Chapter 191

“She is currently experiencing dissociative amnesia, or we called it psychogenic. It comes from emotional shock or trauma, such as a victim who has witnessed a violent crime. With this disorder, a person may lose personal and autobiographical memories, but usually only for a short time. So, you don't have to worry anymore because his condition is stable. After one or to two months, all his memories will return to normal.” The doctor explained to Rohan, and then it also left immediately.

He looked at his wife as she rested and lay on the bed. Eventually the door opened a little and the maiden Patrice entered. There was a short smile on her face and she was carrying a basket of fruit.

“What are you doing here?” Rohan was shocked but poorly harvested from the girl, and then he approached her.

“I just want to say hello to you because since your wife was kidnapped, you haven't eaten well. Here, i brought you fruits. You're losing weight.” She said at the same time she touched the gentlema
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