C.E.N.T.U.R.Y: No Escape.

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C.E.N.T.U.R.Y: No Escape.

By: Jedidiah TBD OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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In a world where sinister forces reign, Jake Willson, a 19-year-old from London, finds himself entangled in a horrifying game orchestrated by the notorious C.E.N.T.U.R.Y organization. Little did he know that this wicked game would lead him to make friends with, 18 year old Sarah West and 19 year old Mark Smith, both residents of New Orleans. Before their abduction, Jake, Sarah, and Mark were living ordinary lives, unaware of the darkness that awaited them. Suddenly, they wake up disoriented and frightened, confined to a mysterious room where they meet 97 other captives who are being subjected to a series of 100 deadly escape rooms, designed solely for the sadistic pleasure of C.E.N.T.U.R.Y. As the trio progresses from one treacherous room to another, they rely on their unique skills and resourcefulness to survive. Each room presents its own challenges and moral dilemmas, testing their friendship as they grapple with decisions that could mean life or death for themselves and their fellow captives. Their friendship and trust is being tested, when a traitor arises between them. The challenges escalate, and with each deadly encounter, the tension within the trio grows. Trust becomes a fragile thread as they face moments of suspense, overcome booby traps, and confront formidable enemies lurking within the rooms. Even more devastating, a traitor emerges from their ranks, intensifying their paranoia and desperation. Ultimately, the game reaches its climactic final room, where Jake and Sarah uncover a shocking truth—Mark, their trusted teammate, is the CEO of C.E.N.T.U.R.Y. In a gritty battle fueled by cunning tactics and unwavering determination, they outsmart their former ally, escape the final room, and expose the dark intentions of C.E.N.T.U.R.Y to the world.

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42 chapters
Chapter one: 100
**New Orleans, 11th October 2023****2:00 PM**“So, what do you think guys?” Martha Willson asked her two children, Jake and Bella Willson, as they arrived at their New house.“Bloody hell! You really want us to live in this dump mom?” Bella asked angrily as she got down from the car.“Shut up Bella, you are just sixteen years old, your opinion does not count. By the way this house looks great mom, it looks like a really nice....errr....story building.” Jake said, then he walked to the back of their car and started carrying their luggage into their new house.“I am sorry this house did not meet your expectations darling, but this is all I could afford after your dad left us with nothing. Believe me I would have not have gotten this house if not because of how broke I am.” Martha calmly explained to Bella, who was still angry at her brother for shutting her up.“Well, it is a bit too late to turn back init? I will just go take a look at the inside of the house.” Bella said and hurried
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Chapter two: down to 99
Jake, Sarah, and Mark woke up in a dark room with a weird collar on their necks, suddenly the room lit up and they saw a lot of people in the room. They each had a number on their collars, and the highest number was 100. Suddenly an automated voice spoke.“Welcome to C.E.N.T.U.R.Y escape room, you are to group your selves into five teams of 20, and get ready to face your doom!”“In each escape room, you must work together as a team, the team that comes first wins gets 10 points, second place gets 8 points, third place gets, 5 points, forth place gets, 3 points, and last place will have one of there team mates eliminated. You all will start with 100 points each. You have 10 minutes to pick your team mates, and then the game will commence.”“Not that there are hundred levels in this game and whoever makes it to the ended gets to go home, you will have to play a level each day, but do not worry there is plenty of food to last you until the game is over. Your time starts now.”The whole p
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Chapter three: down to 98
Suddenly the collar of one of the members of group D exploded causing his head to be fully decapitated from his body. As the man dropped to the ground his head rolled across the room while his blood poured out from his neck profusely.“Take a bed and rest, the next level will commence tomorrow.” the automated voice spoke.Suddenly, Sarah screamed in fright, while Jake vomited. “Bloody hell, that guys head just fell off mate. What sort of game is this?” Jake asked still shivering in fear.An eery scilence filled the room, everyone thought about the death of one of the class D members. Soon they all took a bed each in the room. Jake, Sarah and mark picked a bed side by side, and as they sat, each on their beds they began wondering and talking about what kind of game they were playing.As Jake, Sarah and Mark were still shocked, and talking about what happened, Romeo, one of their team mates approached them. He could see the fear in their eyes and wanted to provide them comfort and supp
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Chapter four: down to 97
The group E door opened and they all came out, suddenly the automated voice spoke, saying.“Congratulations on coming first place group A, you have received 10 points, now you have a total of 115 points. Group C, you came second so you have received 8 points, now you have a total of 108 points. Group D came third place, so you have received 5 points to make yours 105. Group B, you came forth, so 3 points will be added to you making you have 113 points. And as for group E, you came last so one of your team mates will be eliminated...... permanently.”Immediately a laser shot up from the collar of one of the members of group E, and it sliced his head open like a banana, the he dropped to the ground. Then his blood spilled on the floor.Once again there was an eery silence in the room. The only voices that could be heard were of those who bursted into tears. Then the automated voice spoke again.“Choose a bed and go to sleep. Your next level will commence tomorrow.”Everyone quickly pick
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Chapter five: down to 96
The door leading out of the battle arena opened, Williams cast one last glance at Jonathan's motionless body. There was a mix of relief and sorrow in his eyes as he took a step back, realizing the gravity of the situation.Then the automated voice announced.“Group A has won this match, and would be going off against group D tomorrow. So get prepared, note that your fighter cannot be changed after he has selected.”Group A congratulated Williams for winning the fight, but Williams on the other hand did not feel like a winner. He remembered the look on Jonathan's face when the axe went through his chest. Williams had trouble sleeping that night knowing that he just took someone's life.By the following day they were once again awake before the automated voice spoke. And ground D had their champion ready to fight, and probably win the battle. As Williams entered into the battle arena with his axe, and the candidate of group D, whose name was Philip, entered into the battle arena with a
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Chapter six: down to 95
Williams stood over Philips lifeless body, his chest rising and falling in exhaustion. But his eyes held a glimmer of hope, a flicker of compassion. But Williams had sustained too many injures during the fight and as a result he was bleeding out and was dying. So walked out of the battle ground, and slowly walked to his bed then he laid down and closed his eyes in death.Everyone in the room gathered around Williams bedside as he was about to die. Many of them bursted out into tears, while the others blamed Philip for not ending the fight after Williams speared him the first time. Jake walked up to Williams bed side and said to him.“You fought bravely mate, and you did what you had to do to save the lives of your team mates. Do not let the weight of the two people you kill burden you. Set you heart free as you go, you were a good man, and if we bloody make it alive, everyone would hear your name.”Williams managed to give a weak smile, then he said to Jake.“Thank you so much kid, I
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Chapter seven: down to 94
Romeo walked out of the arena without looking back at Bradford, unlike Williams he felt nothing towards the death of Bradford, though he knew he was not justified for killing Bradford, but he was just trying to save the lives of Jake, Sarah, and mark, these were the new people he cared about ever since he woke up in the game. Though Romeo had been broken since the moment he woke up in the C.E.N.T.U.R.Y organisation, knowing his sick wife and his unborn child would probably be dead, and it probably left shattered for life, he had this new found love, and care for Jake and his friends and he could not tell why. It was like they were all his children and he was meant to protect them with his life Suddenly the automated voice spoke.“The final battle would be held tomorrow between group B and group E. In the meantime, you all can find something to eat in the next room, just follow the open door.”Immediately the automated voice finished speaking a door opened and then everyone rushed in
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Chapter eight: still 94
Finally, a moment of vulnerability appeared in Raphael's defense. Romeo seized the opportunity, narrowing his focus on that single weakness. With all his strength, Romeo delivered a powerful strike, his skit finding its mark with a resounding impact. Raphael stumbled backward, his grip on the spear loosening.Sensing the shift in momentum, Romeo pressed forward, not allowing Raphael a moment to recover. He weaved through Raphael's weakened defenses, landing blow after blow with unwavering precision. The crowd erupted into cheers, their excitement palpable in the air.Raphael, realizing the battle was slipping from his grasp, mustered a final surge of energy. With a roar, he launched a desperate counterattack, aiming to turn the tide once more. But Romeo, fueled by his determination, anticipated the move, sidestepping Raphael's strike with a swift grace.Before Raphael could react, Romeo delivered a final, decisive strike. His skit found its mark, striking Raphael in the chest with a f
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Chapter nine: down to 93
As the battle waged on, the crowd became increasingly enthralled. Cheers, gasps, and shouts of encouragement filled the air, mixing with the clanging of metal and the grunts of exertion. They witnessed two warriors pushing themselves to their limits, driven by an inexquingible thirst for victory.Sweat-soaked and panting, Lucy and Saul mirrored each other's weariness. Yet, their determination remained unyielding. They circled each other, eyes locked, awaiting the perfect opportunity to strike. The battle had become a ballet of lethal moves, their bodies moving in harmonious synchrony despite their opposing goals.The smell of iron lingered in the air, a testament to the wounds both combatants had inflicted upon one another. Small cuts covered Lucy's legs and arms, trickles of blood staining her once immaculate armor. The pain gnawed at her, a constant reminder of the risk she was taking for her group.With a sudden burst of energy, Saul lunged forward, his spear aimed once more at Luc
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Chapter ten: down to 92
Ezra's movements became more elusive, his steps light and nimble as he circled John. He expertly parried John's powerful strikes, utilizing his agility to evade the full brunt of each attack. With effortless grace, he Retaliated with swift and precise counterattacks, his sword weaving through the air like a dancer's ribbon. Ezra's skillful maneuverability and strategy began to wear down John's energy, forcing him to exert even more strength to fend off his relentless opponent.The battle raged on, a mesmerizing display of skill and resilience. The crowd watched in awe as Ezra's determination refused to waver and John's confidence started to chip away with each failed strike. The air crackled with tension as the two warriors pushed themselves to their physical limits.Sweat and blood poured down both combatants' faces, stinging their eyes and clouding their vision, but neither allowed it to hinder their focus. Ezra's breath came in measured pants as he sought the perfect opening, a ch
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