Fire & Flame

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Fire & Flame

By: starrynight OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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Stealing and running is all that Konnor knows. In the era where everyone basically has access to travel to the moon, Konnor has made himself infamous with his deeds. Stealing cash and gold from the local banks, done that. Breaking into people’s houses, of course. But behind the cold facade, lies a secret. A secret to unravel. A secret which would determine the lives of everyone on Earth.

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| Author's note |
Hello, dear readers! Welcome to my story. Before you begin your quest in unravelling the secrets of Konnor, I hope all of you understand that I do not condone anything bad (at least according to the law) which happens in this story. Please note that since this is a fictional novel, some things in here might seem weird but it works (especially since this story is set in the future). I'm opened to constructive criticisms, but if you're going to leave hate comments here and there, the door's closed for you. However, if you must really speak your mind, you may drop a DM to my discord (starrynight#9319).There would be some chapters with trigger warnings in the beginning. If you are uncomfortable with whatever content the chapter has, feel free to skip it. After all, I hope this would be a safe place for all of you. I'll try my best to update a minimum of once a day :) I am still new to writing, so please bear with me. Hopefully, this book will serve as a
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Chapter 0 : Prologue
[ TW : Mentions of suicide, please skip this if you're uncomfortable ] Pain. All he is feeling is pain. Numb.Is this what people mean by feeling hollow? Feeling as if there is nothing left in the world for you. The feeling which makes you want to fall off a cliff and start fresh in the netherworld. Maybe drown himself in the cold sea.  Perhaps then, he would be free.Konnor’s mother once told him, emotional pain has a biological purpose, to teach, to educate us away from unhealthy patterns and relationships. However, he wished he had not suffered from this pain. He wished
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Chapter 1 : The Chase
Year 3078   “Get off the walkway!” A piercing yet masculine scream filled the air. Onlookers who were at first, busy with their own thoughts suddenly turned their heads towards the scream. “Are all of you deaf? Get off the walkway if you wish to live longer!” The same voice roared. A man could be seen running for dear life as a few police officers chased him.  “Mommy, why is the man running away from the policemen? Is he a bad guy?” An innocent voice asked as she pulled her mother’s dress. “He must be, darling. Remember, never become like him or you’ll end up in prison.” “What the-” the man rolls his eyes. Okay, yes, he is a bad guy, but he has never stepped foot into a prison before. Not like that’s a flex but he is genuinely concerned about keepin
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Chapter 2 : Reminiscing
“I most definitely did not appreciate your statement about my mom. And since every word which comes out of your pretty little mouth is offensive to me, I suggest you stop talking because I happen to have a knife.” The woman giggled. “Ah, mama’s boy. Don’t worry, I won’t stop talking.” Konnor flipped her off. Indeed, Konnor is a mama’s boy. But, what’s wrong with that?  “So, what’s your name?” “I am someone you should be wary of.” “Okay, someone you should be wary of, nice name. My name’s Isabella Hansen. Just call me Bella.” Konnor’s eyes widened in fear. “Isabella Hansen? Are you sure we’re talking about the same Isabella Hansen?” Read more
Chapter 3 : Seeking the Hidden
“Damn it!”  A man slams both his hands on the mahogany table in front of him. His face was fuming with anger.  “Sir, we-” “Don’t give anymore excuses! You’re all just a bunch of useless bastards. We almost had him!” The man barked at his underdogs.  “We’re sorry sir.” Five men said, synchronized. They were trembling, afraid of what their boss would do if they went beyond the line and ruffled his feathers. The man rubbed his temple. So far, he has not been having a good day. First, the stock market dropped. Then, he had a call from the big boss, threatening to put his job on the line if he failed to catch the one and only Konnor Fumiko. “Do you all understand h
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Chapter 4 : Bittersweet Memories
“What? Are you not excited to see your twin?” Konnor shook his head furiously. “On the contrary, actually. It’s been a while since I met you. How have you been?” Rachel raised her hand and slapped Konnor’s right cheek. Hard. Konnor stood stupefied. That was the first time his twin has ever laid hands on him. “Rachel! It’s been so long since we’ve last met, and this is how you greet your twin? Mind you, I am 3 minutes older than you.” Rachel looked at him dead in the eyes. “Oh so you do know you’re older. I thought you completely forgot about it.” Rachel sarcastically retorted. “Rachel, are you out of your mind?” Konnor asked in horror.
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Chapter 5 : Surprise Gift
“What do you mean? Do you want to be annoyed by those police officers?”Rachel raised her eyebrows, but did not answer him. Instead, she pulled out an envelope from her pocket and passed it to Konnor. He took the envelope cautiously, as if it were a bomb that can explode any moment.“What’s this?”Rachel nudged him. “Open it.”Gently, Konnor opened the envelope. Due to it being in Rachel’s pocket for a long time, there were a lot of creases on the envelope. As soon as he opens it, he spots a pale pink card, with the words, ‘You’re Invited!’“A birthday party? Really, Rachel?”“What the- Read the ca
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Chapter 6 : Familiar Face
Rachel snorts. “Try your best? It’s compulsory! I already told Alderic that you’ll be attending, so if you bail on me, I will kill you for real.”  ~ ‘Should I, should I not?’  Konnor fiddles with his thumbs. Tomorrow will be Rachel’s engagement party and he still doesn’t know whether or not to attend it. He is a very indecisive person, at least that’s what his parents always tell him. When he was younger, his parents used to take him and Rachel out for ice cream once every month. Rachel would easily pick out her favourite ice cream flavour and a few toppings. On the other hand, he would be stuck choosing the flavour he wanted that day. Most of the time, his indecisiveness would cause the line to be held up. Konnor sighs. ‘Why is it so difficult to make a de
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Chapter 7 : Good ol' Times
Konnor just walked into the first aisle and pretended to be a patron in the store. He picked up a blue box and opened it.  It was an empty box. ‘What a nice empty box.’ Konnor placed the box back to its original position. He continued walking down the aisle with his hands in his pocket. He casually strolls around the store until his eye catches an interesting thing. A Pokémon card. An ultra-rare Pikachu Illustrator card. Konnor immediately took it. ‘Oh my god, no way!’ Konnor contemplated whether or not to put it in his pocket and just exit the store. After all, he’s been wanting to complete his collection in a very long time.Read more
Chapter 8 : Issues and Tissues
“My father thinks I am a spoiled brat, for your information. Even if you don’t believe me, it doesn’t change the fact that his annoying face is clouding your perceptions about good and evil.” Konnor pats her head. “I see what the problem is. Your father accidentally lashed out on you one time and said horrible words. Then. you took it to heart and decided to leave your family.” “No! I am not a sensitive person like what you said-” “Listen to me, Isabella. A lot of people yearn to have parents who care for them. You, on the other hand, are lucky to have parents who are still here to pour their unconditional love. Sure, they might have said a thing or two that makes you feel betrayed. But we are humans, and humans make lots of mistakes. That’s how we progress in life. The bigger the mistake or failure we make, the
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