Mision; Sword Legend

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Mision; Sword Legend

By: Ideabadar OngoingGames

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Saka is Trash and a Loser. Inside the Universal Chaos World. He's just a coolie and a thief in a Virtual Reality game. His ability is Thunder Sprint. Saka failed in family and love. Until he decided to die in the game, to make up for his mother's medical expenses. Until, he got Sword Dragon, which changed his life. And, the adventures of Legend of the Sword begin...

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  • Ideabadar


    good idea, best story

    2023-01-02 17:52:03
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1. Entering the Dreadful Dungeon
Crack! brushes!The gifts that Saka had prepared were stepped on by Nadine. In fact, Saka had been collecting money long enough to give Nadine a birthday present. His girlfriend, now immediately stepped on the gift. Exactly, when a rich man was waiting by his car."We broke up! I don't want anything to do with you anymore!" Nadine promises Marcel to end her love affair with Saka. Marcel will be her lover, he is a rich player and has a lot of money.“Remember, trash players like you, your future will not flourish! You are just trash!” Nadine's last words and left Saka just like that. Nadine immediately approached Marcel, Marcel smiled and they left.Saka was still silent where he stood, he picked up the gift prepared for Nadine. It was the cellphone he had prepared. Ah never mind! After all, life will definitely go on.“I suck!”Saka kept his gift back. He headed for his motorbike, college was over. It's time to go home. Destiny sucks for him, money is everything in this world. Saka go
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2. Distract the Fire Dragon
Saka was invited by Evans, they headed for the coordinates that had been determined. There, already gathered the 15 main raid players and the 100 recruited players included Saka and Evans.They were greeted by the leader of the Raid team, Marcus. He provided supplies before they entered the Dungeon. 100 Players have gained access to join, the contract value is 5,000 Diamonds for each Player until the mission ends. The condition is that the player must complete the raid mission to be successful or even die.The Dungeon mission was mentioned by Marcus, picking up items in the dungeon. They had to kill the Boss Monster inside, or grab the item and run. 100 player understood Marcus' explanation, an additional contract was made. If they do not comply with the conditions, the Diamond will be returned automatically.They entered a level 6 Dungeon, and the main raid team was over level 50, and for additional teams they were free. And, they were fighting monsters guarding the Dungeon. Until th
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3. Lightning Sword
Saka kept his eyes closed, heat radiating throughout his body. It's really hot! However, suddenly the heat disappeared.“Am I dead?” Saka muttered to himself. If he dies in the game, it doesn't matter if Saka gets 20,000 Diamonds.[It's hot around you, Defensive Players are able to endure the heat around you]The heat has subsided, but why is there no pain? Isn't death in Universal Chaos also painful? Players are afraid if they have to die in the game. Saka opened his eyes, he was still in the cave? is he still alive in the game? The Fire Dragon just left him and he only burned the other side of the cave wall and it looked like the fire was still burning bluish.The hologram bracelet that each player has, Saka sees it and tries to find Evans. He's logged out. Saka still couldn't believe what was happening, he kept walking and saw the Sleeping Boss Monster or Fire Dragon and two dragon cubs playing on his wings.Saka stepped slowly, he didn't want the Fire Dragon to wake up. However, j
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4. Disguise Ability?
Saka arrived at his campus, but the lecturer had not yet arrived. Saka sat first in class. There was still time, he would read books in preparation for his research later. Without realizing it, college is almost over. Time flies so quickly, but not many changes have been made by Saka.In fact, he now has to keep thinking about getting a lot of money for his mother, himself, and also his younger brother.Huft!"Hey, Saka," Evans suddenly patted Saka on the shoulder, "Where were you yesterday? Are you traumatized too?” he asked.Saka just realized that Evans was interrupting his reverie. And, about yesterday. Of course, Evans thought that Saka would die first because of the Fire Dragon's burst. Saka didn't answer the question, and he changed the subject."Then ..., how is the continuation of the Kratos raid?" Saka asked back, he didn't want Evans to ask too many more questions.bruh!Evans put his bag on the table, he sat next to Saka."We just sacrificed! From the start, we were indeed
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5. Level Up, Let's Hunt!
Saka bought a sword sheath in his inventory, he chose the right sword sheath. When Saka put his sword into the sheath. The two items surrounding the tip of the Lightning Sword were nowhere to be seen.This is good![Welcome to Bacon Town]In any way, Universal Chaos is an excellent game. Nearly a third of the world's population has played it. Everything in the game is real, Bacon City is where players enter for the first time. Then, they will teleport with Simcal, wherever they want.Saka is still underestimated by other players, that's because his level is low. Saka is used to the stares of players who always see other players only from level. Better yet, look for Diamonds and collect lots of money.["Let's go diamond hunting and quickly level up!"] said, Lightning Sword.“Don't speak too loudly, Lightning Sword. Then someone else will hear you!”[“No need to worry, Saka. I've programmed and my voice is only heard by you. I've modified my voice.”]Saka understood it now, so he didn't
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6. Bajra Coat
["Go Saka, if you really want to become a Legend like your dream when you first played Universal Chaos. Then, you must fight strong opponents!”]The strong motivation from the Lightning Sword made Riki excited. He had no choice, he was too late after being an amateur in the game for too long. However, better late than never."Let's go, Lightning Sword!"[You enter the Bajra area, a winged lion that has strong speed and damage]Sasuke's body shook. This is the first time he has had to enter the Bajra area. So far, he had only been hunting Big Rabbit, or at most he would be fighting the Scrawlers. Bajra is wanted by level 40 players.[Bajra appears, and beat Bajra for 50 Diamonds]Saka faced a large lion that had two wings, Saka's eyes were fixated on seeing the strong beast. It's so big, he even looks real and scary. Sharp fangs also look scary.Bajra roars and he gets angry. Bajra immediately ran towards Saka to attack him.[Skill God Speed activated]Woosh!Saka's running speed was e
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7. Level Up!
Saka has already decided, he will start solo leveling. He would level up faster than anyone!Saka can't believe his current strength, he can even beat Bajra! This is absolute nonsense. Bajra's coat looks good. Saka wore this mantle, a title given to a player who is able to hunt Bajra at levels below 30. It never happened. This title is specifically for Saka. Absolutely amazing!If in general, a player who is in a tutorial up to level 10 will be in a tutorial and hunt a Rabbit. At level 11, they will start hunting more Rabbits and start hunting, ten Rabbits hunted will be 1 Diamond. And, Big Rabbit is the second monster after they can be at level 20. So far, Saka can only hunt Big Rabbit. If you are hunting a clawed bird, Saka will have a hard time.Today, history changed. He had defeated the Bajra which was a Monster that players with levels above 30 to 40 should be hunting."Status!"[Player: Saka][Level: 27]....Saka was Still at level 27, he still needed three more levels so he c
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8. Avoid Raid Teams
Solo leveling: as Sword of Lightning said Saka must be able to defeat Elephant Box alone with Sword of Lightning. This is not a game where you risk losing. The Elephant Box should be defeated by at least 5 people with different role-playing abilities, and all of them should be at least level 30 or above.Saka was no longer able to refuse, he had received many directions from the Lightning Sword. Even if it appears insane, The Elephant Box cannot stand in Saka's way of fighting and becoming a legend."Do we have a chance of winning against the Elephant Box with our current strength?" asked Saka to the Lightning Sword.["Don't ask the cat whether he can catch mice or not, Saka. The answer is only a cat who is brave or a cat which is lazy and sleeps!"]Saka couldn't believe it, even the Lightning Sword gave a philosophical answer. He truly is an AI-equipped weapon. How could he compare something to his low level, and also be a lazy cat?Let it be, if you really have to fight, just fight!
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9. Defeat Elephant Box
Tring!The Lightning Sword was surrounded by two Solar Energy items. The items that surround the tip of the Lightning Sword are constantly rotating, it adds to the power of the Lightning Sword as it continuously rotates the energy, while absorbing the energy around it. Gather energy."Transforms!"The Lightning Sword flashed, and the two items continued to provide power. At that moment, the Elephant Box spun, and the Beast was about the size of a small house. Previously, 13 players were defeated by the Elephant Box. One strong Raid team has been defeated, and now Saka is ready to face it. Elephant Box who saw Saka immediately turned again and attacked Saka."How do we defeat him, Lightning Sword!? Saka shouted.["You have to fight against it, Saka. Do it yourself! You now have the ability and also a player who has been playing Universal Chaos for a long time. Think of how to beat him while fighting!"]Absolutely have no clue! Saka knew that he had to act alone. The Lightning Sword is
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10. Indonesian players?
Saka decided to leave the game first, he remembered his mother's food."Logged out!"splash!The game is over, it seems like Saka spent quite a while in the capsule. However, it is worth it. He leveled up to 10 levels. This is crazy! Now, he was at level 31.Bombard!What sound is that? Saka opened his helmet and the capsule door automatically opened. Saka's stomach sounds, he is very hungry! He looked at the time box on his study table. What! 04.00 am. No wonder Saka's stomach was hungry from playing all night in Universal Chaos.Saka came out of his room, went to the kitchen, and opened the food lid. There are also vegetables and side dishes. It appears that it hasn't been warmed in a long time; it must be his mother. His mother knew he was working on the game. So, when Saka is hungry he must look for food.Oh, Mother! Saka promised to make his mother and sister happy, from now on everything will change. Saka shed his tears while eating heartily. He ate while sobbing. On the other s
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