We realize that the place we are now is infested with zombies. Due to the darkness of the area there and the thick fog, we did not immediately notice that we had entered a dangerous area, where many zombies were scattered around. Because of that, we cannot leave where we are. It is also not possible to operate the car as it will only cause a loud noise, and it will only get the attention of the zombies there. We stayed there for a while and waited for the zombies to leave, but they seemed to be getting closer to where we were.

“What are we going to do now?” Rita was curious as we looked at the zombies passing in front of us and through the window.

Juliet raised one of her hands and slowly lowered my hand covering her eyes, so she saw the zombies there. She was about to scream, but I immediately covered her mouth before the zombies could hear her. Some of them turned around, but they just ignored it and walked in another direction.

We took a deep breath, and then I slowly removed my
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