Chapter 20 - First upgrade and the seaweed girl's trapped

Chapter 20 - First upgrade and the seaweed girl's trapped 

It was getting dark. Alex gave up climbing. He climbed onto the ground, his body drenched, and his clothes were starting to shiver a little to find all the girls eating a delicious dinner.

Even though they are in an era that is still not familiar with advanced technology, they can enjoy delicious dishes today.

"You can use the things you get for your purposes," Mala said with a mouth full of food.

[Opens the bag]

[Experience available items: 243k]

[Stardust: 2520]

Alex suppressed Experience to recover his cold body temperature, leaving not much left. Reduced 100 SD to be able to organize the situation. When he wanted to buy clothes using gold, he found a small amount of inventory appearing on the screen.

"Hey, where's the gold I've been collecting so far?" Alex asked.

Those who heard his screams looked away. No one answered. Lala, busy in her world, spoke, "

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