Chapter 171 - It is not in the system but

Chapter 171 - It is not in the system but

Even the other children saw they were still not moving and came and listened to Krishna's words. The children also want to join in seeing the miracle that Krishna will bring out for them. Some remind them how the cows will be left alone.

"It's true there could be a monster or demon that will appear and eat all of our cows." Said another child. Because almost the children wanted to go with Krisna, including Rara's group and her female friends, they also didn't want to be left behind, leaving their belongings there.

"Looks like Karta can take care of our cows," Krisna said while playing with his thick and charming eyebrows.

"Of course, my brother. No one will beat me that easily." Rebut Card. They look so compact for small children who still like to play. Alex couldn't choose who he would follow.

If you leave Karta alone, it will become an easy target for the monsters when he is alone, but many children follow Krisna t
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