Killer of gods

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Killer of gods

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People did not suspect that the world could collapse in one day. And the blame for that lay with one person. Desiring immortality and strength, the fool opened the gates that let the Gods into our world. And, becoming immortal and omnipotent, he unleashed anger on the human world. And he became God. His name is Protos, God of Destruction. This story is about a young man whose path is to fight the gods and destroy various types of monsters.


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159 chapters
2073 year.“Get up, get up,” opening my eyes, I saw that my little sister was trying to wake me up, “today is an important day!” Have you forgotten?She kicked off her shoes, stood on the free edge of the bed and began to jump. Seismic waves generated by a relative killed all hope for another five minutes of healthy sleep. Spatya loved, and my sister liked to imagine that she was ten years old again. Only it was already over twenty, and it came out rather clumsily."Octavia, stop it, you know I'm awake!" I said to my sister, who made me jump fifteen centimeters on the mattress.My sister was smart, and she knew that if I enter into resonance with the bed, then I can easily fly off her window.“Do you want to feel the power of heavenly wrath again?” - "heavenly wrath" meant a pike from the highest point of her jump and an accurate elbow strike on the ribs.- No need! I instantly shifted into a sitting position, dangling my legs off the bed.“Yes, I just decided to cheer you up, otherwi
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Chapter 1
The car stopped abruptly. I swallowed, but still pulled the handle, thanked the driver and went outside. A bright light hit my eyes, and my heart began to tap dance. After all, there was a huge number of cadets near the entrance to the central department.Horror, what a crowd here, a hundred people! By the end of the training, our number should be significantly reduced, no less than two or three times. I hope I won't be among the excluded.Looking at the candidates, I saw fire in their eyes, some fear. Everyone came here for the same thing.A man with a military bearing, obviously from the Academy, began to divide us into groups. The crowd, like a living snake, began to disperse and line up in small columns.Excitement gradually grew into ... boredom. When will this ceremony end? Now, I suppose, there will be fiery speeches - the most unnecessary part of the performance. At least for me. It's better to start learning right away.Bright flash of light. We instinctively covered our face
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Chapter 2
The Beginning of TormentNoisy. It is difficult to breathe because of the large crowds of people. The corridor we are walking down is clearly intended for fewer people. It made it damn hot. The shirt began to stick uncomfortably to the body, which made me wince every time if someone touched my back.As soon as the other cadets and I got to the fifth floor of the first building, we were immediately met by the God and the Goddess. Because of what I had to stop and immediately line up in ranks. The gods stood near the open door to the auditorium. That's where all the young warriors went.I immediately understood who they were, and there is no need to guess. A man, a huge giant, in scarlet armor, and a girl with pitch-black curls and her tunic of the same color. The average person obviously wouldn't dress like that. For sure ...The man began to examine each cadet. His eyes even fell on me a couple of times. Not very nice...“Everyone lined up quickly,” the command rang out. - I am David,
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chapter 3
- I said get up!The door was pushed open loudly, slamming it against the wall. Three men in blue armor ran into the room, and they brought the uniform of the Academy into the room. It was like a military one: a T-shirt, trousers, berets and a jacket, if we get cold outside. And everything is black.As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw “6:00” on the clock.- Stand up!!!Aran immediately jumped out of bed, while three of David's subordinates watched me wrap myself in a blanket.Horror, I can not get up, the body refused. Reptiles, I understand, to wake up at eight in the morning, but at six - this is chaos! I tried to get up, but my mind began to drift into sleep. Yes, they are crazy, now instead of screaming they blow the bugle.“Help him up and go out,” one of the wakers barked, and the trio went off to join the others.Aran implicitly carried out the command. He rushed to the bed and began to shake me in different directions."Alester, get up, we've got to go!"- I'm getting up... I'm
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Chapter 4
“Hello guys… I hope you don’t screw up like yesterday.“Hello, teacher,” I answered him with the same smile, “this will not happen again, but so far only with your subordinates, I’m not sure about you.”- You are funny. Good. Team number one, which one of you is the leader? Yesterday I told everyone to choose a leader.- The leader of the first team - Alester Lambert! Aran answered for everyone.- Then proceed, - nodded Amedeo and pointed where to look, - this is my Renegade. Defeat him or die.In the center of the training ground, out of nowhere, stood a man in his thirties, all in torn clothes. His skin color was as gray as if he had died long ago.- Renegade? What?! I was surprised.Yes, it's mine and I manage it. We have a couple of them to train beginners.The renegades have only tremendous physical strength, it is possible to slaughter him with our tactics, but it will be more difficult than with a person. But the main difference between the Renegades from man and God is that th
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Chapter 5
AwakeningTwo months have passed since I entered the Academy. During this time, my friends and I died eight times. Killed us, as always, Amedeo. I also went to the Goddess of Wisdom... or, I'm beginning to suspect, stupidity. Indeed, after my negative answer to the question “did I notice anything strange behind me,” she simply sent me back to the hostel. I went up to her for almost two hours ... I won’t forgive! I will pick up the right moment and take revenge! .. Well, okay, I digress. Everyone on my team was able to awaken their magic except for me. This is sad. I don't understand why my magic doesn't awaken. What am I doing wrong? After all, the catalyst for magic is the fear of death ... maybe I'm not afraid of it? It makes me feel like I'm dragging my comrades back. Amedeo did not order the use of power outside the training ground, even if they could acquire it. If the whole team could wake up, then she rested until the end of training with the God of death and the beginning of
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Chapter 6
“Nothing shines for you,” I put my hand on Aran's shoulder. “Now KEEP WASHING THE FUCKING WALLS!” Fucking fireball!***I'm on the stairs. I'm covered in sweat and suffocating. I was again summoned to the tower of the Gods... only now I'm standing in front of the door with the sign "Amedeo - God of Death". And the funny thing is, Albertine's room is opposite.There is only disappointment in my heart. Amedeo killed us again, and all because of me. How many times do I and my friends have to die for my power to awaken? What the hell am I doing wrong?!Alester, come on in.No sooner had I knocked than they called me. Do the Gods have cameras built in somewhere?Opening the door, I went in. His room is luxurious, everything is decorated with paintings, Persian carpets. The golden statues of the Griffins were pleasing to the eye. Social life in all its glory.God was sitting at a wide table, covered with papers and seals. He didn't have the usual snake smile on his face. Why did I feel unea
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chapter seven
Her hands were shaking from adrenaline, and a crazy smile appeared on her face. Joy, happiness, that I could. I managed.“I didn’t expect this,” God said in complete confusion, but immediately coming to his senses, he looked at me. - You're awake. And now. - Amedeo broke my ice spike, as if nothing had happened - it's time for me to revive your comrades.- What does it mean?God dusted himself off and went to my comrades. The barrier was asleep, the doctors are already there. As if they knew everything in advance.- Was it a performance? Full of anger, I asked.“Yes and no,” Amedeo gave an incomprehensible answer.The God of Death took his severed hand and pressed it against the stump, the limb immediately fused. Not even a scar left.“If you hadn’t awakened, your comrades would indeed have died. You're a Godslayer, do you think we'd kick you out of the academy just like that? Moreover, do you think you could easily defeat me, the second generation of Gods?- Of course not. But not by
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chapter 8
We entered the classroom and collapsed on a free desk. All the candidates were whining in pain, and I could see in their eyes how they were cursing everything.“Al, if I die, don't send my corpse in this armor to my parents. If they also bury me in them, my spirit will definitely not rest,” my friend asked me.— Aran, calm down, we will survive. Look, it's hard for Vanya and Eve too, but they hold on. We will endure everything, brother,” I said with hope in my voice.The Goddess entered the classroom. Her black hair was blowing in the wind even though we were indoors. Some kind of magic...Hello candidates! Let's start the lesson." Minerva smiled at the whole class.Ah, a ray of light in pitch darkness. We listened carefully, this knowledge will keep us alive. She explained that she would teach with us for five months and would hammer all the necessary knowledge into our heads. Today's lesson was dedicated to the Renegades and the fourth generation. Everyone knows everything she said
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chapter 9
The New WorldThe sun lazily rolled over the huge massive mountains. It was damn hot, so Aran and I crawled into our room and lay silently on our beds. A month passed, and we got tired of suffering garbage. I was ready in a week to go to either Amedeo or David. I even already missed the blue armor that woke us up every morning. The body was filled with energy that you no longer know where to put. After all, the God of War clearly specified that magic cannot be used. Dot.There was a knock on the room. Aran rushed like lightning to an unknown guest. I opened one eye and watched. A man in blue armor stood in the aisle. He gave two bags to Aran and closed the door.Rising up, I inquired about the contents of the package.- It's armor! Aran shouted joyfully and threw one of the two packages in my face. - They said to put on and go to the second training ground.Frowning, he thought of swearing at his friend, but finally he wanted to see his armor more.- Let's see ... Wow, how light, I ca
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