Chapter 200- Blocking the entrance

Chapter 200- Blocking the entrance

Alex felt very grateful for the arrogant attitude and for trying to dominate Vilbat’s figure to lead him to some important information before going far ahead. It was worth trying to stay so long in that place. There was much to be had in Dwarka city.

“When are you going back?” Ask Alex.

“If it’s as soon as possible, I don’t want to linger in a place like this because I still have family waiting for me.” The animal’s head looked towards the window. Although it was still sunny and now was not the time for Vilbat to venture out, there was a glimmer of hope of breathing fresh air again.

Alex offered to take Vilbat out that day while patiently waiting for the right time to get out safely. He didn’t want his figure to meet Mario down there, but that afternoon, Alex and the others had an appointment to meet the kids downtown.

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