Chapter 5 - Overload

Chapter 5 - Overload

As a demon lord, he didn't want the land of his worship to be handed over to the nations of another planet, choosing to reclaim it.

Casting a variety of magical attacks that can kill their weapons, Tom sends out flames that sabotage the laser snout from one of the approaching planes. Then crushed it with his hand.

The flying bird shook violently. Its entire body emitted a fiery red glow and instantly exploded.

The commander who watched his comrade's plane crash and broke down gritted his teeth. With sharp eagle eyes, he moved closer.

"Careful, Orid!" interrupted Ember warning him.

"You mind your own business and destroy the meteoroids right there." He snapped.

Tom felt the anger coming from one of the planes turned towards it. He smiled as he waited for his arrival.

"Human, just a slave!" shouted Orid.

"You newcomer, bastard!" replied Tom.

The plane fired all the weapons he had, and his comrades took out the demon lord, and the woman pressed the big red button, turning them into the same robot but smaller in size.

Each of them took out a drone that had a striped dress motif. Above it was a pair of eyes ready to see the surroundings. Their claws fired lasers and managed to injure some of their wings.

Tom, surrounded by minor disturbances, became angry, all the hairs on his body standing up with sharp thorns. Once with a swing of his hand, he managed to get everything out and hit the drones or planes.

Seeing the loose gap, he immediately went upstairs as the meteor was about to descend, throwing a ball of Smoke that interfered with their view.

Ember, who lost his target due to the Smoke, began to struggle, tilted his head in the other direction to see his surroundings, a light shot far above.

The shroud of fire that surrounded his body fluttered, resisting all the blazing pressure. Now that the meteor was at his feet, he pushed to speed up to get there.

Unrevealed to him, with the remaining strength still left on the plane. Or was already upstairs preparing to fire his last gun.

Tom's gaze fell on him, the robot's shattered legs and arms directing its last whisper towards the target,

Right in the stomach, while leaving the last of Tom's strength to channel all the power, he had to protect the meteor from being crushed.

"I'll leave the rest to you, Alex."




Meteor goes faster and faster. Many times the aliens try to destroy it. They only had a minute before they landed on the ground and destroyed everything. The large object about to reach the earth was covered in a strange shiny shield.

The power can repel all released weapons and cannot be infiltrated.

"Shit!" Ember growled from inside. He saw the effort was useless, turned the lever in front of the left, and the words' power' pointed to the orange color. Not far from that, an article shows the number 89%.

[Normal or merge mode] Ember presses the screen, pointing to the right.

From under, a robot turns into a half tank and has legs that can walk carrying its own body. Move backward across The Ember's screen in the direction to look for weak points.

Leaving behind a herd of small tanks, fighter planes, and their comrades who were busy shooting, they paid no heed to the movements and plans made even though the ground around them shook from the action of their feet.

Orid orbited the meteor and turned the control lever a full 180 degrees. The magnetic field that attracted the plane he controlled was like a ship's chain pulling it closer.

The big bird bander couldn't control the pace and estimated the distance between the two to the point of difficulty. The iron body began to bend and turn erratically, the directions of the plane starting to look strange.

All green screens have now turned red. On the side of the glass, see the target issuing a monumental 'warning' inscription. Pressure in the body begins to destroy the connecting system.

Orid hit the table hard, and all the colleagues there stopped for a moment to hear his voice.

"Jinxed!" shouted, the earphones almost fell from above her ears. She also grabbed his long hair in anger.

'What should I do?' she thought, annoyedly biting her fingers.

Staring at the screen in front of her, she still locked the automatic control system to fly in a different direction from the arrival of the magnetic pull, which was only about half a kilometer away.

"Where is your, Ember?".

"Hey, Ember, answer!" she said, annoyed.

Elsewhere, the 800-meter-tall robot is already far from where it started. He puts his left eye on the binoculars and starts aiming. His colleague's shout that vibrated the communication device was ignored, and he began to focus on what had become his target.

Sweat trickled between his eyes on what was the last resort. Inside the body of the heavy machine, it feels pretty hot, not because inside, there is no cooler that can make it comfortable for hours. He turned off all electrical elements to full power.

Ember hesitated to activate the red button in front of him, the last, the giant machine was used to destroy meteors from outer space. Whereas when he and his colleagues in charge of the robot will not use the device.

The professor who created it once said, "One day, one of us pushes it to 100, then be prepared to sacrifice your own life." Remembering his best friend's words, he hesitated to do it.

He unconsciously swallowed heavily, then lowered the tool he was holding. The feeling of fear of death made him hesitate to continue, his hand reaching into one of the pockets of the gray uniform. A gold badge and a small chain linking it with an antique clock were on his shoulder.

He opened a small box and showed a picture of himself, a woman, and his six daughters.

'They are fine and in hiding,' he thought.

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