In the car, Simon and I talked about Hunter. As he told me, Hunter was the zombie he was referring to me before that bit his hand, causing him to become an antibody like him. But Hunter doesn't seem to know about him and has no idea that he got his DNA. It seems that Hunter only did that to him because he saw me that day with him, and he threatened him that he would come back and look for me, regardless of where I go. That's why when Simon read the message that Hunter left for me, he must have thought my life was in danger, especially when he saw the zombies he killed and dumped in the deep well. He also ensures that I have no match against Hunter because his strength has more than doubled as he is now an immortal and there is only one thing that will happen to me, that is death. So, Simon had no other choice but to pass his antibody DNA to me. At first, he was skeptical and afraid that he might make a mistake or that the result would not be good and that I might die. Until the day cam
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