“What's the matter?” When I opened the door, Rita and Juliet immediately turned to me, but I didn't notice anything unusual about them, and they both seemed to be fine. Until my attention turned to where Simon was, where he was biting and eating his own right arm. He stopped and turned to me with a shocked expression on his face. I noticed that one of his eyes has turned white while his other eye is still normal, so he knows what he is doing, and he is still in his right mind, but it looks like he is just trying to stop himself.

“You two better get out of the car first.” After I said that, Rita just nodded her head as she got out of the car while holding Juliet in her hand. I went inside and then closed the doors and windows there so that no one else could see the two of us.

“Can you still hear me? Do you still recognize who I am?” I asked him while he was staring at me. He slowly opened his mouth to utter the words he wanted to say to me, but my eyes widened when I noticed that no v
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