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By: Christopher 'Ozoya' Wrights OngoingSci-Fi

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In a bid to advance the clandestine plot of extraterrestrial beings from outer space , an ambitious scientist, Dr. Sigmund Strauss is gifted a powerful weapon which he unleashes on a group of American soldiers stationed at the arid and dangerous frontlines of Kabul. It would take the brave effort of the lone survivor of this attack, Captain Crowne 'Buster' Brewster, MI-6 duo of Thelma McDonagh and Bullard 'Brain' Harris and other men and women of the free world, to stop Strauss and his evil extraterrestrial cohorts from annihilating the entire human race via a sinister attack orchestrated from deep space

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The Amazon, Brazil.0945 hours.15th June 2020.His epic journey through the depths of the Amazon Basin following the whispers and legends that spoke of the hallowed grounds known as Chula, proved to be a grueling quest. It demanded every ounce of strength and determination as he forged his way through treacherous pathways, strewn with jagged rocks and tangled thickets. With unwavering resolve, he pressed onward, driven by an insatiable desire to lay eyes upon this enchanting sanctuary.He had set off on his own, left abandoned by the indigenous companions who feared the wrath of the revered Chula deity if they dared accompany an unworthy soul like his.Armed with the knowledge bestowed upon him by the locals, he had diligently followed the sacred path to the hidden shrine as well as a meticulously drawn map, a precious gift from his esteemed archaeologist friend, Dr. John Bismarck. The enigmatic fate that befell the good doctor after his expedition to Chula which was shrouded in mys
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London, United Kingdom2147 hours.5th February 2001Thelma MacDonaugh gently lowered on an iron straight-backed chair at the outdoor bar of the Mews observing the crowded streets enveloped by the apparent zest of excitement which characterized the London metropolis.A stewardess carrying a tray walked slowly through a group of occupied tables in a cramped area. The space used to be Chloe's apartment, one of the cozy living spaces within the Mews which she transformed into a bar.The plain-looking stewardess halted at her table, after cautiously placing the bulbous glass of dry martini and a small chinaware bearing a cheese pattie, she gingerly made her way to the internal recess of the bar reserved exclusively for smokers.Thelma had known Chloe for almost a decade now, since their encounter at Cambridge University. Her managerial astuteness was not in doubt as she had grown the business to an enviable status despite the fluctuating British economy. However cordial their relationshi
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Kabul, Afghanistan 1601 hours12th April 2012.The Muezzin's voice emanated from the towering minaret of Kabul's Central Mosque located some five kilometers away from the cobbled highway where six Humvees rapidly hurdled their way through the deserted, war-torn city. The call to prayer woke him from his reverie They had been patrolling through the suburbs of the city and up till now, the potential of likely skirmishes was nonexistent.He clicked the radio to life and emitted, a sense of exertion evident in his jarring voice: 'Scorpio, how are the boys back there?'Scorpio was the moniker for Private Rogers Thompson, his sidekick who was manning the third Humvee within the convoy. His reply was hasty: 'We're all good. Can't wait till we get to the base and while out, Captain.'The mirthful remark of the boys was evident from the background.Rogers was quick to toss a quip into the conversation: 'soon Is never a term for a group, more for goons.' He bellowed out in laughter despite
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Kabul, Afghanistan 1712 hours.12th April.The Humvee at the rear was in the line of fire. The salvo of lethal slugs from the two drones flying parallel to each other was too heavy for the vehicle to contain. Its tough steel exterior was critically damaged till it lost its resistance to the horrendous blitz of hot lead. The Humvee exploded, exuding a ball of fire that engulfed the vehicle.Crowne whimpered at the sight. Smith paused for a second, lowering the M134 by the sheer impact of the ballistic.Shards of burning metal and flesh splayed in the air.Crowne recognized the game plan was simple for these birds - pick each one of them out like flies floating in a cup of tea.Crowne yelled at Smith menacingly:'Fire!'The petrified officer swiveled the weapon in the direction of the drones that drifted through the ensuing inferno and were charging relentlessly at them. He pulled the trigger, slugs pillorying the arid air and heading for the drones. The UAVs exhibited an evasive act
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CHAPTER FOURKabul, Afghanistan.1301 hours.April 17th.Director MI-6, Bullard 'Brain' Harris, expressed an indifferent countenance as soon as the helicopter gracefully took flight from the massive HMS battleship, its powerful rotors slicing through the air with an unmistakable hum. As it ascended, the aircraft seemed to defy gravity, rising higher and higher into the boundless expanse of the sky. The sun's golden rays bathed the sleek fuselage, accentuating its aerodynamic curves.The pilot, a young RAF officer, Richard Maple, skillfully manipulated the controls, effortlessly maneuvering the chopper through the invisible currents of the atmosphere. The sound of the rotors reverberated, echoing through the surrounding landscape as if announcing the helicopter's dominion over the sky.From its elevated vantage point, the world below unfolded like an intricate tapestry. The sprawling landscape appeared miniature, long stripes reduced to mere lines, and buildings to mere
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Kabul, Afghanistan.1505 hours.April 17th.The eight Humvees, rugged and imposing, navigated their way along the sandy road within the confines of the secure military base. The vehicle'srobust tires gripped the loose sand, leaving several deep tracks in their wake.A cloud of fine sand billowed behind the powerful Humvees, swirling and dancing in their slipstream.The interior was filled with the distinct hum of the engine and the occasional creak of the suspension, Bullard took quick glimpses of the surrounding landscape, dotted with other military vehicles and structures which amplified the sense of purpose and controlled chaos. Amidst the vastness of the military base, the Humvees moved with an unwavering resolve despite the challenging Afghan terrain.After ten minutes, the eight Humvees shrouded by a visible envelope of dust came to a slouching halt before a modestly constructed bungalow.The men disembarked from the vehicles, led by the General as they all trooped into the buil
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Dallas, Texas.134 hours.April 17th 'Dad...' a mellifluent voice emitted through the dark space.'Dad...'The calls were consistent and he could feel his senses responding to the familiar tone.'Dad....'His consciousness streamed back to reality. Two faces were conspicuously evident, staring right at his horizontal position. A mixed sense of despair and relief was visible in them. He could see the tears welling down their eyes.'Dad...' the younger of the duo, a teen, expressed a dainty smile as she wiped her tear-filled face.The teenage girl's face exuded a youthful charm and radiant beauty. Delicate freckles danced across her button nose, adding a touch of playfulness to her features. Expressive almond-shaped eyes, framed by long lashes, shimmered with a mixture of curiosity and passion. They glimmered with an inner light, reflecting her vibrant spirit. The captivating smile that graced her lips, revealed a perfect set of pearly white teeth, and dimples - that was his daughter
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The Swiss Alps, Switzerland.1000 hours.18th April.As the cable car gently ascended, carrying Agent Thelma McDonagh and the dozen passengers higher and higher above the quaint Swiss village, her thoughts drifted away. She could not help but constrain her train of thought to the information passed on to her by Director Bullard through her mobile two days ago.It read:'Reliable intel informs HQ that Doc Strauss, Project Lotus' robotics technician is currently at the Swiss Alps. We require an important 411 from him..."And that was it. Short and precise.As the cable car continued its ascent, the landscape beneath her began to transform. The lush green meadows and charming alpine chalets gradually gave way to a magnificent panorama of towering snow-capped peaks. The air grew crisper and cooler, carrying with it the invigorating scent of fresh mountain air.With each passing moment, the view from the cable car became more awe-inspiring.The Swiss Alps stretched out before them in all t
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Everett, Washington D.C.1105 hours GMT.24th April.As the convoy of three SUVs made its way toward the towering Army headquarters, an air of solemnity filled the vehicle carrying the thoughtful Captain Crowne. His return back home was nostalgic. He was gradually getting accustomed to the changes prevalent in the now bustling city. However, the panel of inquiry into the Kabul massacre, as a mark of honor had agreed to carry out its session with him at the corporate Army Liaison Building. The anticipation of the panel of inquiry hung heavily in the air, but amidst the nervous tension, he remained composed, his mind filled with a mix of determination and introspection.Clad in his impeccably pressed uniform, his outward appearance betrayed little of the turmoil within. Yet, behind the stern expression, his thoughts raced, replaying the events that led to this moment. He knew that this inquiry held the potential to shape his future, but it also represented an opportunity to demonstra
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Everett, Washington D.C. 1909 hours 24th April As a cab came to a slouching halt within this bustling part of the town, he could not help the feeling that was associated with the sun sinking below the horizon and causing the urban landscape to naturally transform into a colorful canvas of flickering lights and pulsating energy. This busy part of the city was a buzz with activity further creating a vibrant nocturnal symphony. The air crackled with excitement and anticipation as crowds of people throng the bustling streets, creating a kaleidoscope of diversity and activity. Neon signs illuminated the darkened skies, casting a surreal glow upon the labyrinthine alleyways and towering skyscrapers that flank the thoroughfares. The relentless flow of vehicles engulfed the asphalt, their honks and engines adding to the cacophony of urban sounds. Sidewalks teem with a tapestry of humanity, each person wrapped in their narratives, rushing to their destinations or indulging in the pulsat
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