall, in love with this beautiful girl, I expect her to say something like ‘take care’. Who you love the first time will not be the one who you will marry, I know it. Khanh doesn’t know my emotions, and I’m not rich enough to say ‘I love you’ or something. My future is full of plans, and this love should end, or at least till the day I can lead a business empire. It’s damn hurt here, in my little heart, so I need something to be a beautiful memory…But what she tells me just drives me insane.“Can you ride Thuy back home with you?” Khanh might realize how resentful my look is. She knows that I’m weak, but it doesn’t stop her from smiling and keeping convincing me for unbelievable reasons. “Thuy is just a girl, and the evening is not safe for her. She is injured as well.”“She is literally light, too.”Thuy?She is a gangster, lady! The girl who is infamous for fighting, till the level where our homeroom teacher complained with her gra
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Chapter 9
Though our neighborhood is just a suburb lying not so far away from the center of HCMC, we got an area with about one hundred houses abandoned twenty years ago. People said it used to be the place where illegal residents lived without permission. When the authorities moved them away to build a factory here, a monetary problem arose, and they had to stop their plan.From then on, this uninhibited area turned into a point where gangsters and criminals gathered.They can be anyone. Please remember the fact that we’re living not so far from one of the biggest cities in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City. Kidnappers, human traffickers, or even drug dealers can appear in this abandoned area. The only unexplainable thing here is why they can be here.As mentioned, we got a police station near this area. The police check out randomly, so even if this place is on the way leading to our neighborhood, the chance to come across those dangerous criminals is tiny.Here, congratulations, we spin to the box ‘
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Chapter 10 (Celebrate 500 views!!!)
So, it turns out that aliens are real? Not the synonym of that bad word?It is the final thing appearing in my mind before my body falls to the ground, sliding backward while the broken pieces are splashing on, and I end up slamming the brick wall behind.“Ouch…”I swear on my honor, it’s the most painful moment that I’ve ever gone through. I can barely breathe. My back is so hurtful that it’s no longer sensible. The worst part might be my left arm, which definitely got a crack from that accident and is now causing me terrible numbness, spreading all over my body and worsening my bad health.As the pain gets worse and worse, I crawl up with the limbs, which can’t be still for even a moment. They’re all trembling uncontrollably. There is nothing fine remaining in my body, and for me—a person who can’t even be able to suffer minor pain—it is the true nightmare. Now crawling up is also a difficult task. I got a broken arm, hurting legs, and a blurred vision, which just allows me to see t
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