No Way Out: The Mystic Sword of the Horror Island.

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No Way Out: The Mystic Sword of the Horror Island.

By: King Mohammed OngoingGames

Language: English

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A middle-class game lover creator Hayden Willard who retired as a businessman now a gamer agrees in all circumstances to make an exciting family gaming experience to play. In the creation of multiple levels and a remote environment inside the game; there was mostly impossible to get out of it. Eventually, his intention of a relaxed adventure game goes wrong when this game and the character come alive and take him and his family into the game world to defeat the unbeatable villain who intends to take the whole world and at the same time desperate to kill all humanity. Hayden, and his family, must have to protect and journey beyond the human world in a search of a way out from the game world and end the game forever…


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Chapter 1. This is the time of horror.
"Dad!" There weren't any answers but only silence. "Dad, please say something you are freaking us out. Mum, why don't you say something? Is it from the house again?!" Raymond and Emily asked their father for the second time but the silence remained. The struggle to get out of the room was held. Hayden, their father stood shocked and silent by the paper he held in his hand. He instantly let go of the paper from his hand and it fell to the floor. Raymond quickly ran out from behind his mother, and then he went close to the paper lying down on the floor. He bent down to the paper and held it up. Slowly but quite frankly, Raymond opened the paper and saw strange writing which was written in Greek languages, however, because of his high grades in language, he knew what was written down on the paper. Same, with his dad he went consecutively silent. "Raymond say something, what's on the paper? Tell me!" His mother asked him, but still, the silence remained, not until shortly after his mot
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Chapter 2. The Surprising truth.
"R-a-y-m-o-n-d…!!!" Mr. Hayden, timely swivels into action. Immediately, Raymond was saved and stopped from hitting his head on the floor. "Raymond, what were you thinking? you would have harm yourself in what you just performed," Raymond's Dad had the thought of Raymond intentionally doing the fall to get his attention. "Dad! it wasn't me i promise. something dragged me down, i couldn't understand how, or know what it was, i just slipped down. i am sure it tried to kill me. I don't think we can last longer than now Dad, i just want to go home! please!, and people!!." Right, at that moment, Raymond had already started shaking with fear, in his eyes, it would be seen, it seemed because he perceived danger ahead, and it could be told from his body movement. He had never been that frightened before in his entire life. Eventually, the hidden truth had to be told before then… "Dad! why don't you say something, anything?" Raymond cried out for answers from his father. The thought had risen
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Chapter 3. 'Welcome to the badlands'
The house had begun to fall on it self, at that exact moment, they only had ten seconds of the game time, to find the clue around the house before it was completely taken down by the fire from the volcano eruptionn. Raymond tried all his bedt from the very first start, but his body was covered with sweat running from his head and arms down to his toes. He had one last try to find out what the clue was or they all met their end in the game world. Eventually, it meant their deaths in substantial life. The game simply had 'No way out.' The rules of the games were simple; it was either you struggled to complete it or the player died to end the game. Hayden, never wanted any of his family to go that option. Thereupon extensively making an effort, Raymond had to evacuate struggling, he attempted everything excluded in the game, but ultimately, nothing appears to be working out. Without a doubt, he just sat down on a stool that was in the front of the entire room. He overlooked the floor and
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Chapter 4. Take the kingdom back!
He felt it was a dream that wasn't real so without much effort, he decided to close his eyes and wake up from the treble dream he was having. Immediately again, they passed out after much serious stress to their feet. The man who was said to be anonymous took them off the ground and entered a pothole. Everything became blank for the second time after the first fall. ****** Hayden suddenly wakes up a little bit slower than usual and finds himself and his family in a weird place without knowing why. Suddenly, a mysterious man appears in front of them with a spear in between his hands and welcome Hayden as the chosen one and get him educated that he must abide by certain rules if he doesn't want to die. His eyes were not completely enough that he could see who the man was. All he could see was a man standing in front of him with a spear in his hand, he was putting on a big coat made out of animal skin. "Who are you? And where am I?" He asked the same questions he had earlier to the fir
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Chapter 5. It's now or never!
Hayden couldn't believe what he just heard from Sam, after all, the stories of the ruthless magical troll king! he knew he couldn't even stand the first try, the game was solid proof, only the skilled player or players could defeat the troll king in his kingdom. The laws are implied for every King in the game. "Why did you leave them all alone? Now, who knows what may be happening to them! No! I can't settle down like this, I have to do something about this!" He placed his two hands on the chair and tried to help himself up, but as he tried harder to get up his feet, he fell to the floor, he wasn't ready to just give up yet, so then again, he attempted it again and again until he finally got up, Sam and Anthony offered their help to him, but he immediately declined their offer. "Leave me alone! You didn't help my family when you had the chance to do that, and now, you suddenly want to help me? 'No, you can't, I'll go after them by myself even if I don't make it out alive!" He yelled an
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Chapter 6. The beginning.
Anthony immediately brought out his sword from the side-holder he was willing to die for the people he loved, but something, stopped him back; his previous promise to bring down the head of the trolls king was his first utmost priority, he had to put the sword back in, 'it wasn't the time,' so he said to himself. "Come with me your majesty, I want to show you something!" However, they stood up unnoticed from the point they were in. The journey continued until they finally arrived at their destination. It was quite a lonely place, and only a huge stone rock was in the center of the entire place, and looking at it, one would think there wasn't a way into the rock. The entrance path was through a waterfall in the middle of it. They got inside the huge rock only to find everyone on their knees calling Hayden, 'The Chosen One.' He got himself asking for answers on how it all began… ****** It was in the early hours of the morning, and Mr. Hayden was quickly preparing for work, he always
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Chapter 7. "Why now?"
"Dad! I hope you know, most times, my dreams do come through probably all the time." He said to him, looking straight into his eyes, his body was still very much wasted and his face looked curious with the thought in his eyes. He had a lot of questions that needed answering but his confusion was; if his Dad had the answers he needed at that moment. "Dad, whenever I have this dream, I feel frightened about it each day I think of it, some things tell me, and it tries to tell me something but I can't place my hand on it every time it comes. It is a message via my dreams and I think we have to do something about it," he continued to be pleased with his Dad to see from his point of view, but yet, as always, he never sees reason to believe Raymond when he talks."Look here son," he replied to Raymond as he slowly moved and bent down to the bed and sat close to him, he added, "You know I always believe you right!?!," He asked Raymond, considering his trust in him."Yes you do," Raymond immed
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Chapter 8. 'Oh no Dad'
It, however, wasn't the first time he displayed his Carlos behavior to his Dad and Mom, however, he never actually wanted to follow him through his small and old classic vehicle which looked outdated to his taste. The whole time in the dining room, inspiredly they were waiting for him, thinking he would've shown up before the time became extremely late and he didn't care about what anyone said or thought about his rules, according to his thoughts, he was always right with the decision all the time; he made for himself and he eventually expects everyone to repeat it when it is been spoken. "What!... But I told him, I was going to drop you guys off before going to work regardless… What is his problem now? Look at the time! I was trying not to be late for work and now this. Where is he now? I have to go and talk to him right this minute, he just comes off the madness in this house!." Hayden was busy trying to set his point straightforwardly to his wife, so she could understand, that Ray
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Chapter 9. The fight for life.
"Not again, why now!" Hayden yelled from inside his car, but as he did, most of the students in the front of the driveway, stood up front staring from the distance. His car, brought down one of the school lampposts, it was badly damaged by his car because of his lack of construction through the vast mirrors. This single act of his, called to be the fifth time he was doing this damage to the school properties, whenever he tried to recast his car. Immediately he noticed the vehicle was in a place that could be easily spotted by the school arteritis. Quickly without minding the damage to his car and also the school lamppost, he drove off before anyone could come and see what he did; he knew Eily and Hannah weren't going to expose that it was him who did the damage. "Amazing, your Dad could be fun sometimes, right? Look at the way he zoomed off with his car!" Hannah said with a slight laugh on her face. "Hahaha, I am off to class, hopefully, you come too. I was never here and I honestly
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Chapter 10. It's game time!
Shortly afterward, Mr. Yashe had come into the hall room through his right-hand side back door that leads to his private office, he directly walked to his office table that was always placed on the front view of the hall. "I welcome you all for attending this meeting, I know it was unannounced for the rest of you who didn't know how the meeting was going to be held, but however, this is a serious issue that needs the attention of most of our best gamers and workers to be in attendance," the boss, loudly said, addressing the workers before he bent down to have a sit on his own huge office chairman chair. "So sir, if I may ask, what is the meeting all about? No one here knows what the company is going through at the moment," One of the office staff members stood up and made what he was thinking open. "Hmm! I will try my best to share the details exactly how it is right now. During the first week upfront of the office supplies, I made up a deal with some of the top gaming companies arou
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