Re-life: Life as a demon patriarch

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Re-life: Life as a demon patriarch

By: Daoist Xu OngoingGames

Language: English

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Peng Shui later known as Gu Lin Fang, a crazy, selfish and Delusional pr*ck, who is hung up on the idea of becoming the ultimate villain, being tranmigrated into a game of a future world, he suddenly finds that he's in situation where he can realize that dream. Now the question is how he'd go about doing it!. let's watch as he moves from a wanna be villain into the biggest boss. PS: I don't own the cover art xD...

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  • jx


    good good good

    2022-05-24 11:13:48
  • Sherak Khan


    When is it going to update?

    2022-04-27 13:33:53
  • tom bob


    The story is easy to follow if you pay attention. His first thought about his daughter and how his mind set toward her changed, made him feel like a doting father. The concept is interesting how he changes his clan to become stronger and not looked down upon by others, even as he uses them.

    2022-11-26 02:41:35
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79 chapters
Chapter 1: Truck- Kun?
Peng Shui, a 38-year-old pick pocket and Con artist, who for some reason enjoys duck herding, the Rubix cube and badminton.Adaptable, calm and collected most of the time, but had slight paranoia, delusions which usually makes him sinister and a bit murderous.He is a somewhat healthy Chinese male who defines himself as real straight man!, Not surprising as He didn't finish school, saying he was smart enough already.He is obsessed with gang life, web novels, Death note and most importantly, villains.The idea of having people's life or death in his hands intrigued him, Being powerful enough to beat down everyone to the point that they no longer cared about dignity and decided to gang up against you, on the other hand, He hated heroes.As long as he found someone playing the hero in real life, he does everything in his power to deal with him.There were several cases of him messing up people who tried to play hero saving the beauty. This int
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Chapter 2: What?!Green?!
Peng Shui remained confused for over 30 minutes as he stared at the pale green transparent box hanging in front of him.[Ding!][Quest complete... Basic movement training has been assimilated.][calculating...]He finally reacted in the end by waving his hands in order to wipe the screen away, but something else caught his attention, his hands, they looked aged, rough and callused.Shocked to his core, he looked for somewhere to sit and began to feel up his body and after several tests, He realized that he had changed into the character he made earlier today, In fact, even the robes were the same!.Although He couldn't see his face, He could tell that, it was just as he made it, but, matter how he looked at it, this was a real living person and he was here in this person's body!."D-did I just transmigrate into another world? or some virtual video game of the 'Future?' or both?"Gu fang mutters excitedly but suddenly thought of something e
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Chapter 3: Bloodline Elixir
Not far from where they had been earlier, they stumbled upon a Dusty cave.Gu Linju waved her free hand and a small wind blew the dust away, making him feel grateful, but he then thought about it...maybe she knows her father's behaviors.As soon as they settled down, it began to rain. Gu Lin fang stared at the rain for second as a strange feeling of sadness enveloped him.'Ah...It would have been a wonderful view from the penthouse but here I am in a cave ah' he thought while beating his chest."Does it hurt?" Gu Lin ju suddenly asks, but Gu fang remained in a daze."Does father hate me now? It's... it's all that Gu Tai long's fault! I warned him to stop but he still arrogantly killed that worm, Gu Mei jie...All this is because of that trash!, It really had nothing to do with me" She continued.Her words brought Gu Lin Fang's thought back to himself.'Right' A typical web novel setting, the trash mc fell in love with a Gu family trash
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Chapter 4: Moving...
Gu Lin fang made his selection and quickly unequipped the silent goose steps, there was no changes, he Unequipped Poison Ghost Palm Lv 3 and left the Nether Poison needle Lv 2...[Ding!][You have received 24000 Exp!]"Just as I suspected...but I suspect it's definitely lower than what was actually used to level them up to that point, Fortunately, with the new manual, I'll be getting more Experience points when cultivating, especially when it's Maxed!"Gu Lin Fang was already aware that switching cultivation manuals wouldn't really affect his stage, Rather it would only begin to drop slowly the more waste time until another is equipped, so it is of great importance to have a manual ready for replacement as it acts like an anchor.According to this body's memory, This is just in theory to the NPC's.what normally happens, if there's anyone willing to try is that, you wipe away your initial cultivation and re-cultivate from scratch with the ne
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Chapter 5: Iron Crow City
  The Northern desert has been said to be prosperous since ancient times and it was mainly because of one city.Iron Crow city!Within, are hundreds, if not thousands of Small and big clans.Gu Lin Fang stood at the back of the moving queue and looked at the giant city, somehow feeling his own insignificance.Under the majestic momentum of that giant city, everything seemed so insignificant.Gu Lin Fang looked at the city gate facing him with slight awe even though he came from the modern world. He looked far away through the entrance and still couldn't see the inner city wall, There were rows upon rows of buildings blocking his view.'Iron Crow City, the only major city in the Northern desert that's filled with opportunities as well as suffering, Home to the {Sun desert Faction's} headquarters'. Gu Linfang mumbles as he tries to recollect the necessary information from his memory.This city was several miles
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Chapter 6: Changfeng Merchant Clan
The moment he stepped into the mansion, he got a notification...[Do you wish to register this location as a Gu clan property?]Gu Lin Fang couldn't help being curious as he thought, 'yes!'.Immediately, a blue light only he could see spread across the mansion in a few seconds.[Two star Medium sized residential building (Luo Residence) successfully registered as clan property][Resources found: None]Reading these, Gu LinFang looked at the sky skeptically, trying to understand how this would be useful to him.On the other hand, the day wasn't really dark yet, So He headed out once more with Gu Lin ju following behind.looking left and right as casual as he could, Gu Linju shaded them with her umbrella, creating a beautiful scene for The onlookers.'Yes, yes, Look! Look! Feast your eyes on my greatness!!' noticing some people watching them and their mansion, he began thinking funny things but acted natural as he moved forward, trying to f
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Chapter 7: Gamble
The VIP lounge was silent for a moment as Gu LinFang was lost in thought.'Initially I intended to sell more than one bottles of such pill, but hearing now that they're perfect grade items...I believe it's best to keep them to my self...I wonder if it's possible to reverse engineer pills without the system? Or can I make an entirely new pill?' Suddenly, He seemed to be looking forward to concocting pills."That's fine by me as well, Do you perhaps have a cauldron or two up for sale today?" He quickly responded to avoid any awkwardness.He just remembered that he doesn't have the necessary tools for pill making except the green grade spirit cauldron the previous owner of his body had. It was a cauldron and a magic weapon as well, something that had been with him for years, which he obtained by robbing someone of his life.'thinking about it now, it seems this guy wasn't a good guy there shouldn't be any scruples if...' Gu Fang was once again am
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Chapter 8: Your already dead
It was already 6 pm by the time they were done, now Gu LinFang was speeding through the streets of Iron crow City with Gu Linju in his arms, he didn't see too many people moving around like he had during the day except for certain areas of the commercial district and the red district.He continues to use his movement skills at every chance he had, the Experience bar for the skill kept increasing but he found it rather slow compared to just pumping exp into it with a click of a button.But all in all, He had mostly began getting used to his life as a cultivator."They said they would deliver everything tomorrow morning, obviously Chang ye just wanted to use the chance to know our place... luckily Though Master Fu gave me complete spirit stones secretly, so technically I bought the slaves for free...what do you think of today?" As he chatted with Gu Linju, the day was getting darker by the minute.And He could even hear some random chatter from time to time
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Chapter 9: Balki's zombie refinement technique
After absorbing all the blood with his cultivation method, He put the bodies in his spatial ring and went down the basement, he suddenly felt like taking a cigarette. On the bright side, he now knew he could get exp from killing people as well. He has four methods of earning exp, which is cultivation, absorbing blood, killing and pills. Gu Lin Fang looked at the spirit gathering formation "first let's cultivate before 12 midnight, can't waste today". __________ On the other hand, Gu Lin ju Sat Cross legged by her bedside thinking about everything that happened today and came to two different conclusions, "I don't know my father well and I'm weak...far too weak!". Then she thought of the moves her Father had used, 'He has never used those before... there's so much strange things going on, But, why did mother always refuse us being together?' 'If He's so powerf
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Chapter 10: It's been hard on you
  Gu Lin Fang stood at his entrance and watched the now active streets silently, his eyes twitching from time to time as he watched the passing citizens.'this is ridiculous' he thought.A carriage ran across with a huge symbol of an Eagle on its side with a big 'Ye' on it. Immediately people began to give way for it."It's the Ye clan!!""Ah! Did something happen?!!""How would I know?""I heard there was a fire last night...? could it be from them?""Fire? Just like What happened with the Pan mansion?""Ayaa... are you saying it's the Mubang(Tomb gang) people again?""sssh! are you tired of living?...don't get me involved ok? Pig""what did you say?!!"Several discussions broke out as the carriage rushed off.Seeing all this, Gu Lin Fang was amused as he looked at his user interface, He was trying to search for the so called 'Pan mansion' on the system map, hoping to see i
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