FortuneCraft in Apocalypse

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FortuneCraft in Apocalypse

By: ZOA CompletedGames

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Draven's world had already been invaded by aliens. His parents were killed by them and humans were treated as trash. Draven could only steal from the rich and survive. But one day when he stole from a Lord he realized he had gotten the ticket to a VR Online game called, “FortuneCraft.” Even though only influential beings are permitted to participate, he is given the opportunity to join the game and change his destiny by acquiring unlimited wealth. [ Welcome to the year 2230 ] [ The game is exactly a replica of your future world. Fortunately, the game has been designed in such a way that you can acquire immense wealth and use them later in that destroyed world.] [ This game serves a dual purpose. It not only is a game but also gives you immense wealth and you can learn essential survival skills and acquire them to use it in the real world. ]

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  • mian zain


    a very good book to read

    2023-12-13 00:20:46
  • Qamar Zaman


    Great story. give it a read

    2023-12-13 00:15:27
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132 chapters
With the grace of a shadow, Draven moved through the alleys, sprinting through the darkness as fast as he could. His breath fast as beads of sweat formed on his forehead. “Oh God! Just help me this time! I swear I won’t steal anything ever again.” He said as he gazed at the sky above. It had been two days since Draven had eaten anything. He was left with no choice but to steal. The fact that he was a human in an area ruled by aliens prevented him from getting a job. Wherever he went he was ridiculed and thrown out like all the other humans living in the area, though there weren’t many left. Most of them were wiped out by aliens including Draven’s family. “Stop! You won’t be able to get away from here!” One of the men chasing him shouted, “How dare you steal from Lord Malachi! You are courting death.” Clutching the bag near his chest, he sped up and turned around the corner. Luckily, he found a narrow gap between the two buildings and went inside before the men could turn around t
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Draven smiled at the girl and nodded his head before moving to the door where another line of participants were waiting to enter. He kept his eyes on each of them entering inside. His curiosity and interest piqued up as he continued to wait for his turn. Soon it was his turn. On the side of the door there was a machine. Like all other participants Draven pushed his ticket inside the small gap. It sucked in his ticket and a loading sign appeared on the screen. *Ding [ Welcome Player 099 ] [ Put your right thumb on the screen below ] Draven did as he was told and as soon as he put his thumb on the screen a loading sign appeared again. [ Details Verified ] [ Welcome to FortuneCraft. May you come out alive. ] “Alive? What does this mean? Are there chances we can die in the game?” Draven’s eyes were wide as he asked. Showshh…The door opened but Draven kept on standing there in his place not sure if he should go inside or not. “Hurry up.” A man from behind him shouted, “We have
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Hidden Armory
He was running fast but his legs were trembling. He was falling again and again. The creature was running quickly towards him as he looked behind him. "OMG! What should I do now?" He asked himself with a trembling voice.When he looked away, he noticed a distant building. He thought he could get away from that creature if he could hide in that building and started to run towards it with his heart pounding in his chest.He sprinted towards the building, hoping to find safety and managed to get there. The building was dark from the inside but it was the only option for him to get away from that creature. He quickly found a room and closed the door behind him. While he waited, his heart pounded as he listened for any sign of the creature. He prayed that he would not be discovered."Where should I hide?" He asked himself as the building was dark from the inside and he was unable to see anything. From the entrance, he hit himself with different objects inside the building."Oh Shit! I sh
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Shadowmore Doppelganger
They walked quietly for a while in the darkness. There wasn’t anything much to do. They were in a wasteland filled with ruins, strange creatures out to eat them and not a single soul. Or maybe there were others. Draven had no choice but to trust Leo since he’d been in that game longer than him.Across the empty dark street, he saw ruined houses, heaps of debris, and something else like a creature. It moved slightly, and he jerked back in surprise.“There’s something there,” he hissed at Leo.Leo instinctively crouched down. “Where? What did you see?”“Look over there!" Draven pointed toward the figure he saw. “It’s looking right at us.”He looked around, and they were in an open space. There wasn't anywhere to run and hide at that time. They were doomed. “Fuck.” He cursed. The creature was close enough that he probably could have thrown something and hit it. Even though his eyesight had adjusted fairly well to the darkness, he couldn't make out its features, except for its height, b
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Following her swift footsteps, they ran through the darkness until they reached a crumbling house. Leo gave Draven a wary look as he paused at the entrance."Can we trust her?" He asked silently.Leo shrugged and replied, "We don't have another choice now, do we?"Draven's heart was still racing from the encounter with the creature, and he spoke up, "Uuh... Hey stranger. I'm sorry to say this but... are you sure about this place? I'm not trying to be rude but this place looks like it's about to crumble any second."She turned to face them, her expression calm and somewhat bored."You can go back if you want. I prefer having the place to myself." They pushed open the creaking door to reveal dusty furniture, weapons, and equipment inside. Then Leo spoke. "I'm Leo, and this is Draven. Thanks for your help back there."A faint smile appeared on her face as she nodded. "I'm Elena. It's not every day that I come across dumb people. How long have you both been here? You don't have to make
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Elena explained the concept of games and their importance, but she couldn't help but feel a growing irritation at the stupid guys in front of her.She spoke, her tone tinged with annoyance, "So, understanding our characters is essential. You'll know more about yours when we find the Oracle of the Shrouded Sands."Draven looked puzzled. "The Oracle of the what?"Elena rolled her eyes, barely concealing her frustration. "The Oracle of the Shrouded Sands, Darwin.""It's Draven to you""Whatever. The Oracle of the Shrouded Sands is a mythical figure in this game world who possesses knowledge about our characters which are associated with the amount of wealth we can acquire. Finding the Oracle is one of the primary objectives in uncovering the full potential of our characters.""So, how do we find this Oracle?" Leo chimed in."There's a map. There's a map leading to it. But the map is long lost. No one knows where it is. Some say the map was torn into two equal halves."Leo looked at her t
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Second Half Of The Map
“How long until we get there?” Draven asked, gasping for breath.“Don’t be a whiny child,” Elena snapped back. “And by the way, which one of you wanted to see a pretty lady, huh? Shouldn’t you be patient enough to see something that brings you pleasure?”Draven rolled his eyes. It was so critical of Elena to bring up past discussions that didn’t favour her whenever she wanted to make a point. He didn’t have a problem with it, except that they had been walking for such a long time and he was sincerely tired. How hard was it to get to some persons who would help them get the map? Of course, he won’t voice it out just yet, since Leo was kind enough to take the words right out of his mouth.“Don’t you think we should have met this person by now? He asked.Elena shot him a glare. “We’ve only been walking for two hours.”“Only?” Leo asked, his tone higher than usual. “Only? My god, I’m wasting my breath talking to you like this. I get that you’re very strong and all that, but if you hadn’t
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Draven peered at the sky. He realized then that evening had come, but because of Elena’s power. She was able to manipulate the elements just a little more than what it was. Now darkness panned over them, starless and close. It felt as though he would be able to reach it if he just stood just a bit.“What are you doing?” Leo asked.Draven looked down from the sky to her. Yes, what was she doing? Her smile was maniacal, almost like she had these whole things planned inside her head and she couldn’t wait for them to hear it.“My friend would be required to speak with Draven alone,” Elena said and looked pointedly at Leo. ‘If you can just give us a moment.”Leo peered around her shoulders and saw only the dark woods behind her, which seemed to turn darker each second. “I don’t see any friends of yours.”Draven felt wrong, but he didn’t exactly know where the feeling came from, or its purpose. Naturally, seeing Elena’s powers were not exactly charming, yet it felt as though there was somet
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Night Striker
Draven ran into the woods, the sound of his heartbeat louder than his own breathing. He vaguely wondered if she would run after him, if she could track him. The whole night had ended too fast, too dramatic. The effect of her fake night was beginning to wear off. It was difficult to hide in the daylight, but easier at night. If she raised the effect, it would still be dark, but not as pitch black and starless as it was.Draven touched trees as he slowly made his way around and continued to run in slow patches. Damn that girl. She had killed Leo, and it could have been him. It could have been him. He stopped for a moment and bent over, his hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breathing.“The bag,” he whispered to himself. “The map.”He had nothing. All he knew was that Leo had disappeared into thin air and he had quickly fled the scene. Elena had stared too long at the damage, at the air where he disappeared. She had brushed it aside as a mistake, and was ready to focus on Draven
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System Updated
The monster turned away from Draven. It seemed impressed that it had more prey than usual, and a startling number at that. Six of them. Six players. Draven knew this by their outfits, and the way they stood. They were probably a gang, he mused. They might have heard him and the monster and came to have their own pound of flesh, so he dare not imagine that they had come for him, to save him.“What do we have here?" one of the players hooted. “Been long since we saw one of these.”“And with a player at that,” another hooted.“A level one player,” the first one countered the second one. “He doesn’t look like he would last long here.”“Doesn’t he?” A third player stepped forward and brought out his weapon. “Why don’t we try it out, hmm?”The monster stepped away from Draven noiselessly, like it was floating in the air. He had recognized their new company as a threat and had considered taking them out. Draven leaned up on his elbows and moved back a bit, creating more distance between the
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