Soon we saw a grocery store and Simon immediately parked the car on one side. Luigi and I went out immediately while looking around us, but regardless of where we looked, we didn't see anything strange there or anyone else except the three of us. We immediately entered the grocery store and were stunned to see other snacks and noodles scattered on the floor, messy inside and broken bottles visible. It looks like people there went into panic buying when they knew a big disaster was coming. We slowly walked inside while observing the things scattered on the floor. I immediately looked for water, while Luigi followed behind me.

“I don't really feel good in this place, so let's leave as soon as we get water, okay?” He whispered with a trace of fear on his face.

We went around it one by one, but we didn't seem to see any water. We only see cans of sodas and bottles of wine there. Furthermore, we didn't find any waters, and it seemed to be the only one that wasn't there. That's why Luigi a
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