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By: Quỳnh Hân Nguyễn OngoingSci-Fi

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A war breaks out between humans and those from another planet. In the air and on the ground. People with human status are always lurking to commit crimes. Red blood stains the hands of the heroes. When can it end? How long will it take to bring peace?


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As always, I take a big sip of my coffee and continue to finish my homework. The loud crowing of the rooster signals the beginning of a morning. It's now past 3 a.m and I still haven't slept. When 7:30 a.m. I need to go to school, every day of mine has passed so tiredly. I close my books, prepare to take a short nap, and go to school. But just an hour and a half later, the door to my room is opened, and my mother with an angry face walks in. She forcefully wakes me up and slaps me in the face. With glazed eyes, I look at her, my heart beating faster. The pain in my cheek makes me numb. She drags my thin body to the desk, thrusts the almost empty pen into my hand, and shouts:“Why are you sleeping? The previous ranking was only 2nd in the whole school. Why don't you ever listen to me?" – She says, knocking hard on my head – “I forbid you to close the door, why are you disobeying me? How much more do you want me to suffer?”She rambles on, cursing me until she gets angry. Every day she
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Chapter 2: ARXX
I am locked in my room and only allowed to go out until I finish all my homework. Looking at the pile of books in front of me, I just want to throw them away. My body is still quite tired, but I dare not rest even for a moment. My mother thinks that just one second is enough to make me inferior to many people. I wonder if the person who has the first rank in my school must study crazy like me? If so, I hope he'll be more unhappy than I am, more coerced than I am. Yes, I am a very selfish person, but I never care about that. My mother always values grades more than genitive.After studying for about 2 hours, I am so tired that I lie down on the floor for a bit. Immediately, the desk phone rings. My mother calls because she sees me being lazy through the camera. Do you have a life of your own, mom? Why do you like to control both lives? I never want such a mother-daughter relationship. I’m just a tool to satisfy her with her vanity. Why me and not someone else?As soon as I hang up, my
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Chapter 3: A TEST
“Are you so cynical? That's right, we need people like that!"I respond to him through my thoughts:“I still haven't said I will ever agree. What if I refuse?”The man then laughs, his laugh makes me feel uncomfortable. He says confidently:“But I trust you will not refuse such a tempting offer. Don't you hate studying the most? Since the time to use such brain communication is limited, see you another time!”As soon as he finishes speaking, the sound disappears. I admit that he is right, I have not liked studying even a little, all because my mother forced me. But I come to such a dubious organization as a gamble, so I decide to try my luck. Who knows, I might be freed from my mother's restraint. I look at the camera, then carefully sign and stamp it. Suddenly, behind my earlobe hurt as something stabbed, I go to look in the mirror and discover there is a small hole in it.“Do you hear me?” - A man's voice rings out. My room suddenly becomes dark, I close my eyes.After looking back,
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A strange day just passed, it ended with my mother's scolding.Today is Sunday, but I still have to get up early to study. I've always wanted to have a good night's sleep, but because of the effects of coffee, I can't. I have to drink more than 2 cups of coffee every day to stay awake. I know it's bad for my health, but there's nothing I can do about it.Almost everyone likes Sunday because they don't have to go to school or work, they just rest and do the things they like such as shopping, watching TV, going out, etc. My mother also takes the day off work. Sunday is a terrible thing because she watches me all the time. She does not let me rest or entertain even for a moment. So I hate weekends more than other days. In general, I hate all days of the week. If I don't study at home, I'll study at school, and take extra lessons from noon until late at night. But, now I have a different feeling about this life, even if just a little bit. Even if the ARXX organization deceives me, I still
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Chapter 5: CATTA
Perhaps because he does not feel safe if I join the organization, he asks again:“Do you want to join us? Because this haunts you”He seems to be looking down on me because of that moment of weakness. This makes me feel uncomfortable.“I guess everyone feels that way at first. Even the leaders of ARXX, including you. But if you are in regular contact, that fear will surely fade away.”“You're right, Daisy! We always welcome you. At 2 pm this afternoon, Ell will bring you to our organization to learn more about the specific job as well as the joining profile.“Ell? The man who judges the rounds?”I suddenly remember the small hole that suddenly appeared behind my earlobe so I ask the man.“This is how we can put images directly into her brain instead of sound. If anything changes, we will contact you later. Now, I need to get back to the organization. Be careful when you go home!"Saying that the man disappears as quickly as before. Everything is still vague. When I return home, my mot
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But unlike what I am thinking, the man in front of me, after looking at my profile, thinks that I am a cat-loving person.“No, I don't even love animals”If he knows that I have wanted to kill a dog because it is always around me when I go to school, he will have been more surprised.“I will answer a few more of your questions. So Catta, is there anything you want to ask me?"“Of course yes, with such a suspicious organization, I have a thousand questions to ask you. But since I don't waste time on both sides, I only give the main sentences”“You're welcome, I'm here to do it. Never mind anything!”I look around and open with an old question:“Where was this organization built?”“As I said, it doesn't belong in this land”“Do you mean this land where I live or the whole country?”The man is like a pre-programmed machine, he answers mechanically:"Both are wrong!"Is not right? His answer makes me a little curious. Could this strange organization not exist in the world? I want to ask h
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A week goes on and on and the first day of training begins. That day, when I am studying in my room, Ell comes and takes me away. What intrigued me the most is what excuse will he use to convince my mother like last time. Surely, he can't use the old trick again. Today, I am taken to another room, the inside is still painted in white but it's a bit murky and a bit cramped. There is nothing here but a table, two chairs, and a strange machine that looks like a giant egg. What is in front of me is completely different from what I thought.“First, You are doing a general physical examination to assess your health condition. So, Catta, please step inside that machine.”“What is that?” “It's called the Egg of Strength. After entering, your body will enter deep sleep, and the machine will make a detailed assessment of your body and ability to use the powers”I feel a bit suspicious so I do not immediately agree, I hesitantly stare at the strange machine. It seems that this ARXX organization
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I don't even know that my mother is away from home and yet he knows so well. Quite disappointed that I don't get to witness a spectacular scam by this glasses man today. That's fine too, I enjoy my mom's absence."Do you know when she'll be back?"He looks at his watch and replies:“Probably in a few hours. We only dare to estimate so.”“In that case, you still have plenty of time to answer my other questions?”The man nods and tells me to go easy.“What weapon are you referring to specifically?” I frown, wondering.“Knives, guns, etc. Weapons include anything that can hit the opponent. Sometimes just a pair of chopsticks is a powerful weapon.”I'm not sure if he's joking or telling the truth. Because here every citizen is not allowed to use such weapons. If found, they will immediately be fined a large amount of money and sent to prison. This is not the country of Mixreca, he needs to know about it.“I apologize for using my power to read your mind. Just as you think, our country mus
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Today our class has a surprise Math test. Anyway, this is my forte subject so I'm not too worried, besides, since last night I've been studying very hard. But the person sitting next to me, that obnoxious man named David, and the others, aren't like that. As soon as the teacher announces that there is going to be a test today, they all get into a commotion, very disorderly, they turn left and right again just to complain about the problem. It is only when the teacher mentions it for the third time that they are silent for a while. “You guys need to keep order. Why do you make such noise every time you take a test? No matter what, you have to study well before going to school, right?” – says the teacher, taking a stack of papers from the bag. Call Milan – the class monitor of my class to hand out the test papers to everyone. Before that, some of my classmates asked me why I'm always at the top of the grade but I don't hold any position. It’s largely because my mother forbade me to do
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“Hey, you bastard!”Stella is probably the leader of these guys. She grabs my short hair, and tugs it painfully, they drag me into the bathroom, locking the door so no one would disturb them. Then they take turns kicking hard on my stomach and body. They torture me and scold me:“Who do you think you are to come face to face with us? Do you think you're good at it? How dare you look down on us?"“Give her a taste!”“Damn, this girl is so ugly, her face is dark, and her eyes are also dark. Her hair is a bit messy, and it's still sticky."“The body is like dry wood. Does she think she's beautiful when she's thin or something?"Since they hit me in the eye, I can only see them with my other eye. There are a total of 4 people. They beat and record a video, laughing and talking happily.“Your life is almost over! Try to enjoy it you slut!” – Stella says, kicking my arm with her foot, I cry out in pain, but another girl covers my mouth with a pile of toilet paper – “You think David helps yo
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