Chapter 206 - Apologized

Chapter 206 - Apologized

The monster was split in two and died. It unexpectedly turned out to be easier than he thought. Alex thought it would take more time and supplies than before, considering that Dwarka city needed extraordinary things to defeat Ankaa and Byton.

He who couldn't use his supplies but didn't want to lose finally had to give up trying harder. But he sees the opportunity that won't go to waste. Mala starts to ramble because Alex has taken too long to decide.

Alex is just explaining what's on his mind right now, even if it doesn't make common sense, but the girls there felt that Alex's fear was too much. It's not how much they get out of the city. He's already like that. How about continuing the journey?

They hope he will get rid of his anxiety soon, don't forget to take the daily event and work on the Trial of Accession and Zodiac Cavern. While resting, the girls were busy preparing everything before continuing the journey.

Alex returns afte
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