Chapter 170

Andrew rushed into the house, he also immediately went to his girlfriend's room, but he did not find anything. His whole body was soaking wet from the heavy rain. Even his shoes were soaked in water. He hurriedly ran out of the restaurant just to meet the girl and explain before the misunderstanding between the two worsened. He almost sat on the floor and took a deep breath. Furthermore, he could feel the doubt in his chest and utter concern for her.

He tried to contact the girl, but she did not answer, and the call always refused him. He was anxious, walking around the house as he waited for her to return. He suspects that it resents him for what he said and did earlier in the restaurant, so it also does not answer his calls to her.

A few moments later, he saw the girl from across the gate. Head bowed and drenched in heavy rain. The young man hurriedly approached her with an umbrella and cover her. Mara stopped walking for a moment and raised her head.

“Where are you from? I've been
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