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She woke up one day - beaten and near death - with no memory whatsoever. Now, 16-year-old Anna Tucker is beginning life anew with her adopted family in rural Nebraska, but dealing with crushes and bullies in school is the least of her problems. When she begins to experience mysterious spasms that demonstrate unnatural abilities, Anna soon finds herself in the crossfire of a relentless government organization whose deadly soldiers will stop at nothing to find her, and the truth of her past and her powers may finally reveal itself - ordinary teenage girl, or super-advanced killing machine?

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Somewhere deep in the Rocky MountainsThe light fixtures along the ceiling flickered sporadically. A lone man sat at a desk in a confined office space, hunched over and focused intently on what he was writing. He appeared to be around forty, with thinning dark hair combed over his bald spot. He wore a lab coat that was worn and covered in black smudges. Behind his glasses, his eyes were unblinking and weary with exhaustion.The lights flickered again over his head, followed by a rumbling that lightly shook the desk. The man glanced up at the lights with a look of hard suspicion. The rumbling ceased as quickly as it had begun, and the only sound to be heard was a faint buzzing coming from the fixtures. The man looked over at a landline phone that was sitting on the desk. Next to it sat a digital clock which read 3:17 am. The man winced as the exhaustion crept over him at the sight of the time. Everything was silent for a moment, but as if on cue, the telephone rang with a loud and pers
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Chapter One
One year laterAnna’s eyes flew open as she woke up with a start. Her bed was drenched in a pool of sweat. She groaned as she sat up and rubbed her head, which was throbbing lightly. Stranger than that was the numbing sensation in her right arm. She cast her eyes slowly around the dark room. What was once a dusty attic had been made up into a teenage girl’s bedroom. It had only been hers for a year, but it was the only bedroom she could remember having. It was the only place she truly felt safe and at home.Anna stood up and lumbered quietly over to the window at the end of the room. Normally, she would wake up to the sunlight rising over the flat Nebraska plains, but now it was barely the break of dawn. The sky was tinted a deep blue that indicated morning was not far away. Anna stepped over to a dresser that sat next to the window. She turned on a small lamp that sat atop the dresser and looked into the vanity mirror standing against the wall.The first thing she saw when she looked
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Chapter Two
The town of Meadowvale, Nebraska was the image of a small, country village. It was situated on the edge of Arthur County in the middle of a vast farmland. It was a tight knit community in which everybody knew one another, perfect as the only home Anna could remember calling her own. Despite that, as she sat in the passenger seat of her family’s Ford 150, driven by Lynn, on her way to her first day of school, it was still like stepping into a whole new world.Downtown Meadowvale was small, yet bustling. It only consisted of a handful of streets, but chief among them was Adams Street, which ran the full length of the populated town center and had a variety of markets, restaurants, and small town ma and pa businesses. Anna always liked coming down here. It was certainly a different environment than the countryside.There were only two school buildings in Meadowvale, both of which stood just beyond the far side of the town center. The first building they came to was the elementary school,
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Chapter Three
The morning sun cast its light upon the surface of the Potomac River, creating a picturesque yet imposing canvas of the capital city of Washington, DC. The helicopter flew over the vast river and touched down on the helipad on the northern side of the massive structure that was the Pentagon. As the propellers slowed to a stop, the rear ramp descended. From the interior of the helicopter, Dr. Park emerged. As he made his way down the ramp in an electric wheelchair, he was greeted by a group of armed soldiers. At the head of the party, a tall, burly man stood in contrast with the rest of the group. He wore an open leather jacket that billowed in the wind caused by the propellers and a pair of black sunglasses over his cold and solid expression. He seemed to be staring off into space until the wheels of Park’s chair touched the helipad, and then he turned his attention to him.“Dr. Park?” the man’s low voice called out over the roar of the helicopter.“Yes,” Park replied as he wheeled o
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Chapter Four
Several weeks had gone by since the first day of the new school year in Meadowvale, and Anna believed she was settling in well. Much of the stress and anxiety she brought with her that first day had been all but relieved, and her parents were proud to see her excelling so well in her classes. She struggled a little in her humanities classes, but she proved impeccable in courses such as biology and especially Algebra; in fact, she was performing so exceptionally in Algebra that she was promptly moved up to Calculus, but not even that was able to slow her down. She was learning almost as fast as her instructors could teach, and it was not long before she became something of a hero among her classmates who suffered a bit more at the subject and were constantly asking her for help. She had to admit that it was getting annoying to have the other kids approaching her the minute they did not understand something, but if there was one upside to it all, it had to be that she was in the same Ca
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Chapter Five
The remainder of that period was a haze. Anna did not return to class, still reeling from the humiliation of running out like that. Once the bell rang, she casually slipped into the crowds of students as they flooded the hallways, anxious to get away from classes and move on with the rest of their day. Anna kept her head down, trying not to make contact with anyone who might have seen her little episode.She wondered what she was going to say to her parents when she got home. They wanted to know every time she had a spasm, but at the same time, she hated the idea of making them worry, considering that this one had been the worst one to date. She sure as hell couldn’t let Abigail know about it. Abigail would never let her hear the end of it. Of course, Tamara was probably having a field day with her sudden departure from the classroom, but as far as she was concerned, that did not compare to what Jason must have thought.Anna struggled to put it out of her mind. Most days, she would sp
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Chapter Six
The events of that day were on her mind for the rest of the evening. As the sun set over the rural horizon, Anna sat in her room in front of her vanity mirror, aimlessly running a brush through her hair. She was thinking about straightening it from its usually wavy style for her date with Jason. She could not help but smile every time she thought about it, and she often wondered what made her happier: Jason asking her out or how much it bothered Tamara that he was showing an interest in her.She giggled at the thought but was distracted by what sounded like somebody pulling on the string to the attic door. Anna threw her brush down on the dresser and groaned in annoyance. “Go away, Abigail!”Just then, the attic door was pulled down and the ladder extended. Anna rolled her eyes as her unwelcome visitor began climbing up.“It’s just me, honey,” Lynn said as she appeared from below.“Oh! Sorry, Mom,” Anna replied sheepishly.Lynn walked over to sit on the end of Anna’s bed just across t
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Chapter Seven
Somehow, Anna had avoided waking anybody up with the outburst of her sudden nightmare, and she was glad for that. She was in no mood to receive another lecture from Lynn, or put up with the constant nagging and jeering from Abigail. Nevertheless, she carried the stress of the dream with her all the way to school the next day. She hardly said a word as Lynn drove the three of them to school, preferring to stare quietly out the window as they drove through the already busy town center.Lynn pulled into the circle in front of the high school where dozens of cars and buses were cycling through to drop off students. When the car came to a stop, Anna cast a quick sideways smile at Lynn before slipping out of the passenger seat.“Bye, Mom!” Abigail said as she exited the car behind her.“Abigail!” Lynn called after her. “Do you have your book report?”“Yes!” Abigail answered in an annoyed voice.“Ok, have a good day, sweetie!”Abigail waved as Lynn drove off with Daisy before running to catc
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Chapter Eight
“Here we go again,” Park muttered to himself.Several weeks had gone by since Park had been summoned to the Pentagon by the government heads behind Project Machina. The only upside to being held here against his will by both the military and the CIA was the living quarters. General Melsom had provided Park with a private lab space to continue his work with the M-Gene and assist with the efforts to track down the missing assets. Since he lived, slept, and worked in the same lab, he had yet to leave for any reason, and no amount of relative luxury he was given made it seem any less like a prison sentence.If it was not for the massive digital clock suspended on the wall above the door leading out of the lab, he would never have known what time of day it was since he had not seen the sun in weeks. Right now, it read, “19:26:45,” with the seconds counting up one after another. Sometimes he would just sit in his wheelchair or lie on his cot and watch the numbers for hours, as if to convinc
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Chapter Nine
“Agent! What do you mean you’ve found her?” Park said as he followed Nichols out of the lab with Amelia right on his tail.“Melsom will provide the details for you,” Nichols replied. He led them through the halls in the lower levels of the Pentagon. It was just as this when Park was first brought in, and he followed the familiar path until they reached the elevator that took them down into the war room where Melsom briefed him on his present imprisonment. The elevator descended and opened as Nichols ushered Park into the war room, but this time it was much different. The room was filled with military officers and other high ranking government officials, all conversing amongst themselves. The large monitors on the far wall of the room were active and displaying various satellite images, and Park realized they all appeared to be focused on one particular location.“Nebraska?” Amelia said out loud, clearly thinking the same thing. “What’s in Nebraska?”“With any luck, our target.” Melsom
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