Chapter 236 - The Guarantee

Chapter 236 - The Guarantee

Alex felt his body so heavy and could not move. He thought the fox couldn't keep his promise and started acting to play with his body. He checked it and didn't find a familiar image of the girl.

A sharp and shiny object had landed on his neck, and a dark figure covered in sweat wore a wary face. Around the man, several knights also wielded sharp spears surrounding Alex.

"Who are you?" he said hoarsely. He was only wearing a simple t-shirt. From the looks of it, he had just finished training in front of the man's eyes, and the sweat that fell on his body invited an unpleasant smell.

Alex looked for the figure sleeping nearby and couldn't find Kitsune anywhere. He squinted his eyes and asked, "Where is that girl, Brian?" he immediately lowered his threat slightly, staring intently at Alex knew his name.

He allowed Alex to take a slightly more comfortable position, but the circle formed from the spear's tip didn't lose around him. Al
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