Chapter 16 - The Deceptive Alarm

Chapter 16 - The Deceptive Alarm

"Oh, that's right. But there are things you should see first."

The man showed an image showing a lone alien hovering in a rocket boot. Then continue the video he got.

"It's a mess in here too. How is it around you?" sound from inside the video.

"Just the same. Hey, remember not to let us return to base on foot."

"Yes, I know," he replied, turning around.

Then a red alarm sounded and shook the contents of the vehicle. There was a commotion that made the passengers who boarded it panic. Not so long ago, the tape only showed noisy ants.

The bespectacled man finished showing it, waiting for his reaction to being issued by him and was still observing the photo that came out of the tablet.

"What about them?"


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