Chapter 225 - Emphasized

Chapter 225 - Emphasized

Alex defends Mala and Sia. He admits that the two people's roles will play their previous duties. Kitsune belittled and insulted that their situation was the same as playing house like a child.

The shadow heroes also laughed and agreed with Kitsune's words so that the voices in the room echoed each other. Alex didn't care anymore what to say. He remembered what Mala told him if he had to endure whatever the Main Line Up said, no matter how painful each word was.

Alex must be able to bond with each hero character and himself, a task that sounds easy but is very difficult to do. Unlike Sanao, Kitsune has many advantages, including being almost as knowledgeable as Mala and a nine-tailed fox demon.

Strength and holiness equal to that of a god could make Alex die if he misbehaved or damaged his feelings. He intends to read the literature on stealth when she leaves his room.

"Why do you want to attack me?" Ask Alex. He asked why he was
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