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By: Chisom OngoingGames

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Four strange teenagers with different choices got themselves trapped in the past by an ancient clock that was believed to used for time traveling. when the teens realized what has happened to them, they began to search anyway possible to return and attend their normal lifestyles but the worst happened.

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“Wakey wakey little prince the school bus is coming, it’s speeding speeding speeding up and you don’t want to miss it. The driver won’t wait for you, he is always angry because his own kids missed hi bus. Wakey wakey little prince the school bus is coming. It’s speeding….”“Oh stop talking” Matilda groaned tiredly, covering her ears with her pillow but the electronic parrot kept singing.“He is always angry because his own children missed hiiiiisss” the electronic parrot hissed on the floor after Matilda attacked with her shoe which she threw at it.“Gross” she sighed heavily, climbed down from the bed and headed out of the room barefooted. Scratching her messed up hair, she headed down to the dinning.“She’s out, she’s awake” Steve said slowly as Matilda was approaching the family.“Mum, I didn’t tell you anything” Will whispered to their mother.“It’s okay darling, I got this”“Mum” Will simpered slowly.“Hey sweetheart, are you…did you just come out of your room barefooted?” their
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The Clock
Matilda was at the café with Steve, both wearing the designed apron. Matilda was at the counter pouring the tea while Steve was busy serving the customers. A skinny teen about her eighteen and his brother who was same age with Steve came into the café and sat on the table beside the door. The boy was carrying a blue back-pack “Two cups please” Molly said, after a soft yawn. “Coming here is not a good idea Molly, we discussed that we are going home straight” Dustin said to Molly. “We won’t waste much time, just a hot coffee” Molly said to him. “Relax, nothing is ever going wrong, we are at a safe place. I don’t even trust that clock” “You don’t believe it?” “It’s not real until I see it happen” “Molly, I told you that it can only work if...” “Hey!” Molly interrupted. “Coming” Steve said, heading towards Matilda. “Theirs?” Steve pointed at the cups of coffee in a little red tray. “Yeah, for the two kids” She groaned. “I’m leaving” Matilda added. “What? You are lea
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Oh My Baby
Matilda, Dustin, Steve and Molly came out of the café and headed east.“Where are we going to exactly, if I may ask?” Molly broke the frustrating silence.“Home” Matilda replied slowly.“What do you mean? What home?” Molly asked again.“Our house, she means” Steve answered Molly.“To do what? To go and sleep? Or do you guys have a painting house, maybe we are going to your house to paint? We should be looking on how to get our stupid asses out this boring past” Molly rushed with scoffs.“Look Molly, if you fucking know any other stupid way to get your stupid fucking ass out of here, then do it. I will fucking do my own my way” Matilda turned to her spoke to her face.“Do you even have a plan? Weirdo”“To meet my mum and talk to them”“To meet your mum in this past? You think she will remember you or is she s fortune teller?” Molly smiled.“Come on Molly, let’s stick to the first plan. If it doesn’t work out then we look for other ways to get out of here” Dustin whispered to Molly.“
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How Do We Get Back?
“Did I become a professor? Like…like I always wanted. Forget about the café, I was only opening it for your mother” Brooks said to the kids that were sitting on the sofa at the dinning of the house.“You are a manager Dad” Steve replied.“After all my school?”“Please Brooks family, how I get back to my other life? I’m bored here” Molly interrupted.“I have a date mum” Matilda said and Dustin stared at her.“She already knows. Will told her this morning” Steve replied.“What?”“My daughter has a date?” Mrs. Brooks smiled.“Yeah, the one in your belly” Molly hissed imperceptibly.“What did I, I mean we.. we name you?” Brooks asked Matilda.“Matilda” Matilda replied.“See? I won” Brooks chuckled.“Steve” Steve dropped.“Nah we don’t know you yet. No competition for your name yet” Brooks said and Matilda cleared her throat.“What?” Steve winked at Matilda.“Sorry, I’m gonna ask this question again. How the fuck do I get back to my life that I lived this morning? This place is fucking si
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The Twins
“Okay here’s the plan. We will all go to Molly’s house, look for the dad and ask him about the clock” Brooks said.“My dad is a crazy scientist. He might know that I and Molly are his children and he might sense that something is wrong” Dustin said.“Then it will be fine. Who wouldn’t want his children back to where they deserve?” Mrs. Brooks corrected.“My Dad won’t. he’s a crazy scientist”“Stop calling him that” Molly said slowly.“When were you born?” Brooks asked Dustin.“Twins, born March 2003”“Twins?” Steve was surprised.“Which means that you both are only seven months old. I don’t think he will recognize” Mrs. Brooks smiled.“That’s a bad idea, totally a bad idea” Matilda joined.“Tell us, what is a good idea Tilda?” Molly scoffed at Matilda“Don’t abbreviate my name”“Don’t you have a good idea please?” Molly continued.“What if he hasn’t gotten the clock yet or don’t know about it yet? None of us is sure about it” Matilda looked at them.“When were you when we said that t
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A Secret Lab
Doctor Peter giggled at them and frowned at the same time. Mrs. Brooks was shivering slowly while Molly and Dustin were trying to hide their face from their father’s stare.“Hey Doctor Peter, I…we are really sorry for invading like this but trust me, we are not invaders. We are just some fellow scientist who have heard about you and came to see what we heard” Brooks said slowly. Doctor Peter looked at him and brought out the smile again.“Well…you came at the right time” Doctor Peter smiled at them and they all returned the smile.“Follow me and I will show you around my secret lab” he continued and headed into one of the rooms of the house. Mrs. Brooks looked at Eunice slowly and said to her. “I’ll explain later, I promise”“He didn’t recognize us?” Molly asked Dustin.“Don’t be convinced yet, you and I knows how tricky he can be” Dustin replied.“He didn’t recognize them?” Steve asked Matilda.“Something is not right, I can feel it”“Can’t we just terminate our already ter
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The Kidnap
Doctor Peter laughed happily and looked at Brooks“You think I will be stupid not to find out? Do you know who I am?”“Look I can explain everything that is happening right now”“No! no I don’t need your explanation at all. You just did me a favor, an unforgettable favor for my experiment” he laughed again.“Sir”“What do you mean, did you a favor? What experiment are you talking about?” Matilda asked him.“Trapping someone from the future into this past” he chuckled.“What?” Steve asked nervously.“My experiment requires someone from the past, that is why all this is happening” he replied.“You did it” Dustin replied.“Did what?” Matilda looked at Dustin.“He tricked us into this place”“Yes, that’s my boy. You are absolutely smarter than your sister. You might even be smarter than me” Doctor Peter said to Dustin.“Someone should clear me, what’s…what’s going on? What are you guys talking about?” Molly asked, staring at her father.“I placed the clock where you both can fin
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Matilda woke up slowly and struggled up slowly, feeling pains all over her body. She realized that she is still in same Doctor Peter’s lab. She sighed heavily and held one of the tables in the lab for support.“Steve?’ she called slowly, trying to stand strong.“Hello” she continued and headed to the door. She opened the door to the secret laboratory and found herself in Doctor Peter’s room. She hurried out of the room, into the big parlor of the house when she heard a woman’s voice.“Mom?” she called but to her surprise, she saw a boy and a girl with white hairs standing in front of her their playing toys on their hands.“Dustin” their mother called.“Yes mummy” he replied, still staring at Matilda. Matilda stared at him for some time and chuckled happily.“Oh my God” she chuckled.“Hey” little Molly asked Matilda.“Your close friend” she replied and heard footsteps approaching the room. She hid behind the big sofa in the parlor.“Come on babies, time for lunch” Eunice carr
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Mrs. Eunice found herself in same kitchen. She looked around her and noticed some changes in the kitchen. “Wow’ she was surprised, still looking around.‘Mum’ a voice interrupted her and she looked towards the door immediately, it was Dustin.‘Oh my God, Dustin is that you?’ she asked him, surprised.‘I thought you are in the car already. I saw you in the car before coming in’ Dustin said, grabbing some cans of sprite from the fridge.‘Oh no… that… that wasn’t, that wasn’t me’ she chuckled confusedly.‘Off course we don’t have two you in this house and’ he chuckled with her and kick closed the fridge.‘Maybe we do’ she said slowly.‘What year is this?’ she asked him.‘2022 mum’‘And I guess this is January?’ she asked and Dustin stared at her.‘Aren’t you coming? You said we are late’ he looked at her, struggling with the drinks in his hands.“By the way you look younger today, what cream is that?”‘Cream? Where’s your dad?’‘Might be in his lab. He said to go without him.
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Back To 2005
“I don’t need any explanation from you both, I need an explanation from you” future Eunice said, pointing at her past self. Molly and Dustin stared at each other.“Seriously?”“Do I look like I’m joking? What the fuck are you doing here?”“I don’t know what the fuck you are asking me and besides you should know why I’m here or did you become forty and traded your brains for something else? What? More beauty? Look at your eyes, they are now a little bit… did you do surgery?”“Hey! I am the fucking senior here. I am forty-three and you might just be twenty- six or whatever. So I think you should pull out some respect for me”“I am you, you know that right?”“What are you doing here?”“What? Are you still asking me that?”“Don’t tell me the kids are still there”“The kids are still there”“Shit”“Yeah that’s what you gonna say” past Eunice said.“Mom” Molly and Dustin called.“You failed?”“What? I just came” past Eunice replied.“Mum” the twins called together again.“What about the Bro
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