Healer Class False Talent

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Healer Class False Talent

By: Dian Armay OngoingGames

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Humanity's world is advancing at a breakneck pace. All citizens are housed in a city named Gaia Union, which serves as a residential center. A machine malfunction occurred at the time, resulting in the emergence of various portals. The monsters sprang forth from the portal. They are going to annihilate humans. Humans have been looking for ways to survive ever since. The study's findings yielded a substance known as acid rank, which can cause humans to improve their abilities. Humans can advance to the next level by combining a level indicator bracelet. Humans have taken turns hunting monsters since then. The hunters banded together to form a guild. The dungeon is under the control of the government in order to maintain order. Transactions took place gradually, until the majority of the dungeons were controlled by private parties. The hunters were required to pay a fee to the dungeon owner as well as fees. Hunters' activities gradually came under the control of large corporations. The hunters were completely controlled by capital owners, who gradually gained control of nearly half of the government system. Decades have gone by. The world has been rearranged. Influential people are becoming wealthier, while the poor are becoming oppressed. Farn, alias Paran, is a member of the oppressed. His mother was detained by the employer for some reason. Farn had to pay the price for his mother. That's why he was forced to join the hunt. He wants to be a warrior class. He became a member of a small guild. Unfortunately, the acid ratings are uneven, thus the class is not perfect. He also appears to have entered the healer class. Can he save his mother? Or did he die first when he entered the dungeon? Or did he become the king of hunters?

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    nice book great keep moving

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    nice book.. and story great keep moving forward tatakae

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The future appears to be bright. But not in the real world. Environmental degradation is exacerbating the situation. That is why all of the world's leaders gathered and agreed to work together to solve this problem. Forests are replanted to cover the earth, and all human activity is concentrated in a city called the Gaia Union. The island formerly known as Borneo became the choice. Building on flat land without mountains is easy. The equator provides its own level of comfort. A new issue arose before the city was finished. They're having trouble with the machine. The portal between dimensions appears to be wide open. The monsters arrive to prey on humans. As a result, half of humanity was wiped out. Humans have been conducting research for many years. Until the discovery of acid rank, a liquid that can boost human abilities. The humans were a little overwhelmed and couldn't control it because they didn't know what level they were on
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Save Mama
Gaia Union City is the last remaining city on the planet. The remaining cities were deserted. No one knows what dwells. The Gaia Union is divided into three sections: the underground, the surface, and the cloudtop. Man's financial standing. There lives Paran, also known as Farn. Because of financial constraints, he was unable to receive serious treatment when he was young. Nerves have been severed in a few places. Although the outside of the body appears to be flawless, the inside is not. There isn't much for you to do. Even though he is only 20 years old, no one wants to hire him.He's been looking for his mother for a week. But my mother has yet to arrive. The food at home is running low, and the debt at the stall is mounting. There are no means of communication available. He had to go to his mother's workplace.The complex where the nobles reign supreme. He traveled hundreds of levels using an elevator. It is true that access to it is
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Low Level Dungeon
"All right, I promise you there will be an increase the day after tomorrow," Farn said."All right, everyone has to be here the day after tomorrow morning." I will administer the eligibility test myself. "Now you three can go home and prepare," Satora said.He returned home immediately after leaving the Farn guild. Due to a lack of food, he became indebted to the shop next door. He used the gold bracelet as collateral. He took another look at the level indicator bracelet in his hand. There's something strange going on. The HP bar rises dramatically. Only 20 of the 50 bars are illuminated."I had earlier lost the battle. I should only have 5. I only detected 10 when I was at the academy. It's now 20.If I'm correct, this 50 I'll never get because of my flaws," he told himself.Farn was at a loss about what to do. There is only one knife in the house. But he was afraid of cutting his own hand. Farn reflected to himse
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Attack the Goblin Village
"To the next portal. It's a two-hour drive from here," Satora said. "Why not go to the nearest portal?" Asih asked. "Because the nearest one is not yet ready for harvest. Dungeons require time to return to normalcy," Mia explained. "So we squandered our time killing monsters in the dungeon," Tugoru grumbled. "That's where the excitement is, my little brother. We don't have to be concerned about taking care of it," Mia said. They'd been on the road for two hours. The next portal is close at hand. Satora and his friends disembark there. They have brought all of the necessary equipment. "Guys, here's the plan. You try to make the goblin as ill as possible. Make his life a priority. Only two new recruits are permitted to kill, which includes wolves," Satora stated. "Master, what about Farn?" Tugoru inquired. "I can't teach him anything. The previous healers never learned anything. So Farn was only in charge of
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Control the Snake's Skeleton
  All of the guild members were hurt. Only Wirya is still in good shape. Two skeletons approached. Not attacking, but rather fishing. They purposefully keep the injured person at bay. When one of the skeletons caught up with him, he fell apart. They hadn't gone far when the snake's skull came to a halt. One by one, their bodies were crushed. Farn, on the other hand, was falling while holding his egg. "Farn, thank God you're still alive. The guild members are all being poisoned," Wirya said as he helped his up.   Farn dashed to the portal at lightning speed. Wirya was holding the egg he had brought. The injured members were examined one by one. He approaches those who are the most critical. But Gasate was beyond assistance. Before Farn touched him, his life was gone. This makes me very sad. Satora and his friends lead a funeral procession. Lea's tears inevitably fell to decorate the funeral. "Auntie, I apologize
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Snow Dungeon
"I'm not like the rest of you. I have a difficult time adjusting to temperatures below zero degrees Celsius "Farn stated. "Farn, I actually agree with your logic. However, social jealousy will occur. So you must still come. Regardless of your motivations. Keep your spirits high and be cautious," Satora stated. When he heard the guild master's words, Farn's heart sank a little. Whether he liked it or not, he had to leave. The thick clothes used are insufficient. He was forced to wear other, thicker clothing. Only then did he reconnect with his friends. *** The dungeon they entered this time was snowy. The pure white that exists. The landscape is adorned with a few green trees. The guild members entered the dungeon one by one. Almost all of them are adaptable. Tugoru was having some difficulties. The bone marrow felt a gust of wind. They had spent a long time waiting for the final member, Farn. Tugoru, who had been cold at first, began to warm u
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Jealous in Heart
"Because there are a number of caves here. There's no guarantee Farn won't get lost if I join the search. Farn is entering the dungeon for the first time. So you keep an eye on Farn and immediately follow these instructions." Satora threw a navigation tool down.Mia uses an enchantment spell to catch a device that has been thrown into the air. "All right, Master, we'll be right back," she said.Satora brought Onhad, who was unconscious. While Mia remains with Farn. They turned their backs on each other and walked away from each other. They took a step towards each other.***The white color is camouflaged and the rabbit army is hiding. The goal is already in sight. They attacked Lea and Asih alongside the snowy wind.Asih's fortifications are formidable. Despite being hit by numerous attacks, she was able to survive. The last of the amor had been broken, and blood had stained the snow.Leah
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Attack the Snow Bunny
"It's simple, we simply have to wait for the perfect moment. We push Farn carefully so that he dies. We can continue to be a part of this team, "said Wirya."Is it really that easy? I'll take part," Lea said."Okay, I'm not going to protect Farn anymore. I'll look into it," Asih exclaimed with glee.***The time spent in the dungeon was distinct from that of the outside world. There are only 8 hours in a night. Satora was already awake when the sun appeared from the northern horizon inside the compass. A sword is ready. Farn had also awoken at that time. A pair of swords were drawn from the skeleton snake's mouth."Master, please accept this sword." Farn gave Satora his two swords."Where did you get this sword, Farn?" The two swords were given to Satora. He took part in one of them."The snow rabbit is dressed up with some accessories. It remains in the skeleton's mouth," Farn
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Attack the Yeti
There are large numbers of snowballs in the air. Floating as if made of cotton. They began to fall one by one. The location where the snake skeleton is aimed. The half-heavy ball has little impact but disrupts activities. Farn dodged every ball that came his way at lightning speed. The zigzag tortuous motion can always withstand the onslaught of meteoric objects. Mia casts the wind for help. Don't forget that Onhad used an explosive arrow to shatter the snowball before it fell. Only Satora remained silent. While the other guilds perished.The matter how far they move, the fewer snowballs are in the air. Until not a single snowball remains. It's a relief to have made it through all of this. The white expanse of snow drew something from within. The snake skeleton was knocked off his feet by a kick. It shocked everyone in the guild. Everyone fell to the snowy ground, except for Farn."Farn, I doubt your adaptability," Satora said as he prep
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Lea's Problem
Mia and Onhad's situation is made more difficult by the lack of a vanguard. They were out of range of the Yeti's attack. There was no shield or anything else for the two to hide behind. The shots they take are vulnerable. Not to mention the fact that they must run to avoid enemy attacks.Casting a spell while running caused her vision to blur. Without her knowing about the snow beneath the hole. Mia is trapped as a result of this. The yeti prefers slow movement. A punch from the wood was thrown at her. It completely blew her away. For the time being, her left leg is not functioning properly. Her life is also in danger. The monstrous creature has arrived.Onhad's explosive arrows distract the monster. It's now his turn to be the victim. A piece of wood is poised to point at him. Satora approaches by slashing two swords. The wood did not split in half, but instead fell to the ground."Onhad, I'm the one who can withstand all of
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