Chapter 115 - Capturing a beautiful demon

Chapter 115 - Capturing a beautiful demon

He filled his entire body with fireflies floating in the air. Alex and the others prepared to attack him this time.

"Wow… wow… calm down. Even though I wasn't attacking you guys, there's no mercy for me anymore." The creature moved its nine tails here and there and explained who she was.

The familiar fan also moves places according to the owner's will. A status screen window appeared in front of Alex. At that moment, he restrained Mala and Sia from attacking.

[Analyzing Hero: Tamamo no Mae – SSR]

[Level 257]

[Tactical Advantage: Verdian]

[Hero Type: Mage]

[Wrath of Nine – tail Level 4, Ultimate: Tamami summons 10 "Firefox" around her, increases the range and ratio of all "Firefox" when active]

[Level 2: Summoning 11 "Firefox"]

[Level 3: Summoning 12 "Fire Foxes"]

[Level 4: Reset Spirit Fire Fox skill pause]

[Spirit Fox Fire Level 4, Activated: Tamamo summons 3 "Firefox," they will lock onto the nearest tar
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