Chapter 145 - The Scorpion King

Chapter 145 - The Scorpion King

Alex guessed which skin the system meant, reminiscent of the battle with Medusa. However, from afar, the giant there is impossible to move again because it is impossible for the creature to come back to life.

Alex's guess was valid. The ground they were stepping on was now rumbling and juddering. A strange light approached between the joints that had just been cut. They pulled each other, revealing another, even more, bizarre figure.

He stood on many legs, but the other half was human. It covered others in tattoos from Anubis' powers. Who would have thought the creature could live even though it had been destroyed? It is only suitable that when the giant died, there was nothing special about his death.

The red mark on [Unlock Skin] reads unlocked. It had been a long time since the thing stood out. The monsters in the desert have many skins or levels that they can use to strengthen their attacks.

The three of them pre

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