Mecha System: Harem in The Cockpit

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Mecha System: Harem in The Cockpit

By: Matthew Harris OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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A strange explosion in the middle of a park granted me with a bold new power- THE ABILITY TO SUMMON A MECHA TO FIGHT WITH! But that's not all, because the first time I equipped my mecha I felt a strange connection spring into being and now... the bigger I make my harem, the stronger I make my mecha!

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18 chapters
Crash From Above
Working an office job was never what I had wanted with my life.    When I was younger I’d had all these grand aspirations of becoming a famous writer, publishing articles to the biggest newspapers and writing novels that would be read the whole world over.    That had never really happened.    My dreams had flickered and sputtered out like the dying flames of a campfire in the depths of the night.    All of that had led me to walking home through the park after a night checking emails for spelling mistakes at what some would consider the perfect time, and what others would later come to consider the worst.    As I reached the halfwa
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Exo Online
My heart thundered in my ears. My breaths came quick and ragged.  What the hell had happened to me? What the hell had I become? Metal fingers slid across metal skin, screeching against one another but leaving no marks.  I had been turned into some kind of mechanical monster. Some alien… thing… had absorbed my body and made me part of itself.  Was I going to be digested? Was this just the first stage in- “Oh, would you please shut up for five seconds?” a voice rang out in my mind, “Digest you?
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The Big Bang
I’d been screwing around figuring out whether what had just happened was real or not for far too long.  If there was one thing that I was sure of it was that, if a major explosion had happened in a park at the heart of a busy city the police would be soon to follow in the wake of said explosion.  “I can engage active sensors if you wish to watch out for any local law enforcement,” the AI said.  “We have active sensors?” I replied, “What does that entail?” I was standing in a super-powerful alien war machine, active sensors might sound innocuous enough but they could also be highly dangerous and damaging to life on Earth. For all I knew they could use some kind
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Escape Route
I wasn’t sure what the suit did to keep me alive, and frankly, I probably wouldn’t have understood it even if I had the information.  All I knew was that, after the explosion, I was the only thing left standing.  The trees had been blasted away, leaving only scorched dirt and ripped up stumps where they had been before.  The grass had been completely incinerated.  In some places closer to the epicentre of the explosion chunks of the ground had been completely vaporised.  I turned my eyes further afield, the destruction was no longer limited to the park.  Gl
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The Five Women
I staggered to my feet as the sickening smell of sulphur attacked my senses.    The world around me was ablaze with flames, eating away at buildings that had been reduced to nothing but rubble.    As far as the eye could see tornadoes of fire stretched up into the air howling as they ripped away at even more of the landscape.    Even the sky was a deep blood red.    Though, that wasn’t the only thing that was weird about the sky above me. There was also the giant spaceship that seemed to dominate the entirety of the sky above me, it stretched on for miles and miles.    To put it succinctly, I had no idea what was going on… and yet,
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72 Hours
I staggered through my apartment into the kitchen and hobbled over to the sink, pausing for a moment to grab a glass from the cupboard.  One pint of water later and my mouth was feeling somewhat rehydrated, it wasn’t until the second that the feeling of sandpaper finally subsided.  An angry growl from my stomach reminded me that I still had to eat breakfast, which was weird considering I didn’t usually eat things in the morning.  In fact, the idea of eating things in the morning was usually something that made my stomach do sumersaults.  Something else was going on here.  “Explain yourself, AI,” I growled whi
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I didn’t know where to start.    Well, I knew exactly where to start, but it was precisely where I didn’t want to start.    I needed to start with the fact that the life I knew before the ship had crashed in front of me and gave me the exo suit was over.    I’d lost my job and by the sound of it, my Mum thought I’d done a runner or I’d died, one or the other.    I needed to get in contact with her. That was the first thing I really needed to do.    With a sigh I thumbed through to the call screen on my phone and navigated to the call now button. With a heavy heart, I pushed it, and let the phone ring.   
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I’d never liked running before I’d gotten my mecha suit.    In fact, before the strange biological changes that I’d experienced while in my two-day long hibernation, I’d never really liked doing much of any physical exercise.    For all the terrible things that had happened over the past hour, I was enjoying running now.    Each footstep was heavy on the ground, cracking the cement of the pavement, and yet it managed to launch me forward an insane amount at an insane speed.    Even crazier? The last time I’d run like this I hadn’t been able to control my movements at all. Everything moved too fast for me to keep track of it.    But
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I wasn’t sure how long I ran for.  The world passed by in a blur of movement until buildings became trees and trees became fields.  I’d run out of the city entirely. That was when the enormity of the situation hit me.  Even out here, ships had come hurtling down to the ground, burning in their craters.   They must have been all over the world, falling into the oceans, the deserts, the polar ice caps. Who knew how many there were, and what the impacts of their… well… impacts were going to do to the planet long term.  How many people had found t
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Okay, so I’d decided to become a superhero.  As far as things went, I had to admit that was a little bit ridiculous even by my standards. But still, I’d made the choice and now I was going to stick with it.  So, in my newfound career as a superhero what had, I decided to do?  Well, I’d decided to do what just about any superhero does at the beginning of their patrol, at least according to comic books and movies.  My armour was wrapped around me, and I was stood atop the Shard, the tallest building in the entirety of London and somehow seemingly one of the only buildings that hadn’t been affected in some way by the falling spacecraft that had been impacting around the world
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