Chapter 96 - Injured fools

Chapter 96 - Injured fools

"Is this all you can do?" Mulan asked, happy that she had hurt Alex's body so much. he smiled at his little babble. Alex didn't want to hurt Mulan any worse.

"Are you sure this has covered all your abilities?" repeated his actions. He wanted to see all of Alex's strengths. He felt that the man was not bringing out all his skills in fighting. Alex also realized that Mulan's words seemed to provoke him.

He took a distance from Mulan as he caught his breath, then said, "I'm afraid that you'll be surprised if I put all my might into it." Alex said while rubbing the head that was hit by Mulan's attack, making it bleed.

"Master, don't want to lose," Sia shouted.

"There's nothing wrong with you doing that now."

"I wanted to know your secret: that you could take me down then," Mulan added.

It turns out that he still doesn't accept his defeat against Alex this morning. As one of the oldest successors, Mulan feels that the men have
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