My Isekai Life in Hard Mode

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My Isekai Life in Hard Mode

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Ryoshu wakes up with a gasp, finding himself in a downpour unlike any he's ever seen. This isn't his usual bedroom; it's Rainfall Disorder, a hardcore game notorious for its brutal difficulty. Gone are the familiar pixels of his screen – Ryoshu's in the game, and vicious monsters prowl the shadows. He'll need every ounce of skill to survive, but there's a chilling truth Ryoshu doesn't know: even worse horrors lurk beyond the rain. This isn't just a game anymore – it's a fight for his sanity and life.

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78 chapters
Late into a summer night, powerful wind gusts swept inland from the ocean, carrying a chilling coldness.In a quiet, desolate neighborhood, a couple walked side by side, their discontent palpable.Suddenly, under the streetlight's glare, the girl came to a halt, delivering a startling message to her disheveled companion before he could fully turn around."Ryoshu... I'm sorry, but... it's over between us."The already frigid air seemed to drop a few more degrees at her words, sending a shiver down his spine.Caught off guard by the sudden events, Ryoshu struggled to find words, his throat constricting with the weight of his emotions.His expression shifted from confusion to disbelief, breaking the silence of the serene night with a heavy sigh.Attempting a forced smile, he managed to convey his heartfelt farewell:"I hope you find someone who truly deserves you."Adapting perhaps too quickly, he hurried away, leaving the girl alone with her thoughts in the melancholic night.Unaware of
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Ryoshu is still trying to wrap his head around what just happened. Somehow, he's ended up in the world of Rainfall Disorder, the game he's been playing for over five years.After waking up in this strange place, Ryoshu's first instinct is to figure out when his memories stopped."Okay, so if I remember correctly, I deleted the game yesterday before going to bed. And when I woke up, boom, here I am. Did I get transported while I was asleep?"He scratches his chin, deep in thought. Eventually, he comes up with a wild idea."Could it be that I've reincarnated into this world?"Realizing how absurd it sounds, he gives himself a little slap. Rubbing his cheek, he continues pondering."Let's say that hypothesis is true! It still doesn't quite add up."Being inside his house makes the whole thing seem even more implausible."Maybe a bunch of trucks crashed into the house... Or perhaps I had a stroke?"Considering his lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits, the stroke theory seems somew
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Distinct City
RC, short for Reunion Coin, is humanity's official currency managed by the Reunion Corporation in partnership with the Government. In the real world, one RC holds the same value as one USD.Ryoshu, now realizing his dire financial situation, hurriedly sketches out plans to earn money in the future."Only a hundred dollars... But I need much more..."He's acutely aware that Spiral Academy's tuition fees are exorbitant. To put it into perspective, a loaf of bread costs around 1-2 RC, while basic rent is about 1,500 RC per month...So, while most assume tuition fees are around 10,000 RC per year, the actual cost is a staggering 80,000 RC annually—eight times higher. It's an insurmountable sum, especially for someone practically penniless like him.Thankfully, tuition fees are split into two payments: at the beginning and end of the school year. But failure to pay will lead to debt and potential legal consequences.Without anyone to support him, Ryoshu faces the grim prospect of imprisonm
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Underground Market
The space around Ryoshu suddenly fell deadly silent. He guessed it was because no light was reaching his tightly shut eyes."So, instant teleportation now?" he thought. Though eager to open his eyes, the sensation was like riding a roller coaster blindfolded, making him hesitate. He could only feel a dizzying sensation.He had expected the teleportation process to be as quick as in the game, but maybe the developers had made many changes in this upgraded version. As soon as he finished teleporting, he heard the bustling noise of the crowd, including footsteps, haggling, and bickering.Black Market attendants would teleport customers into random spots amidst the crowd and give them a bit of invisibility magic upon arrival to avoid being tracked.When he opened his eyes, an underground marketplace sprawled before him. It wasn't littered like a typical slum, but the haphazard decoration of small stalls gave it a chaotic and unplanned look, quite unlike any slum. Customers passed each oth
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"Clang!"The metallic collision reverberated through the underground cavern. The knife flew out of his eye and clattered onto the heap of weapons strewn across the floor, adding another sharp sound to the cacophony. It was this noise that brought Ryoshu back from the brink of death.Suddenly, Ryoshu's heart surged with a newfound vitality, like a jolt of life had been injected into his seemingly lifeless body. Only then did he realize old man Atsuta had appeared beside him.And when had he acquired the chubby form of a three-colored fur cat perched on his shoulder? Ryoshu couldn't comprehend what had just transpired, and before he could make sense of it, the old man was standing right before him.He looked into the cat's eyes for insight, but its indifferent gaze offered little help. 'Well, at least it's cute... though a bit chubby.'Somehow, Ryoshu sensed a hint of fierceness behind its recent contemplation.'It's not just an ordinary cat, is it?' Before he could finish his thought,
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Uncovering the Enigma
"I must be losing it..." Ryoshu muttered as he glanced at his wristwatch. Status Update:- Name: Amemura Ryoshu- Race: Human- Level: Unranked- Stats + Mana: Non-existent + Primary Stats: - Strength: 12.25 (F-) - Endurance: 11 (F-) - Agility: 11.5 (F-) - Intuition: 15.3 (F) + Secondary Stats: - Charisma: 10 (Unranked) - Recovery: 10.15 (F-) - Intelligence: 18.8 (F+)From now on, Ryoshu reckoned, he wouldn't even need the darned wristwatch. It was invisible to others anyway, so he could use it whenever he pleased."But... I still need it to check the time and for school notifications and social media," Ryoshu pondered. After a moment's reflection, he decided to hold onto it. Those features might come in handy at Spiral Academy."Yeah, I'll hold onto this watch a bit longer. I'll upgrade to a better one," he resolved.Looking back at his stats, Ryoshu couldn't help but sigh. "Unranked... Figures."Aside from his average Intuition and Intelligence, hi
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Trial of Cunning
Recalling the urgent red alerts, Ryoshu hoped they indicated something different. However, he remained optimistic and stubbornly attempted once more despite knowing the futility of his efforts."Damn it!""So... all glitches are now limited to single use, huh?!"Initially, he had planned to exploit glitches to gain power swiftly. Yet, the System's ability to swiftly rectify glitches thwarted his strategy entirely."If only I'd known earlier, I'd have headed straight to an SSS+ Ranked Shrine..."Regret painted Ryoshu's face. Wasting one of the game's most valuable glitches was understandably regrettable."Well, what's done is done. Can't undo it now," he muttered, though regret lingered.The two skills would greatly expedite his training, particularly Lightning Reflexes, which are invaluable in any battle. Additionally, the Premonition of Death skill boosted his chances of survival.Moreover, various avenues existed to upgrade abilities in the game, with many unused glitches remaining.
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The Awakening of Potential
Initially, Ryoshu felt the same as usual. But before long, the pain surged, intensifying almost tenfold with his heightened senses.Clenching his teeth, he used his blood to etch strange symbols onto the statue's surface."QWYUOPLKJHGFDZXCVM."Quickly, he tore the four-leaf clover into shreds, placing three pieces atop the statue."A new temporary effect activated!All your current attribute points will merge into one specific attribute of your choice for a minute.You've opted for Adaptation as your secondary attribute.Warning: All other attributes will temporarily drop to 1 for survival."Suddenly, Ryoshu felt a strange weakening in his body. The already dark cave seemed more ominous, adding to his unease as his legs nearly buckled, forcing him to his knees.At that moment, Ryoshu struggled to even hold onto anything. The sense of helplessness now felt worse than his breakup with his girlfriend. The memory of her with her new partner on that fateful night made him shudder.We are a
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Unforeseen Eviction
"No matter what, my sister will notify the cops sooner or later... it's just a waiting game... so let's drop it! Let's peep at the status bar and hit the road.""Pull up the System stats."- Mana: 12 (F-)- Cores: 0 (None)- Rings: 0 (None)- Circuits: 12 (D+) (!)- Core Stats - Strength: 12.25 (F-) → 6 (Unranked) (!) - Endurance: 11 (F-) → 6 (Unranked) (!) - Agility: 11.5 (F-) → 6 (Unranked) (!) - Intuition: 15.3 (F) → 6 (Unranked) (!)- Additional Stats - Charm: 10 → 1 (Unranked) (!) - Recovery: 10.15 (F-) → 41 (C-) (!) - Intelligence: 18.8 (F+) → 1 (Unranked) (!) - Adaptation: 90 (SS+) (New!)Ryoshu's newest stat, Adaptation, stole the spotlight, marked with "New!" It towered above the rest and seemed like the ace up his sleeve for the endgame.Though all his stats had reset to 1, thanks to the ancient ginseng, his core stats got a sweet +5 boost. This wouldn't usually shake the earth, but starting from rock bottom made it a game-changer.Ryoshu especially dug the a
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The Night is Still Long
In the elevator, Ryoshu was stuffing his belongings into his space ring. There wasn't much: clothes, personal items, the notebook he'd been writing in, and the rusty sword from the living room."Good thing there's still space... But who's that girl? She seems familiar, but I can't place her. A new character I've seen before? Or just a random NPC?"Ryoshu wondered for a moment before shifting his focus."Forget it. The important thing is I don't have a place to stay now... Where should I go this week? There's still a week until the class division test, and I've already lost my place... But at least I don't have to pay the rent."The more he thought about it, the more unreasonable it seemed that his character could afford an apartment while he couldn't."But I still need somewhere to stay tonight, or I'll be homeless. With just this ring, I can't make it."Then, a crazy idea struck him. Ryoshu checked for cameras in the elevator, feeling safe, and hastily scribbled some lines on his kne
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