Chapter 186 - The fox's power suddenly doesn't work

Chapter 186 - The fox's power suddenly doesn't work

He finds people still talking about her beautiful self and voluptuous curves. Alex was sure that if the foxes were here now, it would make them a soft meal for daring to talk about their bodies.

Alex couldn't imagine the fake funeral that the woman had made. While placing the empty coffin, a group talked about Kitsune's beauty as the Emperor's concubine in Takamagahara.

She ate them one by one, saying, "If they like his body, why not just be one with him?" Alex can't stop Kitsune's actions because Mala forbids Alex to do that. The fox kills humans, whereas some aliens who try to become humans must have a sense of protection being held back just because she is the Main Line Up for himself.

Alex has plans if she catches up with them, and they start an adventure together. It will undoubtedly put the fox in a pocket so that no humans die in his hands again for no apparent reason.

After tidying up and wearing th
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