THE DESTINED  DEATH :my hero awaken

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THE DESTINED DEATH :my hero awaken

By: N.K sunflower OngoingGames

Language: English

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I tried again and again in different dimensions but i failed to protect her . no, matter how strong i became , no matter how powerful i became . it is destined . It's all started when i tried to change the fate and i meet A creature called utopkie who plays the role of her life . now , just to save her i have only 3 chances and 3 dimensions to save my lovable you . Every dimension will be different have different stages with different story and monster that will run according to script of utopkie . will i be able to change the fate ? in the end all i know , you are the one i want .join the journey with me and lets see what will happen ? i wanna know too why it has to be her , why i crazy to protect her even it takes my life? still i never met her .

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    It's a very good book. Come on

    2023-02-03 19:22:27
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22 chapters
A Start
Everything is happening again and again . I tried my best but it wasn't enough to save you . Again you are in my hands and you are disappearing . Please don't go . Please don't go . My tears are falling again , I know it is destined but no matter how much I try ? , no matter how much I travel in other dimensions to save you . I failed and like always you are leaving me by saying "Thankyou , for making me feel alive " with a smile .What is this alive actually meant? .  How can you say that? When you are going away again? How can you be smiling right now ? This sword crosses you in heart ? Blood is coming continuously ? Aren't you hurt ? How can you be so happy? When all I want is you . My tears were dropping on her face that was smiling , a body of hers that I hold in my hands , that is disappearing and fading in every second . All I can do is to hug
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I couldn't reply to what she said . All I did was look at her . She went near me and gave me a book ." Oh this novel  fell from your bag  "   " Thankyou" I didn't say more, just saying thank you . But there is something odd.  She was just looking at me , it looked like she was gazing at me nonstop . For a moment I thought, is there something on my face ? But i didn't ask that , even she was wearing mask i can felt she was smiling warmly .  " Woow…. I am amazed you read this novel , do you like novels ? Really ? Really? Really? Wow, you know I  want to try reading novels . And this novel I heard is so popular … "  Read more
I don't know what was going on . I saved her right?, Truck passed away and she didn't get hurt anywhere . So why why ? She is bleeding and what's that why her body is fading every second .All I think about is her words . When she said what if I die? My mind was just blank holding her . I really don't care if she died but why were my tears dropping ? What is this emotion? I know she wasn't going to die right! . ButI still remember her last words before she fades away . It was thank you with a smiling face .And she fades away and I don't even know?. Why why ? It was only a question . Suddenly a voice came from behind . It was a low deep dark voice , like someone whispered in my ears . I turned around and I was surprised . Everything around me turns black and white . I was the only one colorful there .I don't know what was happening . I noticed again and I got to know it wasn't that everyone turned black and white . It was actually someone who stopped th
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I opened my eyes and i heard some people talking “Is he dead?”“I bet he is the spy sent by kazamin ““What if he was here to kill the princess ?”I heard three different voices of females and wondered where I was . Am I really dead ?.“Well, whatsoever i heard spies of kazamins are so handsome and he ?”“Yeah you right  , he is just a ugly leftover trash “Hearing that really hurts my dignity miss  , you can say it in a good manner . well How the hell did I end up here? I remember  hours ago 
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"Florence , step aside . You talk too much,  " A girl with a book  said ."let me check him " " I am just making sure he won't do anything wrong , but no one wants that " florence shrugged and  said . " Well , i am stacy , nice to meet you  " Stacy  was holding a book . The title of the book was written in a different language . Her hair color was seagreen and her eyes were too . She was wearing round spectacles . And she styled her hair into a one side ponytail . Moreover , she was wearing a rectangular long earring in one ear .  The earring had a book sign on it . At first I thought it was just an earring but looking at others with their  powers I wonder if her earring  will also be special too .If I talk about her clothes . She was wearing a white jeans . and upper she was wearing  white and seagreen bikini top  With a long white sleeve . Moreover she was wearin
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"What are you doing here now all of sudden and  tell me first where I am ?"  "In a world created by me " he giggled    . " And what ? I have to do now ?" i asked  " Umm…lets see what you can do ?"  "Huh- so what are you here for?  "  "Just to say hello to you and that's all hehe "  "What? First you bring me here without telling me what's going to happen next ? and now you say that " "Wait a minute, it was you who wanted to come here ?And you will 
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I woke up and I found myself in bed . What am I doing here? I recall everything and remember everything . I stood up and sat straight on the bed thinking about what happened  . I run my hands in my hair in worry . I look right and left . What am I finding something ? Well obviously I was looking for her. For a time I thought it was an illusion but I rethink again and again And get to the point it wasn’t an illusion. It was her . I smiled . My smile felt like a mix of regret, sadness and happiness .  I clench my fist and try to think straight  come back to your senses , you are not here just to see her again. Nor to become some kind of emotional . So first I have to become stable. I won’t be  able to make out if I will lose my senses again. Cause this
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And I was all alone in my room now . and Try to gather up things.I  had millions of questions I wonder to whom should i ask "if utopciea will be here then-"And suddenly he appeared ."Missed me ?""You-""Just to tell you my name is cyril not utopciea""What? You introduce yourself as utopciea?""Yes but 'T' is silent and for you to understand in simple words like you are human but your name isn't human right! . same our kind is known for utopciea we make wishes came true and cyril is my name" Ohh cyril suits him better because  isn't utopciea made from utopia  . Utopia is made for a happy place not like this place and wish he makes true .Cyril coughed and said"I can hear you""I know that's why i was thinking for you to hear " i smirked"And I get to know why I don't like brats like you ? Nevermind , why you call me ?""I have some questions from you?""Asked than "Read more
QUEST 1:monster hunter
I was so tired and went inside the room . my whole body was aching all over ."Damm.. that training was hard "Stacy "but your progress was good , at first looking at your scores that were all over zero . I wonder if you are just a loser kind of thing , but looking at you in today's training . I don't know how you grow a little  but even You suck at everything, you are very good in swording  very much .""Yes, actually I used to do fencing years ago " so obviously I am good at swords . Who knows I will get a chance to  do this again . "hmm, it seems like it is . You are absolutely  good at swords . you really use it well like a skilled person "Stacy looked at my body closely and said "don't tell me you did training last night too ? when did you sleep? then"she asked with worriness.I looked at my hands wondering why I did this much hard training recklessly . maybe actually whenever I tried to sleep and close my eye
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Raven was going back alone and stopped for second and said "come down now , i know you were watching""Ahh you got me " Melissa jumped down from the tree and said " so are you planning for one more death again, you know no one can get that sword?""Maybe not this time, " raven said ." You know a mere person like him will be dead in a second .And I was just lucky to make it out . Ahhh I felt bad for him " she said by folding her hands backward and started to move forward .Raven was just standing there and said " will""What?"Melissa turned around and looked at the raven ." Legends says  The person with a strong dedicated will and  who isn't afraid of death , is the onl
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