Zombies Apocalypse

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Zombies Apocalypse

By: Maxwell CompletedSci-Fi

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Gabriel has never been interested in people, and now that they are all zombies, he finds them even less appealing. Even though the zombies were awful, there were even worse things waiting in the shadows because Gabriel had never been able to get along with other people. None of his family, friends, classmates, or even coworkers. He did precisely very thing he generally needed to do: elude the outside world. He gets irritated when his web association quits working for no clear reason.especially thinking about that he can't contact the link organization. When his power goes out, he realizes that something must be wrong. Consequently, he finally decides to carry out the action he has been delaying for weeks: Get out there. As soon as he does, he discovers that the world is not the same as he remembered it. Now, monsters are everywhere: the hordes of zombies who walk but are dead. Gabriel, a recluse, must now run with a small group of survivors in order to survive. But while he's trying to figure out where he belongs in this new post-apocalyptic world, the terrors keep getting worse behind closed doors. Soon, Gabriel will realize that staying alive requires more than just staying one step ahead of the monsters. Soon enough, he'll realize that the night holds more terrifying things for him than zombies…

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Chapter 1
Paul Brighton could feel his stomach churning as he watched the news on the television. He convinced himself that he could feel it from his head to the tips of his toes, and it was an extremely unpleasant sensation. His stomach couldn't be the only thing churning. His entire body must have been shaking. It was like the world was some way or another turning in ideal chance to his body, so that despite the fact that maybe he was standing by, he was as a matter of fact in an exceptionally fast, extremely perilous spiral that took steps to spill his inner parts across the research center floor.“Normally, Tyler Adam, Paul's boss and a tall, bald, and irritable forty-something, would not have been pleased that there were any outside electronics in the room. This is an examination research center," he would have yelled at Paul in his feeble, stressing voice that seemed as though it had spent an excessive number of its years not being put to any utilization, "not a cinema," or whatever other
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Chapter 2
However, Alan's voice and motionless body suggested that he was rejecting all logic and reality.We sought to alter our lives and take control because we were dissatisfied with our destiny. We tried to go to places man was never intended to go, to see things man was never intended to see. Now that we have cursed ourselves, we are doomed to face our own worst nightmares and then vanish, leaving behind no trace of our existence. The only thing that will remain is a small, plain sign that reads, "Here be monsters." And the name of that monster is "Man."That concludes it, Paul thought, He is a raving madman.Paul straightened up and returned to the television-equipped table with a resigned sigh. Additionally, there was a pitiful first aid kit on the table that contained a thermometer, a packet of ibuprofen, a free trial tube of topical antibiotic, a cold pack, an elastic wrap, and some small adhesive bandages that were not suitable for more than the tiniest of cuts and scrapes. If Paul h
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Chapter 3
He stopped abruptly, and as he looked out the window, his excitement dropped sharply. He was curious about the weather outside. In Texas, it was still late August, just before school started, so it was undoubtedly extremely hot. But was there any rain? Cloudy? Windy? If he still had access to the internet, he would look it up online. He knew in the back of his mind that he could just open the blinds and look out the window for a few seconds to get the basic idea, but doing so would let all that awful natural light into the apartment. The thought made him tremble. He could tell that it was daylight and probably not more than a little cloudy because there was already enough sunlight coming through. He decided that would suffice until he reached the outside. In the event that conditions were terrible it was just a short stroll down to his vehicle and afterward he would be out of it once more. He could always go back inside and wait for a while longer if that wasn't enough.He should be a
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Chapter 4
Gabriel screamed, not out of fear but rather out of an animalistic rage at the irrationality of the situation and the neighbor. He then raised the jar once more and slammed it directly into the woman's head. He was not discouraged, even though there was no effect once more. He did this once more, then again, and again. Gabriel heard the sickening sound of bones breaking under the assault each time, like a hurricane roar, but his attacker didn't seem to notice as she continued to eat his shoe. Therefore, he continued to beat her, striking her repeatedly, until he realized that she had stopped gnawing after a few hits and that her head was merely a disgusting, bloody pulp.Gabriel stood up and freed his foot before gasping for air and collapsing against a nearby wall. He had long since forgotten about the jar when it fell from his hand. He held back the urge to vomit as he stood motionless in his living room and stared at the remains of his neighbor. His psyche was turning, and in spite
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Chapter 5
There was only one choice left. He knew it was his best chance, no matter how ridiculous it seemed. He turned around and moved toward the gate of the pool. There was no lock on the iron gate; instead, a small flip catch prevented the gate from being blown open by the wind. He flipped it, rushed through, opened the gate, and then, just for fun, closed it behind him. The first of his attackers reached the gate just a few moments later and slammed it with a loud thud. It attempted to grab him through the bars after letting out what sounded like an angry grunt. He was astonished as he observed from just outside its range. He should have realized that the creatures couldn't open doors. They seemed to be driven solely by instinct, and their only motivation was their desire to eat his flesh. More of them spilled out of the hallway, and he didn't want to wait to see which combination of their combined weight and the likely shoddy fence would prevail.Gabriel turned and headed for the side ent
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Chapter 6
Gabriel redirected them in the same direction. Over by the front entryway." The girl Jake had referred to as "Lisa" came around the side of one of the SUVs in the vicinity and was followed by the man who laughed. With a look that no one could possibly have perceived as threatening, Gabriel's eyes narrowed. What?” he insisted.Lisa offered her explanation, shaking her head, "They're coming through in large numbers at the front gate." Your vehicle is doomed.Gabriel said indignantly, "Your mom is a lost cause," and he immediately regretted it. He quickly mumbled, "I-I'm sorry." In LoL, I grew too accustomed to saying that to stupid people. "Priorities, people!" When Jake snapped her fingers in the space between Lisa and Gabriel, it seemed to shock everyone present for a split second. Monsters that eat flesh are arriving. Moving forward!“Right!” The huge man concurred, and he and Lisa immediately turned towards their separate vehicles and moved in. Gabriel was half-dragged across the pa
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Chapter 7
"That is a piece far," Gabriel answered, his glare extending. " Can you make that before it gets dark, are you positive?Muscles and Mac exchanged uneasy glances. Mac responded, "Well, we have to."Gabriel's eyes lit up, and he grinned with excitement. He had just had a thought that probably would not have been appreciated on any typical day. However, on this particular day, this crazy day, it was a thrilling thought.He pointed to a location on the map that was close to town. This location has a hotel. It had quite recently shut down around fourteen days prior. He stopped and waved his hand in a circle, "I would venture a guess that they found themselves with more important matters to worry about." They were supposed to demolish it, but that hadn't happened as of yet.The big man replied, "All right, we'll try to get there." Show the others, Mac. Mac quickly nodded and left. Gabriel was the big man's next target. We will already have reached our objective if we fail to reach it. Have
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Chapter 8
For that to happen, he knew, he would have to make sure to keep the vast majority following after him. He began stomping and shouting all the more, jumping up and waving his hands as high in the air as he could get them to ensure their due attention. The creatures were getting close, very close, and he began to step backwards as he continued his display. He knew if he lost too many going down this hallway, then his efforts were pointless. However, he also knew that if he tripped and fell while walking backwards it would be the end of him.He tried not to think about that part.The hallway was eerily dark. The cloudy sky brought on the fear of it being late evening, and what little ambient light there was did not reach all the way down the hallway. Normally, this issue was dealt with by a number of small lights along the hallway walls, but with the power out those lights were gone, leaving part of the path in almost complete darkness. It was almost the perfect mood for a horror film, G
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Chapter 9
Mac turned his head to the left and looked out the window. Robert Cotton – the big, muscular man – had moved up and parked his car next to Mac’s. He was nodding his head to the words he had just spoken, eyes still focused on the distant hallway and the creatures attempting to force their way down it. He turned to meet Mac’s gaze and smiled. “What do you think?”“Well, I see no reason why we should wait around here,” Mac agreed.“Should one of us wait for the kid?” Elaine asked. She was sitting in the passenger seat of Cotton’s SUV, close enough to Mac that he could reach out and touch her. At the comment, he found himself wanting to reach out and strangle her. Comments like that, they only created more danger than they were worth. The kid had wanted to risk his neck. What should they care?“Elaine’s right,” Robert agreed. “What if his car doesn’t work? We shouldn’t just leave him stranded here. Not after how he helped us.”Mac gritted his teeth but said nothing. He knew what they were
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Chapter 10
“Help the others,” she demanded, a growl deep in her throat, as if warning him against trying to talk her out of anything. “Don’t worry about me.”Gabriel wanted to say something. He wanted to tell her that she was the only one he was worried about. He wanted to say that if she didn’t survive he would consider all his effort to have been pointless. He wanted to say a lot of things, but he knew how ridiculous he was being. So instead he bit his lip, fought back his growing fear, and shifted his position to peer into the passenger side window.Ryan’s head was turned away and dangling. It bobbed up and down to every slight movement of the vehicle. His arms hung similarly loose, dangling down across the car and bumping Mac as he made a series of frantic movements. Gabriel squinted, trying to get a better view of what he was doing, but it was almost impossible to tell past the cracked glass and Ryan’s motionless body.Realizing that time was quickly running short, Gabriel pulled at the
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