Aliena Numina

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Aliena Numina

By: Ocean Ed Fire CompletedSci-Fi

Language: English

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The ancient world suffers a major defeat against Razela, a vampire worse than ever who has been turned into a vampire by an extraterrestrial being named Xziko and now this young vampire is the most powerful being on Earth and has one goal: To take the planet as a nation of vampires. Soon, they understand that not just Razela and her army but they themselves also are infected by this virus. So begins the journey. But this is not just a universe filled with vampires. So many species air as the events grow and soon things change in a way that time travel itself can't solve it. They have to save Earth but is it even possible?


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15 chapters
1 - Forest
South Island of New Zealand Kaherekoau Mountains                                                                                                  45° 52' 49" South                                                                                                167° 38'16" East Present day                            &n
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2 - The Cave
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3 - Desert
                                                                                It was like I was left to burn in a boiler full of fire. It was like steam was rising on my face and I was getting drier and drier. Two burning stoves in my eyes and firewood on my cheeks burned me like I'd gone to hell. My hands were burning like they were on fire on the hot sand. Every time I turned my head, the stoves that were burning in my eyes were moving. My back was sweating and clinging to my clothes like I was in hot water on a toasted stone. The heat was rising in me like a
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4 - Oddity
                                                                            I looked around like I wanted to know if this was a game. Everyone was walking tired or even exhausted. No one had an anomaly except my behaviors. Everyone was just too exhausted. They were just making their way like soldiers with severe injuries after a defeated war. Like ineffective and goalless robots…           I turned my head back to see what happened. I was beginning to believe that I wasn't myself anymore. Everything seemed to be a mess of its o
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5 - Xwa-Dola
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6 - Stimuli Part 1
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7 - Stimuli Part - 2
"Ed! Ed... Get up, Xwa's here."                                                                                             When I opened my eyes and slowly got up, Nina stood next to me, staring at Xwa like the others. That's when I realized how big Xwa actually was. He was about three and half meters tall and had a big head. His ears were almost bigger than my hands. Who knew what frequencies he had hearing with those ears? His eyes, almost the size of baseballs, were more reminiscent of brown. His hair was straight, blac
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8 - Stimuli Part - 3
   "Ed! Ed! Get up!"                                                                                          I didn't understand what was going on. I wasn’t sure if someone was calling me in the real world or in the dreaming state as the same sound shook in my ear. A voice was calling me, but it was like it was reflecting from a distance and through space."Ed! Come on!                    
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9 - The Truth
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10 - Trainings
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