Chapter 162

Andrew and Mara have graduated from high school. They carried a wide smile on their lips as they wore white robes and diplomas in their hands.

Andrew was honored valedictorian by their school. He also gave a short speech for an honor he won, and of course Mara was part of those who inspired him to cope with each of those challenges.

The girl burst into tears of joy and clapped her hand. When he came down the stage, he immediately approached her and hugged her tightly. He also drew a sweet smile on his lips, and then he gently kissed her on the lips.

Their classmates shouted and applauded, witnessing the two's love affair. Even Robin just smiled and leaned on the shoulder of her new girlfriend, Sam. While Mina was in the back and quietly watching the two of them. She also accepted that she and Andrew were just there, and then she turned around and walked away.

That same day, Mara brought the young man to their house, to introduce Andrew to his parents. At first, they were both a little
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