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Keenan is trapped in a game created by a father who has a grudge against his son's death. Keenan must win the game in order to save everyone in his city.

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Chapter 1
Chapter 1"Enjoy your pain, stupid Keenan!"A thin young man with ginger hair looks weak on the ground in the backyard of one of the top universities in New York.He is Keenan, one of the students who often gets bullied. Keenan is the saddest student on this campus.Keenan is always the butt of his classmates; for them, Keenan is too weak and nerdy. Moreover, Keenan is a student who managed to sit on this campus thanks to a scholarship.Nearly half of all students on this campus are children from the upper class, so it's unsurprising if they sometimes arbitrarily treat people not on their level.No one helped Keenan; his friends deliberately took Keenan to the backyard to make it quiet.Keenan's blue eyes stared at the traces of blood drops before him. His blood dripped out when his thin stomach was hit by the punches of three of his classmates."I… I gotta go."Keenan forced himself to get up; his body felt like ten elephants had stepped on it. His face was blue; the swelling was vis
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Chapter 2
“Keenan, what time do you want to wake up? You have a test!”Keenan gasped, immediately exited his bed, and repeatedly slapped his forehead. What Carenina said was true. Today, a written exam will be held for Keenan's computer science course.Keenan was confused and ran to the bathroom until he hit Carenina's body quite hard."It's best not to be hasty; remember all the wounds on your face still leave pain."In less than five minutes, Keenan came out of the bathroom with his face still swollen and blue."I don't take a shower; I just wash my face," said Keenan.Carenina then took the child's hand and invited him to sit on the dining chair. A box of medicines had been prepared on the table. Carenina started giving drops to every bruise on Keenan's face."You don't have to do it, Mom; two days is the longest to get all these scars out. After all, I'll be right back once the exams are over.""I'm sorry, Keenan. I feel so bad being a mother; I can't prevent every abuse you get from long a
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Chapter 3
"Welcome to the MMORPG: Pentagon Glory. I'm the Glo-XZ guide who will guide you through some training. Please open your eyes."Keenan's eyes widened when he found his current position in the meadow that appeared in VR. The reason is he is not in character form. He is standing with his original body, wearing only black shorts."What happened?!" shrieked Keenan.A round purple object that had shining white eyes flew towards Keenan. A hologram screen appeared before Keenan from the round thing's two eyes. You can see his face with the name column next to it on the net."You will soon enter the world of Pentagon Glory. Your body will be at the boundary of the gate. Please note that Pentagon Glory uses your mind's power; you will still be able to interact with each other as usual. Please note when you get an attack, your body will feel the same way here. You get seven life chances.Every single life is calculated based on a percentage. When you die, your body in the real world will faint a
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Chapter 4
"Welcome to stage 1. You are now in downtown Enderthon. Here is the starting base to start your journey. Pentagon Glory is divided into thirty stages, twenty of which are solo stages. Use your weapon to take the fight to every monster on each stage. The level can be raised when you kill the little monsters. When fighting the boss at the end of each stage, you will get additional power and heal. Interact with the residents so they can help you collect the items needed for levelling up and weapons." A voice resounded in the sky of the Pentagon Glory. Keenan looked around; people were passing by casually like an activity in the real world. "Okay, I'm ready to go on an adventure!" he muttered. A huge trumpet sound was heard. The bright light from the sky shone on Keenan; he saw a round blue object flying and approaching him. "Hi! I'm Wicky, your assistant in the game!" The round object looks like a wad of cotton with eyes. He waved his tiny wings to greet Keenan. "Please note, Pent
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Chapter 5
-Long Beach Island Harbor- “Stop!” A man was seen running with a black bag when Keenan arrived at the harbour gate. A large man in a dirty white apron chased after him. "What's that?" asked Keenan. "Stop him!" shouted the big man. Keenan blocked the man in the black hat, but the man instead took out a small knife which he swung in front of his body so that nothing would get in his way. "You think you can get away?" When he arrived in front of Keenan, Keenan swung his hand and hit the man's chest, causing him to fall. “Ugh! Bastard! Don't get in my way!” The man took the knife lying near his body and was about to stab Keenan. The threat was not terrible for Keenan; he immediately brushed off the hand and turned it around until the man screamed in pain. "Just a small knife won't make me afraid of you!" muttered Keenan while pushing the man's body toward the big man standing not far from them. “Ah, thanks for catching him! He took my money. I'll hand him over to the port guard
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Chapter 6
"Hey, it's time to go back sailing."The thin man at the noodle shop raised his head when he heard Gabriel's voice coming with Keenan."Yes, of course. When you ask me, I will always be ready." The man immediately left a bowl of noodles that still had half a portion left."Okay, now we just need to find Capt. Jake Lo and one other cabin crew," Gabriel said to Keenan."I know where he is! He was at Madam Emerald's place. We'll pick him up; you need to find Capt. Jake Lo. We'll meet at the front of the ship."The two crew members departed from the noodle shop.Forty-five open storage slots in your bag! Expandable up to 200 slots.Keenan's sling bag opens and displays a hologram showing 45 boxes filled with the items Keenan got."You can increase your slot in the available shop on stage 4. Now, it's time to look for Capt. Jake Lo!" said Wicky."Let's go!"Keenan followed Wicky
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Chapter 7
The sea looks calm tonight. The moon was shining so beautifully; Keenan sat on the ship's stern while enjoying the calm night breeze."Hey, Wicky, do you understand the Dark Lady?""I'm sorry, Keenan. I don't know anything about the Dark Lady. I'm just your assistant to help show you the journey from each stage.”“This game is bizarre. They should have told a clear purpose and story, not just to win and--.”Keenan's sentence stopped when the night sky suddenly turned dark purple with a dim light that made it look even more gloomy."4 players died - 94 players left - 1000 citizens killed."“What? 1000 citizens? Will every player die, the number of citizens killed will also increase? This is not fair! I’m really curious about my mom."The moon shone brightly again; Keenan's expression was filled with anger and disappointment. Never in his life had he hated a game."Calm down, Keenan. If you succeed, then all will be safe. You need to win this game,” said Wicky.Keenan clenched his fist
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Chapter 8
Keenan was back in the tent. The voice of the hideous creature was heard, just like it had happened before he died."You should be more careful, Keenan. Remember, you don't have an immortal yet and we are only at stage 2, the journey is still very long. You'd better check your information now."!Information;[Name: Keenan Barker][Strength: 10000/level 4][Role: Leader/Saber Expert][Attack speed: 40% up to 75% - 40%][Type of Attack: Non ranged – Sword][Level based: 1 to 60][Gold: 8000][Health: 10000/10000]"We lost gold, power and attack speed. We can't fight that monster, his power is higher than mine."Keenan began to move all over the side of the tent, his eyes then fell on the pile of crates on the right side with a lever next to it. Keenan tried to move the lever, and his hunch turned out to be right. The stacked empty chest split in half and revealed a ladder going underground."Great!"Sixth then followed th
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Chapter 9
Three bottles of beer had been gulped down by Keenan while waiting for the waves to move. Keenan sat at the lighthouse for almost an hour, and the waves were still at ten."How many more hours must we wait for these waves to move? Didn't Boyle say that waves at 12 o'clock are the longest waves?""There is no explanation from the system, Keenan. Looks like we'll have to wait."Keenan took a deep breath and opened another beer bottle. The red moon and sky that offered different colors made his heart calm a little. Enjoying the view of the waves from the lighthouse can be said to relieve anxiety."Wicky, do you have data on every participant who participated in this MMORPG?""No, Ken. I only know with you, also the system has set me up as a map pointer and some other little things. If I knew more, I would have told you.""Hey, the waves are moving!" Keenan stood up and pointed at the visible waves."The wave passed at 11 o'clock, Keenan. He headed straight for 12 o'clock! Ah, the map alr
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