VRMMORPG: Level Up System

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VRMMORPG: Level Up System

By: Author_Usfal_Aizen OngoingGames

Language: English

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Watch as Alex an ex player return to the scenes and back on adventure to be the number one in the new Vr game, Leveling up in the game but did he know how that will affect him in reality?

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22 chapters
"Brother, wake up"A small boy with light brown hair and cute looks with blue eyes and he is currently trying to wake up a sleeping person that look like an older version of the little boy."I said wake up"But his big brother is still sleeping in a lazy manner.'What should I do? Why did I not think of this'The little boy moves back, it seems he is excited about what he is about to do.He came running and jump on his big brother."Uhh"Wait, don't punch me! is me Gary!"The sleeping guy that wake up pull back his hand at the last moment seeing that it is his little brother."How many times did I tell you not to do this?"Alan is annoyed at his little brother naughty behaviour."I just wanted you to wake up, you know I did not enjoy eating alone and by the way, that fully immersive VR Game, an executive from the company will be interviewed today on Tv"Gary Excitedly talk about today's news, after all he is a game addict just like his brother but the only difference is that Alan is n
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'Ah I better stop wasting time and get up, get that VR headset'Alan excitedly gets up and jump into a black jeans with blue T-shirt.'Now that I am out, I don't have an automobile'Alan use his phone to call for a vehicle, now the world is all about technology, their are many apps specifically for paid rides.Alan patiently wait for the ride to arrive and soon the ride arrive, Alan get in the car and they are on their way.Alan paid for the ride and came out, he find that their are not that many people.'What is happening?'As he went in the store..."Good morning" The man nodded his head at Alan."What did you want to buy?""The Fully Immersive VR headset, I have already make a pre-order"The man weirdly look at Alan till Alan think that something is wrong."Nobody buys it from the store now, you just call and we deliver it"The man explained."Oh, I hope I can get one"Alan is feeling anxious now."Of course"The man bring a package to Alan which Alan excitedly grab and call for t
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Alan equip his new gauntlet and went out of the city for Exp Farming.Alan's stat currently looks like...»Aizen«»Level: 4«»Health: 60/60«»Mana: 40«»Stats«-Strength:14-Agility:14-Perception:14-Endurance:14-Intellect:14»Free Atributes: 8« »Skills«-Double Slash-Dash-Tough body »Equipments«-Newbies sword (equipped)-Iron Sword (required level 10)-Martial Artist Pride. (equipped)"A level five and level ten beast area, here I come"It is a high grass a area with reptile type of beast, a battle ground where level 5 to level ten beast dwell.'My first targe, I will farm Exp very seriously, the beta player are already ahead of us'A serpent with green scales appeared.»Inspect«-2 Mana»Green grass snake LVL 5«- Health: 150»Double Slash«-45-50In almost an instant, Alan destroy one third of the Green Grass Snake's Health.The snake prepared to spit a poison but will Alan let it do so? The answer is a Capital N
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Tale Of The Dragon
"I will first thank you for releasing me from my cursed state, will you like to hear my tale?"Alan is surprised at first before quickly nodded his head.And he knows that the strange power came from this strange gauntlets, his Martial Artist Pride, he did not how but the attack earlier seems effective that it makes the dragon much more weaker."I am just a normal Void Dragon when the war starts, Two factions are fighting it out. The frustrating part is that they are involving many races in their fight for power. The Celestials and The Demons""When they are fighting the war both sides realize that their power is not enough to destroy the other and so they seek Alliance with many other races, and they have done the job beutifully, the Celestial faction turns their Allies into something like the while Demons infernalised their Allies""The dragon is one of the strongest if not the strongest race and both sides want the draconic race as their allies, but the dragon are not necessarily a
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The Hidden Class.
»You have secs to accept the class change10... 9... 8«Alan quickly accepted the hidden class.A dark, purplish energy gathers in high volume and enters Alan's body, many changes has occurred and his body has become much stronger.Unknown to Alan his body, in the real life is also undergoing a massive change.He became more handsome and his hair elongated both in the game and real life, his skin is now a healthy wheat colour tone.Alan's eyes release a brilliant purplish glow before it slowly vanished and his clothes turn into a tight fitting clothe that outlines his muscles.He did not become too bulky and not too slim, his muscles is the lean type.Alan feels the great changes in his body and he is dumbfounded that he has grown very strong.»Hidden Class Obtained«-Cultivator-Rank: SSBut he is now worried, the two great leaders, their bodies are now fading."Don't get worried, my life span is coming to an end. This place will turn into a black ring, you can even keep living creat
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Real Life Quest
Gary's school is not that far away from home and Alan soon arrived.He saw a shocking scene of three boys struggling against two burly and strong men and one of those boys happens to be Gary, Alan knows the other two boys too, they are Gary's friends and neighbours.[Quest]- Save the three boys and beat up the men assaulting them. Rewards.- Shop Unlocked.- Strength High grade pill.- 2 level up.'What?! The system follows me into real life'SwooshBangAlan bash into one of the two burly men."Yay! Big brother is here!""Beat them up!""Yeah! Show them whose the boss!"Alan stood in front of the three little boys in a protective pose as he glares at the two burly men."Hey, who do you think you are?!"One of them angrily shouted."I am non other than the person who will beat you into a pulp!"Alan courageously said as he stands in a heroic pose.[Additional rewards for those astonishing heroic lines]'Oh?'That came up as a surprise for Alan because he did not expect his 'oh so h
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First Friends
"Hey! Gary why are you late?""Uhmm, their is a rehearsal for a show in our school and we are all included in it"Gary started fidgetting."And why is it that you are not brought back home with a school bus?""It spoiled and it will be repaired soon""Next time, tell me to pick you guys up when you are having something like this and I know that because you have grown up a bit, instead of running you decided to fight back"Gary ignored the last bit of the question and refused to answer."Okay, so how is the game?""Very reliastic and mysterious, I will soon log in and start earning my money""How I envy you that you are done with school and I am still stuck in high school""Gary, high school is the best time of my life, you will also miss it, the time that everything is provided to you but after you are done with highschool, you will mostly be responsible for your wants""Hmph, I don't believe you""We will soon see"With that they slept off.===Early in the morning..."Goodbye Gary!"
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First Dungeon
'After all that hunting, I have been able to gather seventeen gold coins, soon the exchange feature will be available and I will be able to become rich and help my family'Alan is excitedly thinking about what he will do with the money once the exchange feature became available.The exchange feature is a feature that allows the conversion of the game's currency which is gold to real life currency.'I have decided to not move directly to Xarharpe, their is still a lot for me to learn and I came to know that my level at 45 is still too much for been an average player, so I will limit it to 35'»Congratulations, you have discovered the dungeon: Mana Trapper«»Quest dificulty: C«- Recommended party: 5'It says five but I only have three friends'»Friend list«- Lonnie_Barrar- Chocobeast- LunaAlan send an invite to all three of his friends and he also told them that they will be clearing a dungeon.==="So here we are about to clear a dungeon" Luna happily said."But we are not up to f
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Three Elementals?!
"Hahaha, that is a very good rewards and now is time to continue with the adventure" Alan happily said.The group of three kept on moving forward and they are getting a creepy feel from all the silence."Why are their no beast even as we keep moving?" Alan decided to asked."Don't jinxed us" Lonnie_barrar said.Grrrr"Guess he already did" Booklovingwriter face palmed.SwooshBang!Chocobeast successfully used his shield to block it."What?! It applies a burning effect!"-500 health/ second"Shit! That's OP skill!" Alan shouted."I will try to heal you up and you should avoid any encounter with that creature, I mean no direct encounter" Luna cast a cure on Chocobeast.+300ShooA stream of water is shot at them, luckily Alan is quick to react and barely managed to dodge it.'If I have been hit by that thing, I will definitely get a massive amount of my health lost' Alan drew in a cold breath, that is because the stream of water has destroy many wall of rocks behind them.-3000"Dammit
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Booklovingwriter's true power!
"Let's get this over with" Alan said.Alan quickly dashed at the water elemental.SwooshThe water elemental throws a large amount of water balls at Alan.Alan jumped over the first one, he sidestepped and dodge many others, the last two water balls are now on their way.'Shit! I don't think I could escape that'"I got your back!" A fireball clash with the water ball and they cancel each other out."My turn!"Chocobeast block the last of the attack with his shield."Thanks guys!""We have to watch each others back" Booklovingwriter grinned in excitement.-10 000 Critical Hit!They have all known that the large damage now is done by their one and only assassin, Lonnie_barrar."Hope I am not late" With that he disappeared again."Been an assassin is really cool" Alan's eyes are sparkling, how he wished he has that stealth skill.'First I should slide down, and slash upward with my sword then sidestepping to the left and last an overhead slash'Alan has already made a plan on his head a
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