Chapter 200

On a distant island, a woman is wearing a black blouse while she is also wearing a black dress as if she is something mourning.

It stopped walking and she approached a male fisherman.

“Excuse me, can i ask where Ernesto Torres lives?” she asked the old fisherman.

“Ernesto? just go straight down that road and you'll see his house there right away.” His responds to her and points in the direction she's going.

“Thank you very much.” At once, she turned her back.

“By the way, how did you know him? As far as i know, that young man is very strange to people. Are you his relative or maybe you are the woman he is looking for?”

She suddenly stopped walking when she heard what the old man said.

“Looking for?” at once she raised one eyebrow.

“Yes, there are rumors here all over the island that he is looking for a woman. Ever since that young man landed here on the island, he has had no other word but that girl. In fact, you have a resemblance to the woman in the picture.”

He said as he stared in
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