Since Hunter appeared in my dreams, I always had bad dreams, often he was always there, and he kept pushing me into that well full of corpses. Until I woke up while I was still in the car. It stopped in a secluded place while Luigi was outside smoking a cigarette. I turned my gaze to where Simon was and sitting in the driver's seat. He didn't seem to notice that I was awake, and I was currently looking at him. Until I noticed that he seemed to be busy with what he was doing, so I watched him closely. I noticed that he was holding a bottle of water, but he was just holding it and staring at it. I wondered why he had water in his hand when he didn't drink it since he became an antibody, so what was he doing with that water? Furthermore, I came a little closer to him to take a sneak at what he was doing, and I didn't make any noise that would make him turn at me. Moreover, I frowned as I looked at him and after a few moments he took out a small blade from inside his polo shirt pocket. The
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