Chapter 172 - They were still very young

Chapter 172 - They were still very young

Immediately Alex rushed over to the peacock, about to jump into the deep puddle. Alex tried his best to prevent them from entering, but Krisna didn't help him.

The other children didn't even help him get in there, so when the others came in, Alex finally screamed and stood on the edge of the lake.

"If you want to eat fish, let me catch it," said Alex.

"You too, Krisna, don't involve the other children in going in there."

"In there, what if you drown in there?" he added again.

After hearing Alex's words, the children got gloomy, but Krisna insisted on doing what he wanted anyway. He had promised them to catch fish so they could eat something.

If Alex's persuasion doesn't work with the kids, he's forced to spend all his hard-earned savings to buy food for them. Seeing that the dominance had happened to Krisna, Alex started trying to convince him.

Although it took a while, he prevented the children from go
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