Survival Code: Z City

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Survival Code: Z City

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The Survival Code is a story about a group of young people who are accidentally caught up in a fierce game. They are just ordinary people. But out of curiosity, each of them activated the magic book themselves and was transported into it. The land they set foot on is full of hungry zombies, completing the mission is the key to helping them return to the real world.

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  • đáng iuz


    Great story!

    2022-02-26 01:23:17
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183 chapters
Zombie City
"You absolutely must not touch this book, do you hear me?"After saying that, the old man turned and left. The face has some serious parts. This was also the first time Andrea found his grandfather so confusing. Everything around was spinning. Bright light filled the space. Andrea wanted to scream, but something seemed to be blocking his throat.Andrea came out of his dream. He opened his eyes wide and immediately sat up. In his heart, he couldn't help but panic in this strange place. Andrea was on a pile of bricks no wonder his back still hurt. He brushed the dirt off his body and looked around once more. This place reminded him of cities that once prospered but fell in the blink of an eye. The scene was desolate and horrifying. High-rise buildings swayed as if they were about to fall. The street was empty, not a single person. The thin layer of dust in the air is extremely uncomfortable.Andrea reassured himself and climbed to the ground with his hands. T
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Danger Lurks
The three of them walked together on the main road. Trees fall. Cracked pavement. The surrounding vehicles were all damaged, lying in piles of scrap. Look at these traces, it is not recent. Andrea frowned thoughtfully. After all, where are they? Judging by the ruins of this city, he was sure that it was once been a place full of growth and prosperity. But to his knowledge, this city does not appear on the list of major cities in the world. And he didn't understand how he could be here.  "Let's go there."  Andrea said as she pointed to the left. It was a seven-story building, which looked quite intact. The other two also agreed and started to change direction. Andrea then remembers that they don't know each other's names. He was about to open his mouth to ask a question when suddenly a zombie jumped out of
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Memory (1)
Bang! Blood splattered all over Andrea. He quickly closed his eyes and nose to endure this disgust. The clumsy friend was determined to defeat the monster. The zombie looked up at the two with savage white eyes. Its mouth was torn open, unable to close, screaming horribly. Andrea did not dare to prolong the time, taking advantage of the loophole to turn around and kick one leg. The undead rolled down the stairs. "Run!" The tall guy saw it and shouted. The group immediately jumped up and ran as fast as they could to the top floor. As soon as the exit door was opened, the zombies rushed in like floodwater. They ran, they crawled in every way to follow the three of them. Andrea felt the ground seem to shake. He didn't even have to turn around to see how many monsters there were. The tall guy at the end
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Memory (2)
Amidst his worries, his mother's voice came from downstairs, "Andrea." "Yes?" Andrea seemed to have found gold, excitedly ran to the stairs to check. Andrea's mother, who was in the kitchen, busy making food, continued loudly, "You go to the warehouse and find me an oven, a mini oven"  "Okay."  Andrea shouted happily. But he turned back to his grandfather and scratched his head laughing.  "I have to give her a hand, grandpa."  Grandpa Andrea practiced martial arts with both
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Andrea repeats this short text over and over. The ink strokes like floating on the white paper background. With each passing second, his curiosity did not decrease but only increased. Andrea felt a shiver but still did not believe this prophecy. Maybe it's just the author of the book trying to excite the reader.  The next page is flipped. Andrea looked at the table of contents for a total of five chapters. The first chapter is called Z City. Below that line is another row of small italics.  "Are you ready? Are you sure?"  Andrea frowned slightly and ignored it, and continued to turn to the third page. The "click" sound just ended. Suddenly a series of blinding lights came out from the book, which was very painful to the eyes. The w
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Survival Game
When Andrea brought up this question, both Yard and Laura shook their heads dejectedly. They are also drowning in fear and confusion. Only Ellen remained calm. She was just now starting to approach the three of them and said,  “First of all, let's rest first. Let's wait until tomorrow morning and then recalculate."  “I think what she said makes sense. I'm also not in the mood to think about anything anymore."  Laura was the first to answer. She lazily leaned against the wall behind her. Yard sitting next to him also did not comment. Andrea turned to Ellen and nodded and said,    “Okay
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They all came to a rock and sat down. Andrea holds a map in his hand and looks at it. On three distant sides of the city flashed a fluorescent light. Those are the places where cryptography was hidden. Yard stared and could only sigh.  "Where do we start now?"  "These places are so far away from where we are now. How do we get there?"  Laura pointed dejectedly at the fluorescent lights. Her face was extremely annoyed and angry. Andrea understands her daughter's feelings, so he does not rush to blame. Ellen stood beside him, keeping quiet. She tilted her head and looked around. The Osik Pillar exuded a terrifying coldness. Each blade of reed grass rustled in the wind. Sand and gravel are scattered everywhere. The sun was so intense
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Scary Alley
Andrea and Yard are in the lead. They all followed the directions of the map. After leaving the vast stone field, they entered a small alley. The whole stood in front of the alley and hesitated to move. The gloom was like a black wormhole waiting to swallow four people. Laura gulped and asked in a whisper: “Is there no other way?” “No… this is the shortest way to that bridge…” Andrea slowly shook his head helplessly. His voice is also very low. They both had to concentrate very hard to be able to listen to the other side. Yard narrowed his eyes and let out a small sigh, then continued: “Go, I take the lead. You guys in the back also have to pay attention to safety.” Before
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Cunning Crocodile
  After carefully discussing how to move, Yard and Andrea quickly set off. The two of them crouched as low as they could, almost crawling, to reach the bridge. The silence and murky atmosphere made them more alert.   As soon as they arrived at the foot of the bridge, Yard and Andrea immediately huddled together to hide behind a dilapidated car. Because they suddenly heard a strange noise coming from ahead. Andrea tried to hold back his gasp. He cautiously tilted his head to observe the situation. Although his hand was shaking, he still kept squeezing the branch. Yard also got ready to fight. Sweat trickled down from his forehead down to his collarbone.   "Let's just keep going."   After observing for a long time, Andrea informed Yard in a low voice. There was still no one on
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Staunchly Resist
Across the street, Laura immediately turned to glare at Ellen, who gave a loud shout just now. Ellen was hopscotching on her right foot, her hand was rubbing the instep of her raised left foot. Laura couldn't contain the exasperation in her voice: “What are you doing?” “I was bitten by an ant. It hurts, Laura. I didn't mean to scream like that." Ellen raised her head and whispered, her eyes sparkling with tears looking pitiful. But Laura could not accept this silly excuse of her friend. She gritted her teeth in anger and turned to look at the crocodiles that were messing around in the river. She looked up at the bridge again. Seeing two silhouettes of her friends just leaving, she sighed silently. But it wasn't long before all of a sudden from the road across the river, from the depths of the dar
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