Zombie Invasion: I Obtained A System With SSS Grade Items

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Zombie Invasion: I Obtained A System With SSS Grade Items

By: Lynxx OngoingGames

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[Congratulation on obtaining the: Gaming System] Jordan Blade was an Orphan his whole life. He was bullied often for being an Orphan and having no parents. On his 19th birthday, an infection spread out. The infection caused the human's bodies to rot away and turn green-ish color and their mouth to split open. 'Zombies' were what they were called. The Zombies' attacked anyone they saw, wether it was a child, a woman, a man, a dog, or a cat. Any living thing was eaten by the Zombies. A divine voice helped the remaining millions of humans by giving them in-human powers. Using these powers, the humans set a goal: The goal to avenge their loved ones that were killed and destroy the Zombies. Jordan? He received the strongest gift. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The book cover is not owned by me, if the original cover owner is reading and want me to take it down, please, you can just ask me.

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    Best book in existence

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10 chapters
C1: Chaos! The Zombie Invasion
Everything was a mess. The streets were filled with blood and dried corps were laying on the ground. Some Cars were broken, while others were completely fine. Screams were constantly coming from the city streets. Those who had managed to live were now desperately trying to escape and run away. Some were so desperate, that they left their family members, wife, or children behind to rot away. Men who swore to protect their wives and children were now running for their lives. Forgetting their Family. There was only one thing in their heads. 'I have to run away.'They thought of nothing but survival while their wife and children were getting eaten alive. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH." A scream was heard as a young woman fell to the ground with a loud thud. The closest Zombie near the woman went after the unguarded woman. "NO!" The woman's husband got in front of his wife protectively and was bitten by the Zombie instead. A loud scream left the man's mouth as Zombie continued to bite and eat
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C2: The Gaming System
Everyone was confused. A strange voice suddenly appears. Tell them they are being invaded by one of the minions of the god of evil. Give them... whatever kind of powers. Tell them some information about the wristband and other things. And just leaves? Jordan then glanced at the red colored wristband on his hand. It had appeared out of thin air which startled him for a second before he listened to the words of the mysterious voice telling about the wristband. As he glanced at the Zombies outside, they were now un-freeze running to wherever they felt a human scent. Jordan noticed that their behavior became stranger as they started to try and push some doors but to no avail. To get their special powers, the voice stated that they need to kill one Zombie. Jordan took a glance at the drawer on the side of his room and started to walk towards it. He took the knob of the drawer and pulled it revealing an old gun. There was a time when a robber sneaked into his house. The robber was a
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C3: The Moon Sword
'SSS grade weapon?' Confusion was the first thing that settled on top of Jordan as he stared at the notification. It was as if the System had sensed the confusion and began to answer his question. [The Weapons, items, armor, or other materials like medicines have a grade of how good they are. The grades are F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, and SSS. F is the worst grade and SSS is the best.] "Aaah, so I got the best grade Item? Damn, my luck is so good! Hey System, how much chance is there of getting an SSS grade Item?" [There is a total of 20% chance.] "Is there anything else other than these?" [Yes. There are some side things like {inventory}. Currently, there are 200 spaces in inventory. Each level increase causes 5+ more slots. The {Moon Sword} is currently stored inside the {Inventory}. If you want to see the information, you just need to think about it. The other side tab is the {World Chat}. You can use the {World Chat} inside the wristband but it is also stored inside the System.]
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C4: Frozen Ice Emperor Wolf
Jordan was now back in his room while panting heavily and laying on the ground with sweat trickling down his forehead. It had been 3 hours since he went out and the whole streets were covered in the dried corpse of the Zombies. Jordan groaned before pushing himself up and laying on his bed and closing his eyes while taking deep breaths. He stayed like that for a few minutes before opening his eyes. "Show me my stats." [Host Name: Jordan Blade] [Host Age: 19] [Race: Human] [Level: 7] [EXP: 80/1000] [HP: 600/600] [Strength: 15] [Defence: 10] [Dexterity: 15] [Perception: 10] [Luck: 20] [Points: 14] [Shop points: 78] "Add 5 points to both Dexterity and Strength... 2 points to both Perception and Defence." "Show the inventory." [Moon Sword] [Grade: SSS!] [Skill] [Moon slash lvl5 {MAX!} [Deals 1000 dmg. Sword reacting speed increased 4X. Sword striking speed increased 3X.] [Cool down time: 1 second] [Moon Tornado LVL 2] [Spins the sword so fast, that a large torna
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C5: Dungeon level 5
Jordan had tried almost all the tabs except 'Wold Chat' and 'Dungeon'. The World Chat didn't use to be important in his opinion, but since he needed to wait for a few minutes, he decided to check the World Chat. [TalhaDaBest:!Important! Emergency in front of the hospital at section 13. We need a Healer ASAP!!!] [SimonSaj: Is there a healer in section 7? I will pay 3 crystals each week as payment.] [UnknownAssasain: Does anyone know that the rankings of levels, tressures, and attributes will be announced after two days?] [Shikary: Ha! I will bet 20 crystals that I will be in the first place. Do you know which grade my ability is in? It's a C grade. Getting a D grade is hard enough, so, I am considered the boss of section 5 till 10!] [Amy: C grade Ability! Big brother Shikary, you are so awesome!] [Downblade: Damn! Your luck is so good big brother Shikary. I only got an E grade ability!] [OliverInk: E grade? I got an F grade ability! It's so useless, that I can't even kill a Zomb
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C6: Forest Of The Unknown Red-Eyed Rabbits
Jordan could see the pathway after the dungeon door swung open. The door looked normal aside from the fact that it was at least ten times bigger than normal but the inside was completely different.The inside looked like a forest with huge trees. The whole forest looked deadly and dangerous because no matter where one would look, one would only see trees.Jordan, along with Hugo, stepped inside the forest. The dungeon doors disappeared into thin air and now, they were standing in the middle of the forest.[Forest Of The Unknown Red-Eyed Rabbits]Jordan and Hugo started to walk in a random direction while trying to sense anything or anyone. Jordan's perception was only 12, but it helped him alot yesterday. Sensing the opponent's attack and also locating where the opponent was very useful.Hugo specialized in perception, so he was smelling the air, waiting to find some of the Rabbits.They continued to walk for 15 minutes until Hugo's head perked upwards. Hugo smelled the air again for
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C7: Boss: Level 5 red-eyed leader
Jordan and Hugo were behind a tree while watching how the rabbits were making strange noises. He guessed they were having a conversation about him and Hugo. The level three rabbit was looking panicked as it stared at the almost 1-meter-tall rabbit.[Red-Eyed Leader Rabbit][Level: 5][HP: 10000! (The dungeon boss HP is 15 times more than normal level 5)][Strength: 15][Dexterity: 20][Defence: 25][Skills: ??? (Information on dungeon skills will be hidden)]The strength was not compared to Jordan but the speed was what he needed to be careful about. The skill was also very important. He guessed each rabbit had a different type of skill. It was either that, or there were ranks of each skill, and each rabbit was born with one skill of that specific rank.But what he needed to worry about now wasn't that, but how to kill all these rabbits. Right now, he could only think of two ways.1- Wait for the boss rabbit to leave the other rabbits so Hugo and he can begin their slaughter of the ra
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C8: Rewards
[HP: 2200]It was simple really. The 'Frozen Claw' had a 30% chance of freezing the enemy or giving it critical damage.Freezing the enemy was quite helpful in battle, even if it would be only for 3 seconds. When they both began their battle, Hugo used the frozen claw to attack the boos rabbit and when the rabbit froze for a few seconds, Hugo would attack quickly. But the rabbit was also quite smart, it figured out what Hugo was trying to do and changed its strategy.When the next frozen claw made contact with the rabbit's skin, the boss pretended to freeze. Because there was already a lot of ice on the rabbit's fur, Hugo didn't notice the trap. Just as Hugo ran toward the rabbit, the boss rabbit suddenly slashed its claws toward Hugo's back, digging it inside his skin.Hugo was quick enough to react and jumped back. Even if he had jumped back, his HP started lowering.[Hp: 260/500]Just that single slash from the boss was enough to cause so much damage. But Hugo's HP was only 500, to
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C9: Great Harvest
The rewards screen opened in front of Jordan. [Gained... 70,000 EXP!][Level up... Level up... Level up... Level up... Level up... Level up...]From the large amount of EXP, Jordan leveled up twelve times. [MP: 440][Receieved: 30 points][Recieved: 200 shop points][Congratulations on getting a rare A-grade Item: Frost Ring]"A-grade?" An A grade wasn't nearly as good as an SSS grade, but it really didn't matter. After all, they were just in a Level-5, Dungeon. [Frost Ring][Grade: A][Increases Attack by 5 points. Increases Defence by 10 points. Increases Agility by 10 points. Increases Perception by 10 points.][Bonus skill: Freezes the surrounding area, and has a 100% chance of freezing the enemy.][Time: The Time depends on the opponent. If the opponent is far stronger than the user in terms of both body and mind, the skill will not work or at best has a 1% chance of freezing the opponent for 1 second. If the Opponent is FAR weaker than the user, the user can control/choose th
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C10: Meeting
Jordan had already met lots of Zombies on the way, so it wasn't a big surprise when he was the number of Zombies trying to get inside the Humungous Mansion gates. *Slash* *Slash* With a is Simple slash, the hoard was already destroyed. Looking at the large walls, Jordan used all his strength to leap as high as he could, jumping over the giant walls with ease. "Is the mansion owner still here? They could hide here for days without worrying about the Zombies." Looking around the small area between the mansion gates and the Mansion itself, there was nothing too interesting except some flowers and grass. Jordan walked towards the gates, ready to take the Moon Sword out at any second if necessary. It could be that the Mansion owner was still inside and was just waiting for him to go inside. Hugo was closely following his from behind. In the Apocalypse, no one could be trusted. Survival was the only important thing and Humans would do anything for that. They were greedy creatures, re
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