Chapter 72 - I'm sorry, Sue

Chapter 72 - I'm sorry, Sue

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This irritated Alex, a level significant enough not to produce him as valuable as the current situation. He needs help, and Mala can only bring out the little fruit fairies from Sanao's match during the tournament, Flower Spirit.

The movement of the poison stopped, but it didn't guarantee that Sue would be okay, her breath was starting to catch on, and she couldn't hold on any longer. Nana and Sanao wandered around the village, looking for help.

They went to Nina, waiting for them to decide what to do next.

"Where is Mr. Alex?" Nina asked. She was looking for the person who saved her life.

Sanao explained the current situation to the family, their faces trying to remember where the healer or doctor who could treat Sue would be. Due to the festival, people must gather somewhere to have fun without except
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