MMORPG: I Have to Kill 700 Millions Orcs to Pay My Debt

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MMORPG: I Have to Kill 700 Millions Orcs to Pay My Debt

By: WestReversed OngoingGames

Language: English

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Becoming a legend in an MMORPG did not end well for Aaron, a young teenager who gifted in the art of sword fighting. When he reached the highest stage of all players over 5 consecutive years, 'Martial Online Company' sued Aaron after suffering huge losses due to losing a huge of fans. Sentenced to 15 years in prison, Aaron had to pay for things that he never did! Ten years passed. They released Aaron after getting remission. However, his debts were piling up, and he was thinking of ending his own life. But someone suddenly came on gave him the offer to pay off all his debts by returning to playing MMORPGs and killing 700,000,000 orcs and goblins! Is Aaron willing to pick up his sword again? Or will he stick to his sword and end up with miserable? Follow the young man’s adventures in the world of Martial Universe Online!

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  • A. Raksabhuni


    recommend this book!

    2023-04-30 18:14:56
  • hans Ivan


    For an MMORPG story, this is very great. But where is the cultivation? but after all, its good.

    2023-01-10 14:19:06
  • Yeesha Yusuf


    This is a great story!

    2023-03-09 03:20:31
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164 chapters
Returning from Prison
It was nighttime, inside a small house in a crowded, run-down neighborhood.Aaron placed his bag on the floor after pressing the light switch. His eyes were filled with tears as he looked around. He had left this room for over ten years, so was now in a completely unkempt state!Aaron let out a long breath. He could only swallow his misery.The most famous player in the entire world, adored by millions, now languishing in his shabby little room in deplorable conditions. No one would have ever guessed it!Ten years ago, Aaron was a swordsman cultivation legend in a MMORPG game called ‘Martial Earth Online’. They dubbed him as Unmatched Sword Master for his unbelievable swordplay skills. Aaron never suffered a single defeat!“What should I do now?” The light of his life had vanished to the end, and he was desperate.Aaron took a deep breath. He glanced at the apple-cutting knife lying on the floor of his room. The knife had rusted, but it’s still sharp enough to slice through human skin.
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Make a Decision
Aaron checked the Virtual Reality helmet that Leen had given him. The shape is not much different from the one he had when he was still playing 'Martial Earth Online'.In the past, Aaron bought it for 1,000 Credits. It used up all his savings meant for his later marriage. He thought his money savings would be better used to support his progress since he never found a mate.Now, when Aaron doesn't have over 50 Credits, he gets the helmet for free. Plus the money in the big envelope. Out of curiosity, Aaron rushed to open it.A moment later, his eyes widened in surprise. "This is all… 1,000 Credits!"That's 1,000 Credits, and Leen said earlier as if that wasn't enough money to eat for a week. What kind of joke is this?With 1,000 Credits, Aaron can get delicious food for three whole years!Letting out a deep breath, Aaron just shook his head before putting back all the money. A card flew down when the envelope was lifted. On reflex, Aaron scowled at him before hitting the floor."This i
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The Battle of Five Race
When Aaron opened his eyes, he realized that he was in a dim all-white room.Suddenly a woman's voice was very authoritative."Hello, Player! Welcome to 'Martial Universe Online', I'm your AI guide, Natasha. I will answer all your questions in the game if you needed. But before we go any further, you must choose the type of race you want.""Human race," Aaron answered matter-of-factly."Race selection complete! I will tell you the three main job categories from which you can choose. Carefully to choosing it, because you will not be able to change jobs in the future.A panel appeared before Aaron listing ten jobs in three main categories.[Soldiers: Guardsmen, Knights, Rangers of the Forest.][Martial Experts: Sword Cultivator, Assassin, Wanderer.][Magic Experts: Elemental Fighter, Summoning Fighter, Talisman Fighter.]Each job category has its advantages and disadvantages in the 'Martial Universe Online' world.When he succeeded in becoming The Unmatched Swords Master in the game Mar
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Take a Job in the Diamond Sword Pavilion
The scenery in the market then changed to a view of caves filled with many baby orcs!"But recently, the orcs have regrouped to attack humans. They also cooperated with the goblin race. Right now, attack after attack from goblins as well as orcs swept through the villages and even small towns of humans."Not only that, they have no qualms about attacking the major cities of elves and dwarves! In the end, the three races, namely humans, elves, and dwarves, had no other choice but to cooperate and join forces against the attacks of the orcs and goblins!"The scene again turned into a battlefield. Fire everywhere. Arrow rain. Body pieces. Scream in pain. The humans, elves, and dwarves seemed to raise their weapons to fight together!"Anyone can be a great hero to many folks, his name will be remembered forever. Player, do you want to be one of them?"The sentence ended a series of introductions to 'Martial Universe Online', the next second Aaron was able to open his eyelids and see a med
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Slaughter in the Forest
"If you accept, it means you agree to all the risks of this assignment. Your death is beyond our responsibility. Understood?" The beauty said again, now more serious.Once again Aaron nodded and replied, "I understand.""Please accept this plaque." Out of thin air, the beauty took out a small plaque, Aaron took it without hesitation.[YOU RECEIVED THE FIRST MISSION![The level is open!][STATUSLevel: 1Physical strength: 30Soul power: 31Endurance: 100HP: 1000Mana: 0Armor resistance: 100]Aaron smiled with satisfaction. This is just like in the game of 'Martial Earth Online', where a new level started after the player accepted the first mission. If the player wasn't serious, he wouldn't have a level, and his status would be the same as an NPC.The young man didn't wait any longer. He exited the Diamond Sword Pavilion and ran towards the nearby forest of this city. Aaron had already memorized the streets of Gray Stone City in his head, so he was able to reach the forest in a brief
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Visit the Armor Shop
Everyone in that place turned their heads towards one place and found a beautiful woman who was in charge of orc and goblin affairs within the city. When they saw the beauty, everyone immediately bowed their heads, except Aaron who didn't feel the need to do that. The woman was the same person Aaron had met this morning."You killed all these orcs and goblins?" The beauty asked."Yes. All of this," Aaron replied."But how come?" The beauty frowned, showing her confusion. "You are a beginner, and your level is no more than the first level. This is unnatural."In his mind, Aaron chuckled. The NPC in this game had incredible intelligence. She could take issue with things that were beyond reason. Could this be the developer's way of preventing cheats from the players? Or is it just to add a sense of realism?You won't find anything like this in 'Martial Earth Online'!However, Aaron replied, "You don't need to ask that, Miss. I just completed the mission by bringing you all the heads of t
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Mission from Sir Janson
"Young Master, are you sure to buy it? This armor is completely broken ...."Aaron nodded once. That was a sufficient answer. He has to get that armor, no matter what it costs.But the servant thought otherwise. He thought Aaron was poor to dare to buy armor that should have been thrown away. Perhaps the young man was hoping to get it at a cheap price, or even for free.With a condescending look, the servant said, "You can get it for 1 silver. But that's not the price for the armor, but rather for my precious time that was wasted in keeping you company. This armor is trash, it should be food for sewer rats, so I dare not put any price on it."Aaron smiled awkwardly and took out a gold piece. "Although this armor is trash, I still bought it in your shop. Unless this shop of yours is a trash can, I won't take this armor without paying."Aaron gave his money and took the armor from the waiter's hand. He immediately left the shop, leaving the waitress stunned because she didn't expect Aar
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Do orcs have a peace?
"Roarrrr!"The roar of a savage rabbit broke the silence of the forest when Aaron managed to plunge the sword into his quarry. In no time, the poor rabbit died before giving Aaron some experience."Ah, you're just bothering me." Aaron wiped his sweaty forehead. "I didn't want to deal with you at all, but you attacked me first. Don't blame me if I have to kill you."Killing wild animals would indeed give players more EXP than killing orcs or goblins, but Aaron's goal was not to hunt wild animals or anything like that. He was only looking for orcs or goblins to pay off all his debts before quitting playing any kind of video game.However, the nuisance of wild animals is unavoidable. They wouldn't be called "beasts" if they didn't attack humans for no reason. When faced with them, there are only two options: fight or die.Aaron didn't want to die for such a silly matter, so he had no other choice but to fight back, even if it cost him a lot of time."Bring up status!"[STATUSLevel: 1Ph
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Invaded by Hundreds of Orc
That's a big mockery! As ugly as orcs were, they still had peace. But, their demeanor always ruined the peace of others, hence Aaron calling them devoid of peace."You will pay for this!" the orc leader roared. "Finish him!"The rest of his men shouted before running towards Aaron. The young man faced them calmly, as he still believed in the swordplay skills he had once mastered.When the first five orcs were within his reach, Aaron directly slashed his sword. The power he possessed was immense, as the perfectly measured slash. The five orcs died without giving the young man any resistance.Aaron didn't stand still as another dozen orcs moved toward him. His eyes zeroed in on the weakest of the orcs before running full force towards them while blaming!He could take out up to eight orcs with a single slash. But at the same time, there were dozens of orcs attacking him, so there were some attacks from them that Aaron couldn't dodge.Without a shield, Aaron could only attack without par
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Rewards Medal
Aaron surprised many people when he returned to Gray Stone City. How could they not? He bound 160 orc heads like long chains and dragged them through the city streets. The sight was too gruesome!Luckily, international rules do not allow MMORPG games to create too many child characters in their world. There aren't moral restrictions in this game. The players could do whatever they pleased!Thus, the sight of Aaron dragging the many severed orc heads did not reach the children.When he arrived at the Diamond Sword Pavilion, the sight was even more shocking. Most of the people gathered here were assassins who hunted orcs and goblins, just like Aaron. Seeing the number of orc heads brought by the young man, they couldn't help but open their jaws.What Aaron got was equivalent to the results got by a guild of 5 players with at least level 4. Whereas the young man was only by himself and still at level 1...Unbelievable by any possibility!People speculated that Aaron had trapped a guild s
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